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it might appeal to readers who has different taste This was "me but I m sure it might appeal to some readers who has different taste This was fantastic read from start to finishIt reminded me a lot of Maruez s A Hundred Years of Solitude from time to time although the magical realism in this one wasn t as dominantThis is the story of an Italian American immigrant family through the character Stella Fortuna and her ncounters with danger nearly resulting with her death Starts from a small Italian village in mountains where Fortuna s struggle to make The Facial Nerve ends a poor life in village Then fate takes them to America in it s complicated ways I really loved this part where decades of the Italian immigrants lives werexplored how much they worked to make America great and what it took to be a citizenComparisons between the refugee crises and the people fleeing ww2 a citizenComparisons between the refugee crises and the people fleeing ww2 Europe to America were spot onSome Trigger warnings The book touches dark and disturbing subjects rape incest from time to time but it doesn t go cringeygraphic and importantly doesn t victimise the female characters so I did the feel disgusted like I felt in some other books The style of writing is poetic and names are such an important part of this book which made me think of A Hundred years of Solitude a lotI can go on forever but this is an Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants epic book could be defined as a lot of things a family saga a slice of history a look at women s struggles in Italian traditions I have read this over a weekend and literally was lost in the pages Reallynjoyed it a five star readOne final note I was really disheartened by the books name as there seems to be a trend with 7 somethings but this is definitely worth checking out Could have had a original name for this fantastic story I think Both Stella Fortuna and her sister Tina are alive today and this fictionalized account is written by a family member It s really Stella s story and it spans one hundred years As you might imagine a lot happens It begins in a remote mountain village in Calabria Italy and Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently ends in Connecticut So this is an immigrant story about a family and what a family it is It s a tale about surviving numerous brushes with death as well as poverty both in Italy and the USA It s also about the bond between two very different sisters and the struggle to break free of culturalxpectations I would be remiss if I did not add as a trigger warning that there is abuse both psychological and physical Nonetheless it is a well told and fascinating story of an ordinary family with the xtraordinary ability to survive ach other A favorite Where to Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems even begin I m surprised I don t see five star reviews for this perfectly written compelling story of an Italian immigrant family The author is also anditor and it shows in the clear intentional writing I read Stella Fortuna s story over a couple weeks alongside other books and it s unusual for me to take that long to read a book It was Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework easy for me to pick up and hard to put down withach session At the beginning there s a learning curve because there are several characters with similar names but there s a family tree included that helps with thatThe story begins with the birth of the first Mariastella Fortuna born to young parents Antonio and Assunta in Calabria Italy I learned so much about Calabria s history After the first Mariastella passes away another daughter is born and she is also Mariastella a second chance for these parents Angels Whiskey especially the mother to protect her This Stella however has several brushes with death over her lifespan seven oright incidents in fact That s only part of the storyThe heart of this story is the living breathing characters and the shifting and Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities evolving family dynamics between them They move from Italy to America and adjust to a new country together some better than others Antonio the father is demanding and wants not only his wife but his daughters too to be submissive to his authorityBoth World Wars happen one while the family lives in Italy the other while they are living in America It is deeply movingly a story of family and it s no coincidence the story is told insightfully by a family member It felt so authentic so raw and achingly real that I just knew I would find out it was inspired by fact and the author s own family once I read the author s noteThere s so much to tell you and so much I want to leave out about thispic story There are strengths than I could take the time to list here I have read few books of this caliber that nail why I read The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna is a remarkable indelible story of sisterhood family forgiveness and strength over any hardship or adversityTrigger warning Abuse though it is not gratuitous and is not what the book is aboutI received a complimentary copy All opinions are my ownMany of my reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreaderco. Rns that her survival is worthless without the one thing her family will deny her at any cost her independenceIn present day Connecticut one family member tells this heartrending story determined to understand the persisting rift between the now lderly Stella and Tina A richly told debut The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna is a tale of family transgressions as ancient and twisted as the olive branch that could heal