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Able to come together to save Ms Graham s job Will they be able to put their differences aside "to get this done Read this incredible story to find out how this story plays "get this done Read this incredible story to find out how this story plays books is so amazing It is written from eight different perspectives in etter form including one in graphic novel form Ms Graham is an inspirations teacher and the affect she has on her students makes me want to be a better teacher Do not miss this story of friendship coming of age and how powerful students voices truly can be Copy provided by the publisherMs Graham s fifth grade class is an exciting place to be She ets the students help form classroom rules and homework policy they work in groups and there is even a class pet Kermit The students are also keeping journals and we hear from the perspective of eight of them Blake ikes to draw his entries and he and his mother struggle with housing and other issues Aviva s mother is in the country without proper papers and both miss Aviva s grandmother in Mexico Emily is struggling with the fact that her two best friends are going to another school next year and there is no way her mother can afford to send her there Henry wants to be a movie director so creates scripts for his entries There are a ot of projects and Ms Graham includes a ot of social justice issues in her class When a group decides to visit a homeless encampment without permission many people get in trouble and Ms Graham is in danger of osing
Her Job Until The 
job until the are able to make the powers that be isten to their explanationStrengths This is exactly on trend with its themes of social and emotional education Ms Graham is an engaging teacher and her students are generally excited about Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey learning which is a good example to see initerature The characters are all well defined and the plot moves along nicely Weaknesses There are uite a ot of social concerns included in this book While this is uite common currently I think it confuses young readers to have to deal with so many And not so much a weakness as an observation I m trying to determine much a weakness as an observation I m trying to determine it is that makes certain books set in elementary school unpopular with my readers while others are fine Sadly class pets seem to be a big dividing factor and the cartoon style on the cover makes this seem a bit young to my students What I really S in trouble for something we did We made a mistake The uestion is can we fix it Ms Graham taught us that we get to choose the kind of people we want to be and that a single act can create ripples So get ready world we're about to mak. This was not how any of them expected fifth grade to go Told in alternating perspectives by eight of the 31 fifth graders Ms Graham s class this novel provides into the different reasons students treat each other how they do and the effect it "has on those around them The students are dealing with issues at home with friends at school and "on those around them The students are dealing with issues at home with friends at school and innovative exercises Ms Graham has them do often adds kindling to the fire When it all explodes they have to find a way to pick up the pieces and repair the damage they have done By working together instead of against each other there is a chance they can make it even better than before Highly recommended for grades 4 up Once our rocks are thrown pebbles or notWe cannot stop the ripplesThey have a ЯED life of their ownAll of our nearly nothingsMight just makeA wholeot ofSomethingsIf we work togetherCute and Clever story of how the power of your voice can be used for change and good Highly recommend for the intermediate grades students and teachers Have you ever had a teacher that was completely awesome and made a huge impact on your ife At White Oak Elementary School Ms Graham is that teacher and the impact is made on eight very different students Emily doesn t understand why her two best friends Aviva and Kayley won t talk or sit with her on the first day of fifth grade Kayley actually doesn t ike Emily and is extremely stuck up Sharon doesn t seem to have a voice because she always seems to get interrupted and corrected when talking She also describes herself as weird and a The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs loner Blake doesn t have many friends andikes to express himself through his drawings Henry is a big cut up and wants to be a famous movie writerdirector of comedies one day Kia comes from a big family and the thing he Moreno loves to do the most is read Cecilia has only been at White Oak a year and she misses her Abuelita back in Mexico so much that she writes heretters teaching her English Lastly Aviva misses her best friend Emily but she has her reasons for dissing her and befriending Kayley These kids don t always get along but a classroom assignment brings about new friendships and some bitter competition between table groups However when one group assignment goes terribly wrong they all must team together to save themselves and their beloved teacher Will they be. If one small act can create a ripple across the universe what happens when a whole group of kids join together and act Hi It's us Ms Graham's class We didn't mean to mess things up But we did We took things too far and now Ms Graham