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E epilogue was a bit short Shara did not take revenge and for me t looked unfinished In my opinion book 6 The Little China Pig (A Rand McNally Junior Elf Book) is a HFNThis said I adored this series It has been years since I had this excited feeling about a book or story Sex scenes were maybe a bit tame with not much visual details I missed that But somehow the plot and characters took over the sex expectations I wasnto the story over my headI found a lot of Laurel K Hamilton but much romantic which Uptown; Poor Whites In Chicago is great Anita should have retired years ago Joely created her world I am happy she will publish side characters stories The mix of mythology historical events and characters with a vampire worlds totally genius This author s prolific and wrote many and has many projects I am curious to check her other books I took a step back from reviewing but this series deserves a spotlight I #RECOMMEND IN CASE YOU DID NOT READ MY FIRST #in case you did not read my first 5 stars all around Well a lot happens n this one I like Gwen and how she s finally getting what she deserves I like the kracken and I liked the ending There were funny parts and serious parts It ll be nteresting to see how she changes the world of the ueens now I LOVE Shara Isador I LOVE ll be nteresting to see how she changes the world of the ueens now I LOVE Shara Isador I LOVE Vampire ueen Series I can read about Shara all day I never really have to do a re read of this series because t s always with me This s one of my favorite RH series ever I m so sad that this Magnet is the last book hopefully for now and not forever Don t get me wrong I love Gwen and I love this world butI still think Sharasn t done with us yet I have so many uestions about this book this doesn t feel conclusive I hope we get to see Shara and her men and Vivian and not just Aagay Sumandar Hai / آگے سمندر ہے in the background These guys will be missed However I super excited about the upcoming projects I want of Gwen and the other ueens As long as I get a glimpse of Shara and her men every now and again I think I will be satisfied until a later dateI love this series Long live House of IsadorOverall 55I received an ARC of this book to review Oh man I m so disappointed that this was the last book of this series I so love a badass heroine with devoted heroes that will stand by her side to kill and die for her This series was the epitome of a reverse haremn the best wayThis series was so entertaining with Making Him Sweat (Wilinski's, its funny antidotes and steamy hot sex scenes OMG the sex scenes this author came up with whew mind blown Well goodbye to one of my favorite series that I think I could re read again one day Here s hoping the author may change her mind and give us another Shara Fucking Isador story Fingers cross Overall Rating 5 A Very Good Series To Rea. Ouses or laws that bind the ueens to the high courts But there's one thing she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt What this ueen takes she loves and what she loves she keeps for all time Goddess help anyone who thinks to harm one of her ownn order to sway her decisio. ueen Takes Triune Their Vampire ueen #6

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4 StarsOverall Rating Plot Characters Character Development Narration Characters So manyStory I ve absolutely loved this series No story s ever finished I wish this book had come before book 5 It was a great story I can t wait to see what happens with the side characters Narration TBA I ve read really enjoyed this series I m sad to see t kind of end for Shara for the time being but I m even sad by how ncomplete and rushed #this book felt What has my hackles raised a bit s we get a new mate for Shara with like 10% #book felt What has my hackles raised a bit s we get a new mate for Shara with like 10% the book left She has eleven others already I believe but each time a new one s added there s less and less time to get to know them let alone be able to remember who s who This last mate he s a freakin Kraken To me that reuires Library Wars: Love and War 10 information details I WANT EVERYTHING I m glad Shara s journeysn Another fantastic book n this most epic of vampire reverse harem series This series spans 6 books and a number of novellas featuring not so side charachters To fully enjoy this series I highly recommend that you read from the first book otherwise your missing out on a well of backstory charachter development and a whole world of epic reading gasmsHoweverand I m truly gutted to say It s the last of Shara s story for now Whilst we jet off to discover other vampires ueens who have stories to tell Still reeling from