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St read for fans of the show Enjoyed it immensely and heartily recommend this book I bought this right when it came out and then put off reading it for FOREVER BECAUSE I SKIMMED THROUGH THE because I skimmed through the and thought this just looks like the transcript of an interview how boring Oh how wrong I was I loved learning about ach pisode and of an interview how boring Oh how wrong I was I loved learning about ach pisode and accompanying behind the scenes stories So many previous concepts and ideas and issues they faced it was all fascinating The photos included just added to the whole xperience and were a beautiful addition If you love black mirror and wanted to know the origin story of the show and ach pisode this is a must read First of all I highly recommend rewatching arlier pisodes before reading this book A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, especially the lesser lovedps like the Waldo moment This book breaks down the black mirror series The Shadow Reader episode bypisode with a running dialogue between Charlie Brooker Annabel Jones and the Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies ever rotating team of directors actors costume designers production teams and set designers Of course this is packed with trivia but I found it fascinating to read about the creative process behindach pisodePerhaps the most interesting thing is that Brooker is not as brooding and cynical as his show might paint him to bee he sees weird shit in the world and is constantly volving these stories before they are finally produced as pisodes Admittedly I ve been describing the show as what happens when tech goes too far but that s not his ve been describing the show as what happens when tech goes too far but that s not his at all it s just simply not that deepAnyway what a great read As a trivia nerd it ticked all my boxes This is a must MUST read must own actually for any fan of Black Mirror Review to come. First time while key actors directors and other creative talents relive their own involvement ‘Brooker continues to solidify himself as one of the most creative writers in the medium Even when the unfair creep of xpectations rears up Black Mirror and Brooker deliver’ – The Hollywood Reporter ‘Black Mirror the future is already here and it's terrifying’ Telegraph. BLACK MIRROR is the twilight zone of this generation at least the first four Seasons Mercifully This Book Stops Mercifully this book stops It s a bit of a slap on the back AREN T WE CLEVER and not much behind the scenes which would have been nice but if you ve been through the series it will make you want to do a rewatch Inside Black Mirror is unsurprisingly the story of TV series Black Mirror told in oral history fashion by its creators directors and actors amongst others Due to the anthology format of the series the book goes through ach pisode individually with relevant people s comments and discussion and it is all held together by the voices of Charlie Brooker creator writer xecutive producer tc and Annabel Jones co show runner and xecutive Producer The Writing Is Combined With Stills The writing is combined with stills design images which form a useful way of remembering key lements of the wildly differing Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling episodes whilst reading the bookTV tie in books can be a bit naff The sort of thing that make anasy gift However this one is less naff Basically it is very interesting an in depth look at both the process of creating an anthology show and fighting to get further series made and how the cast and crew managed to actualise the weirdness that is Black Mirror Brooker s comments on the ideas and how plot lines Monsieur Pain evolved are particularly good showing how muchditing rethinking collaboration and being forced by circumstance can make amazing narrative lements It s also worthwhile to read about the issues with getting Channel 4 to keep making pisodes for something that so notably moved to Netflix Naturally the book can veer towards self congratulatory all these famous actors wanting. ‘Black Mirror is hands down the most relevant program of our time if for no other reason than how often it can make you wonder if we’re all living in an pisode of it’ – New York TimesWhat becomes of humanity when it’s fed into the jaws of a hungry new digital machine Discover the world of Black Mirror in this immersive illustrated oral historyThis first official.

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To be in it oh look at the Emmys we won tc tc but is kept from going too far due to Brooker s trademark self deprecation and the banter between him and Jones who are longtime collaboratorsSeeing as the world has gone a bit Black Mirror as Brooker says in the book it s nice to remember that the series is created as an ntertaining art form playing with genres and characters rather than a collection of predictions we should all be worrying about The most playing with genres and characters rather than a collection of predictions we should all be worrying about The most stuff here is about the challenges of moving from Channel 4 to Netflix The rest can skewer toward Charlie Brooker hagiography but if you re a fan of the show who bought this book you re in the target market anyway The interviews are fun and it made me want to re watch the show all over again This book is such a great read It s interviews with various people involved with the show writers directors actors make up artists set designers There s so much interesting information in this book about the thought process and inspirations and some insights into discarded ideas There s also lots about development of ideas and how some Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. episodes arrive fully formed and some are tweaked until they are just rightThe book is chronological bypisode so you can see the growth of the shows popularity and how things changed when Netflix took overthey went from filming cheaply in a disused army base to filming in coastal towns in South AfricaIf you re a huge fan of Black Mirror like I am you need to read this book i love black mirror Lots of insights into Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 eachpisode Makes you want to see certain ones again ither because you loved them or you realize now you didn t fully appreciate them A mu. Book logs the ntire Black Mirror journey from its origins in creator Charlie Brooker’s mind to its current status as one of the biggest cult TV shows to merge from the UK Alongside a collection of astonishing behind the scenes imagery and phemera Brooker and producer Annabel Jones will detail the creative genesis inspiration and thought process behind ach film for the. Inside Black Mirror