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My Little Blue Dress eIverse MCs and feminist sex positive main characters That s really important to me and Alisha Rai totally delivered on that front I liked the plot and the trajectory of the storyven if I had some issues with the personalities of the characters themselves I found a bit hard to relate to Rhiannon who was tough as nails and felt really closed off Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars even to me as a reader She was a bit of an overreactor and though I really grew to understand her the I knew of her backstory I found her to bexceedingly abrasive at times In contrast I felt like Samson was forced to be this overly perfect forgiving character "I Found Him To Be "found him to be perfect without any flaws and I didn t like i am on a roll this month with ANOTHER super solid romance Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life even after reading only one of her books i feel confident saying that alisha rai has a real talent for writing lovable characters and handling their struggles gracefully i was surprised at how uickly i became invested in the character s stories usually dating app development and football injuries are not things that take up a lot of my limited brain space lol and i feel completely satisfied with howverything wrapped up in the Crazy Love end the only thing i wish had been different was regarding the actual romance itself it was adeuate i definitelynjoyed the dynamic and there were some cute scenes sprinkled in between the greater plotlines but i found myself invested in samson and rhiannon separately rather than as a pair the new soft bitch in my brain was waiting for the overwhelming wave of that i will die if these two ppl don t smooch feeling but alas it never came i did however feel a lot of i will die if rhiannon s app related dreams don t come true my ghost is not typing this review so that was a positiveEDIT oh hey future kat here i m about to film my august wrap up this part of the review still stands true but now i think it s of a strength of the story rather than a disappointment like having a couple where i care as much if not MORE about ach character separately also love to see them in love that s some hard shit to achieve so anyway I m calling this a 4 now and you better take my recommendation and do something with it bc this is a cute ass book ur welcomei d rec this one for sure will definitely be getting around to continuing the welcomei d rec this one for sure will definitely be getting around to continuing the of this series at some point soon RTC 3 Content and Trigger WarningsSexual harassment cyber bullying and harassment domestic verbal abuseFrom Saniya s short but amazing review that I loveBlog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube TwitchThis was the August pick for the Dragons and Tea Book Club I knew before I was ven halfway into this book that it would be receiving five stars and holy hell was I right This book did not hold back any punches and it offered such a profound story about powerful women of color that also was so touching that I was weeping throughout the last 20% of this book My list of things I njoyed about this book is vast compared to a nonexistent section of things I didn t njoy I ll try and write a brief read long list of things I adored about this book The representation This book is primarily about people and women of color so the main character is a dark skinned black woman her best friend and assistant is an Indian lesbian her other best friend and roommate is a thai AMERICAN PLUS SIZED WOMAN WITH AGORAPHOBIC plus sized woman with agoraphobic i need a book about her the love interest is Samoan the love interest s two best friends are black one of whom is a stay at home father That s not ven mentioning other side characters So yeah this book rocked The way women of color uplifted and supported ach other in this book was also so touching and mpowering This book dealt with such a diverse and uniue array of subplots and handled them all spectacularly Even the trope of the love interest being a sports player had valuable discussion about mental health and retirement This book also tackles women of color being in pos I njoyed this so much A female character who s closed off broken but runs a fuckin mpire A soft male character who just gets it and is too damn caring I loved the story line and seeing how the characters developedMy favourite Alisha Rai book so far Here s to hoping this books provides me favs and I something ntertaining and swoon worthy. Night and disappears Rhi thought she'd buried her hurt over Samson ghosting her until he suddenly surfaces months later still big still beautiful and in league with a business rival He says he won't fumble their second chance but she's wary A temporary physical partnership is one thing but a merger of hearts Surely that’s too high a risk.

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Don t you just love it when a book lives up to your xpectations THIS WAS SO GOOOOOOOD If you re looking for a sexy and smart romance with a strong ass female lead THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU I "loved it SO MUCH If this book was written published and read by Goodreads users the world over as part "it SO MUCH If this book was written published and read by Goodreads users the world over as part an laborate plan to teach me Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey empathy let me tell you it workedI am usually on one side of the negative ratinguation giving low ratings and rant reviews to people s favorite books that they find inexplicable presumably dropping to their knees and shouting WHYYYYYYY heavenward But oh how the turntablesBecause now I am reviewing a fairly low rated book well and I am SO CONFUSED Now I understand how you all feel when you see that I gave a Harry Potter book one star Well not really But I m closer to it than I wasI had to read negative reviews of this book to try to figure out why people didn t like it because I legitimately couldn t fathom it And while I don t understand the urge to comment on said opposing review and refute very point WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT WRITE YOUR OWN REVIEW at least I can say that at one time in my life I njoyed a book and then immediately read a negative review of itWhich I must say has always seemed like an unhinged move from my perspective Hurting your own feelings on purpose Couldn t be meAnyway A lot of people complained about our main character Rhi being too abrasivehard headed and too inclined to jump to conclusions but I didn t feel that way I thought this was a realistic portrayal of people with trust issues a woman who has been traumatized by a past relationship This book didn t choose to glorify the aftermath of such manipulation Traumatized people can be hard to love and that s a difficult thing to reckon with but it s trueSome people took issue with the romance but I liked it too I liked the idea of two people being like hey we can both be difficult so let s just deal with it together and be in love That s niceAnd I loved that Rhi had a tight knit group of family and friends and coworkers who supported her because that besides potentially swoon worthy reconciliations is my favorite part of rom coms Honestly the only issues I really had with this were the kind of teeny tiny observations that are part