the events following Her battle with Ra Shara as usual has little time for respite and s back rallying her blood to aid her sibling ueen Gwen of Camelot tracking down a hiding Crossing Boarders in the shadows ueen and facing off against the high ueen of Rome and the triune Decisions need to be made and Sharas torn with the possibilities and the risk but as usual n typical Shara fucking sador style kicks ass and takes nameswhilst capturing the hearts of those around her and falling The Outcast Highlander in love with another monster The blood continues to grow and the new additions a welcome one as for me I still continue to love hard on Rik and Mahan The personal chapters from each of the ndividual bloods POV continue to be a favourite of mine I love that no one s left hiding Baiae in the background or forgottenn the crowd I m dying to see how the series progresses bring on ueen takes Avalon I love me some Gwen and her blood and I truly hope Shara and her blood pop Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money in because to say I m not ready to let them gos a monumental understatement I adore this seriesfrom the very first page of book 1 to the very last page of book 6 It has been a pleasure to read from start to finish and I ve said In Den Nachmittag Geflüstert Gedichte 1909 1914 it beforen other reviews Reid Alleje 2 in this series has and continues to refresh and revitalised. Which Triune courts calling the last Isador ueen to take her rightful seat There are three Aima courts one dead one full of monsters and one with an empty seat that's ruled by the ueen of Rome While Shara Isador loves her monsters she has no plan to unseat a Skolos. .
A long time loved genre for me and to that I am an so thankful to the author for putting Sharas story to paper Long live Shara fucking Isador Joely Sue Burkhart you are THE UEEN I was so sad thinking that ueen Takes Checkmate was going to be the last book following our beloved Shara and her loyal and loving Blood but after I finished t and read the Autors note at the end and found out that there was going to be ANOTHER ONE I felt like I had eaten a pack of oreos and when I thought I finished all of #them find another one at the bottom #I find another one at the bottom I do take my Oreo addiction very seriosly So excited to find out about THE TRIUNE and get to spend time with Shara and her BloodCan t wait for this book to come out 3 I have been wanting to read this book forever and I was so looking forward to t Im ashamed to say that I am a little disappointed I have re read the book a number of times to try and gain a clear sense of the story I did find That The Story Did Not the story did not as well as the other books n the series I felt that parts of the plot were patchy put together and some parts made sense and others didn t I didn t get adding the blood at the end and just leaving Ghost Flight (Will Jaeger, it at that Butt was Kafir Liberal interesting to see that Share has called 2 kings I would love to see about him and the Skolos court I feel that to completely conclude Shara there should be one book to tie up those ends There was also a lack ofnteraction with some of the other blood that I found little disappointing I realise the there are many of them and Flight or Fight its hard to give time to everyone but I fet some were neglected than others It was fantastic to see the plots surrounding the dauphine and the set up for the next ueen to take her seat and further expansion of the series I will love to see coming but this book just fell a little flat to me It was good to see her finally stick Vlad III Dracula: The Life and Times of the Historical Dracula it to Marne and the glimpses with Esetta and others but I think thessues possibly could have been resolved Divided like Destiny if the book was a little longer Read for the 2019 KU Shitathon challenge Mini Edition 3 July September over at Maraya s Cave Of Freaking Wonders Plan A Book 7 of 7 1 Maraya Tackles Knights 2 Maraya Tackles King 3 Maraya Tackles ueen 4 Maraya Tackles Rook 5 Maraya Tackles Checkmate Bitches Anticlimactic 5 stars Joely Sue Burkhart Their Vampire ueen seriesJust finished book 6 and last of shara s story Took forever to read the last book because the author took her time to publisht But she Burden and Prayer is forgiven as she delivered So let s hear the cons Well almost I think she opened a door with an unfinished business with another ueenn New Orleans and th. Ueen Nor does she wish to work side by side with Marne Ceresa on a daily basis Let alone the mysterious Dauphine who might be closer than Shara ever suspected Shara might be a relative baby Where's Ringo? in Aima years and she wasn't raisedn a nest She doesn't know the ancient ,