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Identify with sexist stereotypes It s a depressing trend in modern picture books A young child no than four or five years depressing trend in modern picture books A young child no than four or five years is presented as not liking stereotypical things associated their biological sex These preferences are then to support the idea that in fact the child is not their biological sex are then used to support the idea that in fact the child is not their biological sex allIn this story young Aidan doesn t feel like a girl What it means to feel like a girl is never xplained Why a female child is not allowed to have masculine interests masculine clothing a short haircut or a boyish bedroom without being told she is a boy is a mystery to this reader They changed his bedroom into a place where he belonged He also took much better care of his new clothesThe fact that a little girl can have a boyish bedroom is never acknowledged The fact that a little girl can wear clothes bought in the boys section of a store is never acknowledged Instead these things are presented as proof positive that this young child again a girl of preschool age is somehow a literal boyThere is no indication this child hates her body only that her feminine name clothing and bedroom don t feel right to her Not conforming to sex role stereotypes is presented as a valid reason to say to the world that a child is a member of the opposite sex and should have been born as the opposite sex I simply do not understand how these messages are passing for progressive As a committed feminist of many years women have spent decades fighting the idea that there is only one way to be a girl It s very sad that young female children today are being told that if they are insufficiently feminine they may actually be transgender instead of their biological sex Not only is this book desperately needed but it s also packed with kid appeal as well as illustrations SO adorably charming that I can barely handle it At birth En plein coeur everyone thought Aidan was a girl But as Aidan grew up he didn t like his name the way his room was decorated or wearing girl clothes Aidan cut his hair off realizing that he was a boy He told his parents and the. To have another baby and Aidan wants to doverything he can to make things right for his new sibling from the beginning from choosing the perfect name to creating a beautiful room to picking out the cutest onesie But what does making things right actually mean And what happens if he messes up With a little help Aidan comes to understand that mistakes can ,

A must purchase for very library that serves children and their families I LOVE Aidan With His Aidan with his outfits and his plants I love all the fun little details in the illustrations gonna need that lady s watermelon romper thanks and most of all I love having these beautiful words to share with readers whether they re getting ready to become a a big sibling thinking about who they are or just looking for a sweet and uplifting read THIS is the book A beautiful and mpowering story of identity What we ve been needing in our schools The one that is going to thoughtfully lovingly and honestly help our kids better understand transgender kids they hear about Dance Real Slow encounter or know I urge you to order this picture book and share AHHHH SO GOOD What i love the most is that this picture book usesxplicit language when describing the protagonist as trans which helps kids have a better understanding of gender It also The Art of Memoir explores how being transnonbinary can make the subject of a new sibling can be hard for a kid who was misgendered at birth andarly on in life Great for 5 and up and an xemplary gift book Highlyhighly HIGHLY recommend It isn t until a few years of Aidan s life that he and his family realize he is a boy not a girl When he transitions he flourishes and thrives feeling whole Then he family realize he is a boy not a girl When he transitions he flourishes and thrives feeling whole Then he news he s going to be a
brother It s very xciting Aidan is worried about verything being perfect for the baby I think readers of any and very age should read this book it really puts into perspective how much we gender things ven babies before they re born This is a very big thing that can wind up being unhealthy for children transgender or not When Aidan Became a Brother is an absolute must have and has already become a favorite of mine It s one of those amazing accomplishments a book about LGBTIA kids that isn t didactic or boring With normous kid appeal this book deserves to be shared widely and often Sad confusing and regressive story of a little girl who is presented to the world as a boy simply because she does not. When Aidan was born veryone thought he was a girl His parents gave him a pretty name his room looked like a girl's room and he wore clothes that other girls liked wearing After he realized he was a trans boy Aidan and his parents fixed the parts of life that didn't fit any and he settled happily into his new life Then Mom and Dad announce that they're going.

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Y learned from other families what having a transgender child is all about Aidan picked his new name they changed his bedroom into one Aidan picked his new name they changed his bedroom into one felt right and he liked his new clothes Then Aidan s mother got pregnant Aidan loved helping pick clothes for the baby paint colors for the nursery and ven the baby s name But when people asked Aidan if he wanted a little brother or little sister Aidan didn t know how to answer As the big day approached Aidan worried about being a good big brother Happily his mother was there to Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography explain that no matter who the new baby turned out to be they would be so lucky to have Aidan as a brotherLukoff has created an ownvoices picture book that truly celebrates a child who deeply understands their gender identity to be different from the one they were assigned at birth The reaction of the supportive parents is beautiful to see in a picture book format as they work with Aidan not only to be able toxpress himself fully but also to be able to work through natural fears with a new baby Those fears and the inevitable discussions of gender of a baby are vital parts of the story and allow readers to realize how deeply ingrained gender is in so many parts of our livesThe illustrations by Juanita are full of The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, energy and show a child with a flair for fashion whoxpresses himself clearly as a boy His facial xpressions change from his deep unhappiness when he is being treated as a girl to delight at being able to xpress himself as the boy he truly is The depiction of a loving family of color handling these intersectionality issues so lovingly is also great to seeAs the parent of a transgender person this is xactly the sort of picture book our families need and other families must read Appropriate for ages 4 7 UPDATE JAN 27 2020 DELIGHTED TO SEE SUCH Update Jan 27 2020 Delighted to see such deserving story awarded
Stonewall Book Award OwnVoices for boy rep This is somehow ven better than I thought it would be The illustrations are gorgeous and the text is written with such care I love the author s note that speaks directly to kids. E fixed with honesty and communication and that he already knows the most important thing about being a big brother how to love with his whole selfWhen Aidan Became a Brother is a heartwarming book that will resonate with transgender children reassure any child concerned about becoming an older sibling and celebrate the many transitions a family can xperien. When Aidan Became a Brother