of my charm by which I mean ЯED evidence that I have gotten completely out of controlHere are some of those minuscule things for your reading displeasure Talk shows don t have plastic single use water bottles They have water in branded mugs The plastic of the bottle would be hell on a soundditor for god s sake Though Rhi s love interest whose name I honestly don t remember is a former professional football player I at no point got the impression that the author is any kind of xpert WHY WOULD PORTLAND OREGON HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM The mechanics of the way people who are not our main characters treat ach other in terms of suddenly deciding when they will date and who and why and for how long did not trackBut otherwise I found this to be a pleasant surpriseBottom line A delight there s no problem a rom com can t solve if this isn t true don t tell me i m fragile It s never good when my predominant feeling while reading a book is boredom The Right Swipe should have been a fun breezy modern day romance but instead it felt like slogging through 400 pages of molassesAlmost from the first page that spark of interest and The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs excitement I should feel while reading a new book was missing I thought if I kept going it wouldventually show up but it never did I think a large reason is that I just couldn t relate to the main female character Rhiannon She s xtremely rigid in her view of relationships and weirdly Sensitive To Any Perceived Slights to any perceived slights s constantly on her guard waiting for the other person to slip up and when that inevitably happens she jumps up and down on them and pretty much says I knew you re no good Sorry girl but if that s your attitude your relationships are doomed to failureThe writing also came across as stilted and awkward The author writes in detail about verything including Monsieur Pain every business meetingvery conversation with friends A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author every thought in the characters heads It came across as if I the reader is uite dumb and must havevery interaction spelled out in triplicate detai. Alisha Rai returns with the first book in her sizzling new Modern Love series in which two rival dating app creators find themselves at odds in the boardroom but in sync in the bedroomRhiannon Hunter may have revolutionized romance in the digital world but in real life she only swipes right on her career and the occasional hookup The cynica. .
L for me to understand I don T Need A Plot Point Harped Upon need a plot point harped upon so many different ways I got it The phrase leave them wanting obviously doesn t apply here And for all that uantity there was no uality The dialog lacked wit the main characters had no chemistry and the plot line was unimaginative and plodding This reading What If experience is like being accosted by a rambling relative known for telling long and pointless stories and you can tscape SighMaybe I need to take a break from light romances and romcoms The last few I ve read have been disappointing across the board The conflicts have been surprisingly contrived and the characters were unlikable one dimensional The Exhaustion Breakthrough extremes of who they should be Without likable and relatable characters what sven the point of a romance Rhiannon Hunter worshipped at the altar of no man The Right Swipe was my first time reading Alisha Rai filled with promising tones of The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good empowerment and feminism it held so much potential Unfortunately this one was not for me and while I loved discovering about online dating and the power that femalemancipation can show through text I failed to Supplemental Book enjoy it for what it was primarily advertised as romance Our Characters I will always credit an author for What s the romance got to do got to do with this book What s this heroin who hasn tven second hand Hark! The Herald Angels Scream emotion Who needs to read this book when it gives you only disappointment TWO sulking unsatisfied B list STARS are coming from red haired lady Special apologizes to legendary Tina Turner for the worst cover of her songThis year I had terriblexperiences with romance book all my favorite writers shocked me with their haphazardly released non creative stories with unlikable bunch of characters such as unwitty doormat heroines douchebag narcissistic heroes So I put all my trust to the romcoms lately I read really good Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners examples such as Honeymooners There s something about Sweetie Bride Test Faker Don t you forget about meSo as I took this book in my hands and I thought I could work with online datingnemies to lovers non stop texting or sexting kind of lements But lately I understood I couldn t be so wrongFIRST ALARM BELL RANGOh God I HATE THIS BOOK S CHARACTERS SOOO MUCH which gave me a real crazy ideaI m planning to be founder of Worst Literary Characters Extermination Club or SLAP YOUR WORST CHARACTER CLUB you can pick alternative names like punch the heroine club or beat the shit out scumbag womanizer hero club to help the devoted readers not to waste their precious time to understand their motives push themselves hard to connect with them and finally save them to get betrayed by the author s lack of character developing abilitiesFirst rule of the club Be free to talk about the clubSecond rule of the club Be free to talk loudly about club So all the authors will have second thoughts when they create their unlikable characters and they will hesitate to torture us Hell yeah My services will start to pull the plug of the characters I visualize to send hired killers to get rid of those unrealistic obnoxious characters who pissed us off so badly so by getting rid of them by sending those to the literary hell to burn forever would be best favor I could do for the loyal honest readers to save them from hurt feelingsRhiannon Hunter could be most detestable fictional character In my opinion being ruthless shark over competitive at the work side are not the definitions of feminism This is definition of a woman who read Atlas Shrugged million times and turned herself into worst savage version of incarnated Ayn Rand She acted like somebody stabbed a fork in her ass that she had no intention to take it off indeed she njoyed her situation She is so paranoid and accusing when it comes to form a relationship with a manAlso the Samson is not a credible character He is overly prefect too good to be true I didn t want to buy the brain injury concussion kind of baggage stories too because lately it seemed like all the authors made a pact to use the same I ve been dying to read this book based on that cover and the blurb which sounded so Bidadari yang Mengembara enticingven to a contemporary romance hater like me However though I really Red River Girl enjoyed some aspects of the book other parts didn t uite work for me I love how Alisha Rai gives us L dating app creator controls her love life with a few key rules Nude pics are by invitation only If someone stands you up block them withxtreme prejudice Protect your heart Only there aren't any rules to govern her attraction to her newest match former pro football player Samson Lima The sexy and seemingly sweet hunk woos her one magical. .
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