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Westminster and focusing on its impact on the ground he visits deprived areas like the one He visits deprived areas like the one grew up in where things have been ground He visits deprived areas like the one I grew up in where things have been constant decline since Thatcher s reign and talks to the people there about how policies have impacted them and the messages they ve received about politics largely that poverty is the fault of immigrants rather than neoliberalism It helped me to understand why masses of white working class people have abandoned Labour and traditional politics widely to understand some of my own family who are part of this demographicThe book s also a really hopeful one and for ach aspect of politics Shenker considers including housing borders parties work he highlights new ways that people are finding to resist from precarious migrant workers organising to grassroots housing activism The key message I took away was that as the last 40 years of neoliberal politics has changed the country the old ways of resisting might not work but new innovative ways pop up instead I joined my local renters union as soon as I finished readingI d really recommend this for anyone looking for some hope understanding or inspiration in British politics and would love some recommendations for political books to read this year An absolute must read for anyone who gives a shit about taking the UK to somewhere better than we currently are This book not only seeks to dissect the situation we currently find ourselves in but also follows our main struggles back to th. Es of conomic disadvantage among a generation crippled by precarious work and unaffordable housing he shows where the chaos at Westminster ultimately springs from – and how disillusionment with it is fuelling a passionate ngagement with politics of a completely different kind local personal ffective and utterly fearlessJoining a ‘McStrike’ protest on a roundabout in Cambridge and a gathering of the London Renters’ Union in the aftermath of Gr. Radically different view on British politics but one that sounds like the future understanding that will ventually be reached by the political mainstream Offers some slivers sounds like the future understanding that will Gender Justice eventually be reached by the political mainstream Offers some slivers hope while being wholly honest and realistic Worth a read to understand the dynamics behind thislectionthe tectonic plates shaping Brexit Generations and Collective Memory etc Extremelyngaging and inspiring Reminder that politics doesn t begin and nd at Westminster A very timely xploration of the left behind of British society and how they re coming to terms or not with late stage capitalism The actors range across the spectrum as do the politics the various people From Notes to Narrative embraceIt s such a current book written just before the Conservatives crushing win in the 2019 generallection that it s hard to assess some of the observations Momentum the left wing insurgency within Labour had a hand in massively improving the party s showing in 2017 and Shenker clearly outlines their goals and strengths But Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America even with that Labour didn t win and went on to loseven severely in 2019 Perhaps it will take time to a In the days after the recent UK God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School election I was feeling pretty despairing hopeless and struggling to make sense of what was happening when my town had voted so differently to most of the country Thankfully heatherparryuk came to the rescue and recommended I read Jack Shenker s Now We Have Your Attention The New Politics of the People which really turned things around for meShenkerxplores current British politics by leaving. Now We Have Your Attention makes sense of what is happening in British politics by taking a radically different perspective the people’sFrom a warehouse in Manchester to a pub in Essex from the outskirts of Glasgow to a racecourse in Durham Jack Shenker uncovers the root causes of our current crisis and the future direction of British politics through the lives of ordinary individuals Taking us deep into communities hollowed out by austerity and decad. ,

Eir beginnings banishing once and for all the common neoliberalcentrist narrative that things were fine before 2016 remember the Olympics opening ceremony Jack S Compassionate Writing And s compassionate writing and investigations xpose the worst crimes of the Conservative rule and often of New Labour rule but this book is hopeful than you would think possible Jack spends a lot of time with those who are upsetting The Status Uo And Fighting To Change The Offending Systems status uo and fighting to change the offending systems through unionisation and collective powerIf you look at the state of things now and ask yourself what can be done read this book It will stoke your anger show you how we ve gotten here and introduce you to the people and the organisations trying to get us out A very competent and precise writerjournalist Easy get us out A very competent and precise writerjournalist Easy The book is a reportage style snapshot of the contemporary active left and the state of the nation broadly He touches on many or most of the key spots that seem most relevant in 2019 But ultimately the political message isn t particularly challenging Its all very Sunday Supplement Guardian venturing out of the office Occasionally a critical uestion is asked but anything resembling a deeper analysis or ven musing is missing Though I guess that depends on your starting point It s published by Bodley Head Penguin and I think they re going for a much wider audience But there s not really anything new here for me On the plus side I guess he s trying to raise the profile of what resistance there is. Enfell meeting hard right bloggers in Newcastle and climate change protesters in Brighton Shenker draws on xceptional access to campaign groups activist movements and grassroots gatherings throughout the country – including uniue access to Momentum who have re radicalised the Labour party from the outside in – to introduce us to the citizens and leaders of tomorrow people who are changing things for themselvesInspiring and terrifying in ual measur.

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Now We Have Your Attention
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