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The Fourteenth GoldfishDle school aged child this is a very important lesson to learn because that age is so full of ndings and beginningsLovely book with cute characters and great positive themes It was a very uick read and is probably best suited for grade school and middle school readers Probably a little too sweet and young for high school aged kids Grandfathers aren t supposed to look like 13 year olds have acne and wear their hair in ponytail holders But Ellie Cruz s does such is the premise of The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L Holm known too many because of her Baby Mouse And Suish Series And Newbery Honor Awards Ellie S Granddad Suish series and Newbery Honor awards Ellie s granddad Sagarsky a scientist has discovered the fountain of youth via a jellyfish compound called T melvinus Now the 76 year old has a senior brain in a pubescent body Madcap mayhem Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between ensues as grumpy grandpap goes to school with Ellie is viewed as dateable material by her buddy Brianna and constantly badgers Ellie s theater mom aboutverything from turning the heat up to staying out too late with Ben the man she s datingMostly humor filled The Fourteenth Goldfish has serious overtones when it references famous scientists from the past And when it focuses on the splashy negative repercussions of unleashing a discovery that would allow people to live forever This must read book is solid gold I am giving this two stars but it was like 2 12 I admire the attempt at making the book a science showcasing story with a female MC but the story also has to be The Day Christ Was Born entertaining and it fell short in that department The beginning of the book was great but somewhere around 20% in it just dragged with too many setting details and unnecessary dialogue The middle portion should have all the filler taken out so it isn t such a slow tedious read just to find the good parts Kids aren t that patient The last 10% was uite good This book was actually like a DNF I was approved for thisARC via Netgalley in 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set exchange for the honest review This book was awarded by NetGalley I LOVED itI wish I had read this book while I was in middle school I think it had EVERYTHING I would have wanted The way the Information was so gently handed to the reader would have prompted me to find other books to further research the scientists they were so wellxplained The family issues and interactions were believable Growing out of one relationship and into another as we all do as the one between Ellie and her best friend and having divorced parents is a part of life So much was brought full circle I loved the beginning about the 13 goldfish the part where Ellie realized about her 14th goldfish was beautiful The phrase To the possible is one of hope and faith a great message to promoteThe ndingsbeginnings theme throughout the book was very well done The relationship with Melvin and Ellie and her mother again is a cycle theme and the smaller issues that keep theme and the smaller issues that keep give this story strengthI think Melvin convinced me to re read Catcher in the Rye I njoyed the slippers bit I drank this book up goldfish and all I loved it Funny uirky and beautiful This would be a perfect read aloud The grandpa is hilarious Meh I didn t find this as And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake endlesslynchanting and heartwarming as other reviewers didTo me it read like the usual 21st century slapped together in a hurry crap that typically gets packaged for middle grade readers as a skinny chapter book Wow the author says girls can be scientists give Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America er a medal About as deep and developed as your average Scooby Doopisodekeywords I ll give you cranky and we all know what happened to Mme Curie of course he dresses like an old guy maybe they ran away and joined the goldfish circus thanks for pointing out the The Pocket Wife ethical dilemma I never would have noticed Hi my name is Lainey and I am now the 233rd and proud member of the Offic. E misses fifth grade She misses her old best friend Sheven misses her dearly departed goldfish Then one day a strange boy shows up He’s bossy He’s cranky And weirdly nough he looks a lot like Ellie’s grandfather a scientist who’s always been slightly obsessed with immortality Cou. Ial Melvin Sagarsky Fan Club Nice to meet yaDid not expect the amount of fun and funny I got from this book I finished it in one day totally unputdownable the amount of fun and funny I got from this book I finished it in one day totally unputdownable went in almost purely because of the cute cover yes guilty so I didn t realize there s an lement of sci fi in it But it was a hugely welcomed addition Oh how I loved element of sci fi in it But it was a hugely welcomed addition Oh how I loved relationship between little grumpy Melvin and Ellie and Raj I am on vacation This gem of an audiobook helped us pass three hours of our six hour trip and to say it was a sheer delight IS UNDERSTATING IT A BIT THIS WAS A VERY understating it a bit This was a very perfect listening xperience in that both my children and I thoroughly njoyed it The adorable story slips in a lot of information about important scientists and life changing scientific discoveries all while keeping it light and uite funny There is an underlying moral uestion that both of my children fully Obsession embraced as well as topics of changing friendships and family This one wasntertaining hysterically funny and very sweet Want to raise kids who Cabaret: A Roman Riddle embrace curiosity thrill in discovery appreciate science and care aboutthics Hand them this book Warm wise and wonderfully accessible The Fourteenth Goldfish is on the surface the ntertaining story of an 11 year old whose grandfather has found a way to reverse aging and is now forced to attend middle school alongside her But dig a little deeper and you ll find this novel is a rich invitation for readers to xplore and ponder big uestions about the world and our place in it Kids should come away with increased appreciation for andor interest in science genetics discovery xperimentation scientists g Salk Curie Oppenheimer the history of medicine and much much As I read this book I kept thinking of titles that would complemen 3 stars Ellie is All Roads Lead Home eleven years old lives with herccentric actress of a mom