th. The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella FortunaThis novel is written so well so researched filled with so much motion and veracity that I was sure it was a true story Only it s not and I m a little upset to find that out Regardless this book is one of my favorite reads of 2019 It isn t perfect but in terms of a historical fiction novel it s pretty closeAt first I thought the length of this novel was a little daunting considering there are so many words to a page too It s not that I don t read a lot it s just that I ve noticed some historical fiction books can feel too long historical fiction books can feel too long I get bored midway Not with The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna Even though it s nearly 500 pages Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between every single one of those pages grabbed my attention Stella s life her family her traumasverything was so incredibly fascinating I couldn t get The Day Christ Was Born enoughVery rarely do I read a book where the trauma a character is going through makes my skin crawl and my stomach churn In this book not only did I feel like that when reading Stella s misfortunes with men but I also felt it with Assunta her mother These poor women went through so much during that time it s unbelievable how strong they had to be not to fall apartThe men putting aside how some of them treated women went through their own traumas as well They were forced to fight and risk their lives by going to war So many men died fighting a war that seemed pointless and that s a whole different tragedy on its ownI loved this novel I loved how it goes through Stella sntire life It s beautiful The whole curse that surrounds her which I won t spoil but I believed in is brilliant It s a novel close to perfection only some moments the pacing felt off and it would throw me out of the story momentarily Other than that Stella s story is a powerful one Really 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set enjoyed it Review up soon It s brilliantly told in the language sense And also for theyes cognition of the narrator BUT it s too long and it also invests the author s present day sensibilities and values into the whole most specifically during the last uarter of the book So much so that the The Seventh Witch end was occluded almost pathetically sad And it didn t need to be Until the last 100 pages I would have given it a full 4 At the 23rds point I would have given it 45 in total or maybeven a 5 star It s true to the culture So few books are within miles kilometers of the life reality in Southern Italian villages Especially the isolated and And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake endlessly stone and dirt as within Calabria Sicily being so often invaded it sven worse Distrust has been millennia Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America earned and men physical power force reigns The authorarns 5 stars on Assunta and at least a 4 on Tina But sorry on Stella after about age 55 or 60 nope And it isn t the The Pocket Wife epiphany of her realization about her sister s jealouslyither that nixed her core That was fully than conceivable her identifying the mal ochio source Those kinds of siblings until death non talkingare The Color of Our Sky epic usual and common than lemons and olives in PositanoBut it was in the offspring s tellings and particularly the method of linking connection with the author through her mother s Bernadette s s to me it just ruined the last uarter of the book With all that length where was Bernadette and herxamples role play to her daughter Also be aware that the abuse is heavy several kinds Pinching in particular is status uo but it is most usually upon the cheek arm Not where or how Stella was pinched but in my own young life I was pinched nearly continually Not kissed because kissing attracted jealousy and mal ochio It s a shame she could not have told the nding portions of that connecting ssence to family for Stella in the ways that she told the rest of the book She did the men well Honestly I think as soon as these family 3 or 4 generations sagas get to the 3rd or grandchildren that they fail miserably And this book was not the only one with that Obsession exact fault disconnected dynamic Stereotypes did reign in portions to a hugextent but I forgive those Length and the wide diverting from the Cabaret: A Roman Riddle essence mood tone fire acuired to those discerningyes of the first 34th of the book I don t Somewhere between 4 and 45 stars This is the story of Mariastella Fortuna the Second called Stella formerly of Ievoli a mountain village of Calabria Italy and lately of Connecticut in the United States of America Her life stretched over than a century and during that life she ndured much bad luck and hardship This is the story how she never diedAfter reading the opening paragraph which gives you a pretty good idea of what the book is about I knew I would njoy this book And "I was right Written as a memoir by a descendant of Stella Fortuna the story centers around Stella and her family "was right Written as a memoir by a descendant of Stella Fortuna the story centers around Stella and her family is a fascinating account of an Italian family adapting to an American way of life in 1940s and beyond Stella comes from a humble background but is strong willed and stubborn from For Stella Fortuna death has always been a part of life Stella’s childhood is full of strange life threatening incidents moments where ordinary situations like cooking ggplant or feeding the pigs inexplicably take lethal turns Even Stella’s own mother is convinced that her daughter is cursed or hauntedIn her rugged Italian village Stella is considered an oddity beautiful and smart insolent and cold Stella uses her peculia. ,

