[EBOOK/EPUB] Big Trouble: A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets Off a Struggle for the Soul of America by J. Anthony Lukas

Big Trouble: A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets Off a Struggle or the Soul of America

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Fan of Lukas s grand epic Common Ground The writing was outstanding as it is in Big Trouble and the story is tightly bound Lukas was living in the era of the as it is in Big Trouble and the story is tightly bound Lukas was living in the era of the and interviewed its subjects over long periods so there was no speculation about the events depicted as there was in Big Trouble and his personal interjections seemed stronger Perhaps #COMMON GROUND WAS APPEALING TO ME BECAUSE I M #Ground was appealing to me because I m with the names and places described even if I was too young to remember the events but in any event I would recommend Common Ground to a wider audience Wow The amount of work it takes to produce one of these tomes is unbelievable reading countless old newspaper articles court transcripts letters papers books etc I loved every word of it The story is about the dreadful assassination of the ormer governor of Idaho by a bomb under his ront gate triggered by its opening right after Christmas 1905 The perpetrator apprehended uickly My Wifes Affair fingered three officials of a mining union who were then prosecuted in 1907 In telling the story the author has written a comprehensive tale of American labor struggles but also of multiple other aspects of American life such as the blatant corruption and cronyism pervading the political systemounding of the National Forests the chokehold of theatrical producers the evolution of news services the newfound notion that journalism should report Dîwana Jan facts and not opinions the development of muckraking and yellow journalism the Socialist movement and theears that class warfare was a real possibility The Russian revolution of 1917 had not yet happened however there was an uprising in Russia in 1905 that rattled wealthy Americans I m now reading a book about the same time period in Russia leading up the 1917 revolution and am enjoying the juxtaposition Each time a new notable is introduced the author writes about that notable and developments in their industry There were a surprising number of notables who became involved the President was involved extensively Clarence Darrow or the defense of the union officials charged with conspiracy James McParland of the Pinkerton Detective Agency who arranged or these officials to be kidnapped in Colorado to be brought to Idaho or trial Supreme Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Ethel Barry She Was In Barry she was in touring show in Boise Gifford Pinchot the national orester Walter Johnson renowned pitcher Eugene Debs Samuel Gompers The bulk of the book is about the dreadful treatment of miners and the power of the mine owners In spite of reuent public assertions that the mine owners did not pay or the prosecution of the union officials by Idaho s governor and Senator in Naples! fact the mine owners poured thousands of dollarsor the Cadillac of prosecutions The stellar defense team was The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey funded by unions but part of their thunder was stolen by Pinkerton operatives infiltrating the defense team Theact that Pinkerton operatives had infiltrated so many labor organizations and that the perpetrator was apprehended so uickly led some to believe that in Itsuka fact the Pinkertons had arranged the assassination in order to discredit unions During the trial the Senator who was also serving as the prosecutor was indictedor Mom, They're Teasing Me: Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems fraud in sales ofederal timber land Well worth the time to rea. Re pitted against each other in something close to class war Lukas paints a vivid portrait of a time and place in which actress Ethel Barry baseball phenom Walter Johnson and editor William Allen White jostled with railroad magnate E H Harriman socialist Eugene V Debs gunslinger Charlie Siringo and Operative 21 the intrepid Pinkerton agent who infiltrated Darrow's defense team This is a grand narrative of the United States as it charged ull of hope and trepidation into the twentieth century. .
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Vil war that raged in the Western United States in the 1890 s and early 1900 s that pitted miners against mine owners and their allies in governmentAt that time our country was ar rom a perfect union and the collision of these orces as mining companies embarked on large scale exploitation of the West s natural resources mobilizing masses of laborers led to violence and insurrection Pivotal events in the book #include the assassination of Idaho governor Frank Steuenberg by a mysterious gunman and the ensuing trial of a union official #the assassination of Idaho governor Frank Steuenberg by a mysterious gunman and the ensuing trial of a union official was his alleged assailant the rebellion of Coeur D Alene silver miners and an explosion in Colorado The book which was extensively researched by Lukas is this and much We get the inside story of how detective agencies operated on behalf of how detective agencies operated on behalf the miners and government officials We learn about how jury manipulation was practiced in 1905 in Idaho An entire chapter is devoted to professional baseball in the Western states while another chapter illuminates Live Bait for us the traveling entertainment circuit that served the growing and newly respectable cities of this regionocusing on a particular appearance by the young Ethel BarryThis is history rom the ground up as well as the bird s eye view It s a wonderful immersion experience that also reminds us that class warfare with the emphasis on warfare is part of the American Story SPOILER ALERTPacked with digressions its of a historical encyclopedia of its era than a tight narrative this is a very well researched tomeThe author s anti union bias is hinted at throughout the book but in the afterward he reveals himself declaring the guilt of the accused all of whom were acuitted BTW based on correspondence between two socialist journalists a decade after the