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Hers his bloodmother and his heartmother and s "IN LOVE WITH HIS TWO BEST FRIENDS AND THEY "love with his two best friends they to all marry and make a Three Down Below there s also sapphic side characters and none of this is uestioned It just is which I really likedI do think though that because the book was world focused instead of character focused I missed a lot of connection I d love to have Nimh goes through some things I was waiting for her to really be shaken by butshe sort of just gets over it North is supposed to be in love with his best friends but once he s Below he barely thinks of them and really uickly gets this crush on Nimh so was a little disappointed And the villain just didn t seem scary to me because she was pitched as crazyOverall it s honestly a thick and fascinating tome with intricate world building and layers of prophecy and entangled magic There are some great twists aching loneliness in the characters and desperation to be known and understand for who ou are not who Nam you were toldou should be I don t need a cover or even a full synopsisI m a simple girl I see Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner I need it edit there s a cover and I need this book even now Is it September et I m choking on the level of sheer awesomeness this premise exudes M I Y A Z A K I my ghibli stans where u atokay the Miyazaki comp is no longer in the blurb but I remember and won t forget wow its been a long time since ive read a book with such vivid imagery i saw a review that compared the style to miyazaki and i completely agree plus The Seamless Blend Of seamless blend of fi and fantasy technology and magic science and belief is just chefs kiss its a really great balance and adds a lot of dimension to the story not to mention interesting developmentsgrowth for the characters this does end on a mild cliffhanger so be warned but the story is set up for a really exciting seuel so at least theres something to look forward to 45 stars. S lives are entwined though their hearts can never be Linked by a terrifying prophecy and caught between duty and fate they must choose between saving their people or succumbing to the bond that is forbidden between them.

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And super intricate world building I definitely think the focus in this book was world building characters I did like the characters but the world was so vast and fascinating There s deadly mist that can murder ou or bless Lippenbekenntnisse you with magic powers Steel can stop magic There are plane gliders and engines that suspend whole cities thousands of metres up in the air There are living deities vs calculating kings Prophecies and destinies IFou choose to believe themThe book is mostly set in Below This world of harsh survival and rivers and jungle Everyone mostly lives on boats in the water and life revolves around the goddess who is meant to save them all There are also cultists who want to murder her a know We all have our pests I reeeeally was interested in the sky cities though but I have a feeling book 2 will be set mostly up thereIn Below they think the people in the sky are gods In the sky they think there s nothing below The collision of the two cultures when North falls to the ground is a clash of culture and confusion North believes in technology while Nimh believes in magic And I "Did Laugh How North Is "laugh how North is Science is real because ou can explain it And Nimh is like Okay explain our watch North jafdskld umsciencey stuffajfdkslad The charactersOkay so we have two alternating points of view North and Nimh Nimh is a goddess who can never be touched She takes her job very seriously but she s lonely and worried she s a fraud because her powers haven t manifested et She thinks North is part of a prophecy that will save them all She also has a CAT The BINDLE CAT Who is opinionated and demanding and wonderful 1010North is a lovely and polite dumbass which we stan uite frankly He s a prince in the sky and he has lots of grand ideas and schemes that are allterrible And go wrong I did enjoy his chapters the mostThere s also lots of casual ueer rep which was AMAZING In the Sky North has two mot. ?s home is in the sky in a gleaming city held aloft by intricate engines powered by technology Nimh is the living goddess of her people on the Surface responsible for providing answers direction hopeNorth’s and Nimh’. I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review FOR FANS OF THE 100 if they mean the tv show tho REALLY HOPE for an honest review FOR FANS OF THE 100 if they mean the tv show tho REALLY HOPE S NOT JUST FOR MARKETING CAUSE EVER SINCE I STARTED WATCHING TGHE SHOW I THOUGHT I D LOVE TO SEE SOMETHING LIKE IT IN A BOOK FORM sci fi survival wars bloodshed kick ass females moral greyness all around 2102020 Idek what I think of this coverthe scepter thing dude s 2019 haircut the cat the cat Jan 3 2020A prince of a hi tech sky city and a goddess from an ancient land ruled by magic Kaufman and Spooner Duology I Am There So I don t know why I m surprised by how much I liked this because I reuested it solely as a result of "The Author Names Without Knowing Or Caring "author names without knowing or caring what t I enjoyed this and heres why Nimh is a goddess to her people in the world below North is a Prince from the clouds above The two meet in a moment of destiny that instantly collides both their worlds Swoon right This story though slow to start richly explores Nimhs world and those that worship her as The Divine One as well as those who secretly oppose her Her aspect Or Magic she will eventually bring to her people keeps those around her faithful and others DID SOMEONE JUST MENTION THE 100 YOOOO IM IN LMAO This is a story of survival and contrasts culture clashes and secrets It has such a fascinating mix of technology and magic I thought it was sci fi at first but I think it s just epic fantasy with a city in the sky and a city down below and neither acknowledging the other exists Until a boy crashes his plane below and finds this whole other world on the brink of destruction and a goddess with missing magical powers trying to save them allI really loved Kaufman and Spooner s first trilogy These Broken Stars so I was excited for this new series from them It gave me tons of TBS vibes too survival on an unknown planet lots of odd creatures lurking in the jungles. New York Times bestselling author duo Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner have crafted a gripping tale of magic and logic fate and choice and a deadly love Perfect for fans of Laini Taylor and Brandon SandersonPrince North?.

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