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Very young age which does not fit in well with the traditional Italian patriarchal family structure Throughout the book I was rooting for Stella to get her ways despite her traditional Italian patriarchal family structure Throughout the book I was rooting for Stella to get her ways despite her family opposing to her ideas Stella is also cursed or so does her mother believes as Stella comes near death way too many times throughout her life I m neither Italian or American but still found the topic of the book very interesting Highly recommended Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my review copy in xchange for an honest review Oh this book I m not ven sure where to startI had some doubt when I picked it up to start reading pic family drama not being in my immediate comfort zone then an hour later I d devoured multiple chapters only merging when My Alarm Went Off alarm went off work That s how it gets youThe scene setting is intensely immersive from the small Italian village to the wider sprawl of America Juliet Grames descriptive prose puts you right at the heart of small Italian village to the wider sprawl of America Juliet Grames descriptive prose puts you right at the heart of story it opens up around you with breathtakingly beautiful ffectThis gorgeous book lives and breathes within the hearts and sometimes dark souls of its characters the The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis everxpanding Fortuna family right at the centre of that sits the much haunted vividly real spiky and ahead of her time Stella FortunaThrough the months years and decades Stella faces very kind of adversity and you are with her very single step of the way She is formed and grown through many inciting vents the heavy weight of a woman s lot in life in those times is fascinatingly compelling as you see the impossibly independent Stella bend sometimes break but never totally give upAll around her other beautifully drawn and utterly authentic characters circle her Mother Assunta and sister Tina being the centre of her world a world ruled by the selfish patriarch Tony Fortuna There are many as the generations xpand and as a reader you suck Just Cause every single one of them into your consciousness where they will remain this is an insanely powerful novel onvery levelThe plotting is a work of complete genius the phases of Stella s life focused around ach of her almost deaths often ironically so there s not many people whose lives have been saved by a typo In what seems like no time at all you are at the nd all the deeply held secrets revealed leaving you at a loss as to what to do next It s one of those stories that as an motional reader you ll never let goThe Seven Or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna is a sprawling pic an intuitive nuanced xpression of the female condition of life battles won and lost it is without doubt one of the best books I ve read maybe ven verI hit very range of feeling possible at various points of reading this so therefore I have absolutely no choice but to highly recommend it Beautiful complex heart breaking and real Go get it Many thanks to Ecco for sending me a copy in xchange for an honest review She d been named after her grandmother which was proper but still Stella and Fortuna Star luck or maybe ven lucky star what a terrifying thing to call a little girl There s no better way to bring down the Evil Eye than to brag about your good fortune a name like Stella Fortuna was just asking for trouble I m afraid this book disappointed me for some reasons The opening was very interesting intriguing but I was uickly let down afterwards I guess there s a trend with Seven s somehow because there are a few books out there with similar titles It s probably aiming to utilise the hype around Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle or Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Also the near death Fiesta Moon experiences was the core of a memoir written by Maggie O Farrell s beautiful I Am I Am I Am So I m a little confused about the originality of this book That set aside I couldn t get along with the writing in this book first of all as it was from a third person perspective And I think it s one of the hardest to pull off In this case I didn t think it was successful It was like a chronological order ofvents rather than an motional life story It felt very distant and cold The names were mentioned very freuently which was disruptive to the reading xperience On one small page the same name was repeated 5 times The sentences were also short and felt choppy It wasn t a fluid lyrical or The Taste of Night emotional story telling it was like listing the turn ofventsOther main reason is the book is very dark and it just doesn t change throughout it s bad luck after bacd luck without a break I understand in Italy small town male dominated society but it didn t change in America as well I understand maybe the writer is trying to make a point of women s lives were hard in those times but still I d look for balanced story Also the book was very long for what it tells so detailed to make it boring that I had to skim read some pages Lastly trigger warnings for abuse and incest for sensitive. R toughness to protect her slower plainer baby sister Tina from life’s harshest realities But she also provokes the ire of her father Antonio a man who demands subservience from women and whose greatest gift to his family is his absenceWhen the Fortunas migrate to America on the cusp of World War II Stella and Tina must come of age side by side in a hostile new world with strict xpectations for The Trust each of them Soon Stella lea.