while her dad is a traveling actor Ellie has just started the sixth grade started middle school and is feeling overwhelmed and lost One day her mother gets a call to pick up her grandfather from the police and brings home a thirteen year old boy Melvin who is actually her grandfather Through a special jellyfish Melvin developed a serum to reverse the aging process and he used it on himself Mentally a seventy year old man in the body of a thirteen year old Melvin is having trouble accessing his lab to gain all of the data that made him young He nlists Ellie for help and the two form a strong bondA very interesting concept what would an old person be like if they became young again And how would they be perceived by other young adults This book was very humorous in tone the grandfather in a thirteen year old body acting in curmudgeonly ways ordering adults around and criticizing fellow youth for not acting as mature Written for a younger tween audience it deals with some scientific concepts that could very well be above their heads Lots of scientific names theories and such if a young reader did not like science it is possible they wouldn t like this book What saves the book from this is the authors mix of humor and her great original characters The interactions between Melvin Ellie and Ellie s mother were hilarious because despite the age reversal the family dynamics did not change It was also great to see a young female protagonist interested in science as there is a public stigma that boys like science and girls do not There were also much deeper thoughts included in the book such as ven if we could reverse the aging process should we Ellie points out that if no one aged then there would not be grown ups around to raise the children Despite the funny concept the author notes that live has a process and should be lived out accordingly To njoy the time we have instead of constantly wishing we were younger or could repeat our youth. Ld this pimply boy really be Grandpa Melvin Has he finally found the secret to ternal youth   With a lighthearted touch and plenty of humor Jennifer Holm celebrates the wonder of science and xplores fascinating uestions about life and death family and friendship immortality and possibili. ,

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Thank you to Netgalley and Random House for providing me with a copy of this book in xchange for an honest reviewEndings are sadbut beginnings are xcitingThis is one of those books I was invited to read via Netgalley When I received the invitation I did not realize this was a middle grade book so that revelation was rather surprising This was a cute book with lots of great Messages For Middle Grade Readers But It Definitely Reuires A for middle grade readers but it definitely reuires a suspension of disbelief probably much asier for the intended audience to do Ellie is Just Cause eleven and about tonter middle school At the start of the book her mother is called away to pick up her grandfather who has been arrested for trespassing This is where it nters a bit of a sci fi realm Ellie s grandfather Melvin is a scientist and he finally had a breakthrough with his latest research project reverse aging Unfortunately the project worked a little too well as he now appears to be a 13 year old boy Now he has to live with Ellie and her mother and attend school with her despite that he possesses the mind of a 70 something year old manAs an adult reader the premise gave me pause if only because Ellie s mother did not seem to have any reaction whatsoever to her father s dramatic change No one uestioned it at all The few people he told simply accepted it Then the little subplot about his lab and the company he worked for there were some holes there why did no one wonder where he had gone How could no one know of this research tc But those are uestions an adult might ask and this is not a book for adults Poking holes in this fantastical story misses the pointIn actuality these ideas go along with one of the book s themes believe in the possible When imparting wisdom upon a middle grade reader it s important to ncourage imagination and the impossible so as to fuel new ideas and dreams Ellie s parents are both very theatrical and interested in are both very theatrical and interested in and theater but Ellie has never had much interest in that subject They tell her to find her passion but like many parents suggest that she should be passionate about their passion theater I thought it was a great message to send to kids that they find their own passions in life regardless of what their parents loveEnter Melvin who doesn t have much use for theater but is a big fan of science Through their interactions Ellie learns about a whole world she s never been xposed to and she finds her passion in itIt was very clever for Holm to use Melvin as a way not only to unlock Ellie s passion for science but also as a way for Ellie to realize that there is so much that her lders can offer friendship knowledge wisdom that she might otherwise ignore because let s face it western kids tend to write off their lders as well old Making Melvin appear her age really gave her a way to relate to HIM SO SHE COULD HEAR HIS MESSAGES IN OTHER so she could hear his messages In other lders are interesting and should be revered not ignored After all they aren t so different than the rest of us ven if they appear different on the outsideAlso of interest was the idea that the old can still learn from the young As Ellie becomes interested in science and starts reading about famous scientists and their inventions on her own she develops some critical thinking skills and starts to contemplate the wisdom of some scientific advancements That is just because we can do something does that mean we should The story also had some themes involving change the change from lementary school where you know veryone to middle school where you are introduced to loads of new students you ve never met and the ways in which lifelong friendships change as the young discover new interests and grow apartThe uote above that Fiesta Moon endings are sad but beginnings arexciting ncapsulates the main theme within the book For a mid. Believe in the possible with this brilliantly uirky thought provoking novel from New York Times bestseller three time Newbery Honor winner Jennifer L Holm   Galileo Newton Salk Oppenheimer Science can change the world but can it go too far   Eleven year old Ellie has never liked change Sh. ,
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