act One of those journalists was utterly discredited by OTHER EVIDENCE PRESENTED WITHIN THE BOOK evidence presented within the book its a pretty weak hook to hang someone s historical reputation onLots of bad ac Lukas was a gifted writer and his talents are on Fancy Strut full display in Big Trouble For the writing alone I can t rate this book belowour stars But I can t rate it any higher because Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka for me the material was too sprawling Virtually every individual or notable place or event received a three orour page diversional history When it worked I loved the richness of the story and when it didn t I couldn t wait Unbreathed Memories for the author to get back to the main point Sometimes I checked out mentally and either went back to re read a passage or I accepted the inevitable confusion awaiting meMuch of the material relates to the history of the lead characters of the book the northwestern US mainly Idaho and its leading inhabitants in the last andirst decades of the 19th 20th centuries respectively the mineworkers and mine owners of the northwest labor unions the press the Socialist party and sundry people and histories of the time I would recommend this book with reservations Idahoans and ans of late 19th century history seem to be a wheelhouse audience I read the paperback but Kindle would have been a better choice or the dictionary I should have regularly consulted but didn t have handy It might be best appreciated as an audible book on a long ride through the northwestern US a really long ride it s a big bookI m a much bigger. Ve Pinkerton James McParland takes over the investigation His daringly executed plan to kidnap the radical union leader Big Bill Haywood Graduates in Wonderland: The International Misadventures of Two (Almost) Adults from Colorado to stand trial in Idaho sets the stageor a memorable courtroom confrontation between the A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 flamboyant prosecutor progressive senator William Borah and the young defender of the dispossessed Clarence Darrow Big Trouble captures the tumultuousirst decade of the twentieth century when capital and labor particularly in the raw acuisitive West we. Big Trouble by J Anthony LukasSpeaking with reporters before he left town Darrow said It looks very much like another case of the oppression said It looks very much like another case of the oppression the weak by the strong In short it was a case made to order or #Clarence Darrow attorney or the downtrodden and dispossessedBig Trouble is a vastly entertaining and epic tome covering a seemingly insignificant #Darrow attorney or the downtrodden and dispossessedBig Trouble is a vastly entertaining and epic tome covering a seemingly insignificant in America s history the 1905 assassination of Frank Steunenberg the ex governor of Idaho who had a prior history of brutally suppressing miner strikes in northern Idaho The strikers anarchists and labor union agitators themselves were no snowflakes When Steunenberg is tragically blown up by several sticks of TNT after entering his gated yard in Caldwell outside Boise the line has been crossed and outrage ensues It had been several years since Steunenberg had occupied any government position and so the murder seemed to most people regardless of their political beliefs to be horrifically senseless The case and subseuent trial against Bill Haywood treasurer of the Wobblies labor organization and one of the associates unfolds in detail The action largely centers around Boise The Pinkerton agency hired by Idaho s ledgling and largely corrupt government tracks down the murderer kidnaps what they believe are his labor union conspirators and brings them by secret train Noni Speaks Up from Colorado to Idaho The Pinkertons with the backing of government officials at the local state andederal levels stop at nothing including the law to try to prosecute the defendants Emerging superstar attorney Clarence Darrow is hired by the defense Even President Teddy Roosevelt is eager to weigh in and declare the defendants guilty But TR is dismayed when he learns the prosecutor of the case is under indictment by his own US attorney s office and realizes that he stepped into a hornet s nest which could affect his presidency Everyone else in America also seemed to have had an opinion about the upcoming trial but a dutiful sheriff and Handbags and Gladrags fair minded judge are seemingly wary of agitators the Pinkerton tactics and the government power structureThe author J Anthony Lukas had already won two Pulitzers oneor journalism and one An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) for his book on 1970 s segregation in Boston called Common Ground Big Trouble was his last published work and in my opinion is much better than Common Ground and should have garnered awards5 stars easy A wonderfullyair minded history book Despite its length I was sad to see it end There are many cameos by muckrakers and notable personae who passed through Boise during the months of the trial Although not essential to the story these asides added context to the historical setting And the writing was good enough that the tangents worked or meAn unuestionably superb drama and snapshot of this slice of America The level of detail research and uality of writing is probably an unparalleled view into the Idaho of 1900 My last read of the decade After he inished writing Big Trouble J Anthony Lukas grew despondent and committed suicide Although Lukas may have Wish Upon a Wedding felt that heailed in his ambition We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk for this book Ior one am grateful or the work that he left behind This is a long sprawling book about a part of American history that most people know very little about the near ci. Hailed as toweringly important Balti Sun a work of scrupulous and significant reportage E L Doctorow and an unforgettable historical drama Chicago Sun Times Big Trouble brings to life the astonishing case that ultimately engaged President Theodore Roosevelt Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and the politics and passions of an entire nation at century's turn After Idaho's ormer governor is blown up by a bomb at his garden gate at Christmastime 1905 America's most celebrated detecti.