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Demands to get married in a castle Jillian is dumbfounded How is she going to manage it She is thrown a life line in the form of a phone call from the groom He gives her his brothers number who still lives in Ireland She calls his brother Finlan and he offers her the use of his personal assistant She gratefully accepts When she arrives in Ireland for the last preparations before the wedding she is surprised to find that the groom arrives in Ireland for the last preparations before the wedding she is surprised to find that the groom brother has arrived at the castle to help her with brother has arrived at the castle to help her with she made need When they finally meet sparks fly Will the castles magical elevator pull one of its famous tricks Will the haunted rose garden approve of the matchThis book was so good I have read several Louisa Masters book and this one certainly doesn t disappoint in the hot and steamy department While this book actually came out prior to her most recent one Irish Attraction it is not necessary to read it beforehand You can read them as a stand alone You do get an idea about what is special about the castle and meet some of the staff members of the hotel The book is short and sweet coming in at just 83 pages While it is short it is well written and there are no loose ends hanging when you reach the end The characters are well rounded and have backstories I can t wait until the next book comes out and continues the story of the wonderful Castle Tulla Hotel I honestly thoroughly enjoyed this book I will warn though that it is vastly different to other romance books written by this author This one isn t your uick insta love type story There s a mystery to be solved and research to be done We first see the hotel in An Irish Flirtation this book looks at the history and mystery surrounding it With a paranormal twist and a blossoming love story this book ept me enthralled It flowed easily and whilst telling a love story it s not entirely the main focus of the book This story was short sweet and holy steamy Jillian Jillie is a wedding planner with one heck of a bridezilla who moves a wedding to Ireland Insert Tolla the dastardly handsome Fin who s also the groom s brother Some spicy interludes between the two wreak havoc on Jillian s wedding preparation and that darn elevator in Tolla strikes again If you re looking for a uick read that will make you break out the fans look no further If you need to swoon and give multiple happy sighs then Louisa Master s fun An Irish Flirtation is the book for you Not only will it provide the perfect romantic escapism but the writing is effortless and the characters are easy to follow and fall for The Irish setting complete with a very special castle is idyllic It made being drawn into the author s world that much easier And of course there s Fin a gorgeous Irish man who can easily compete for your book boyfriend status Escape today in this entertaining romance What a delightful storyline The author has written a lighthearted funny tale that will The Shadow Reader keep you smiling throughout with wonderful characters that will warm your heart I mean what s not to love about a wedding at an Irish Castle that is steeped in magical historyJillian a NY City wedding planner has 3 weeks to move a high brow wedding from New York to Ireland The demanding Bride has given her a herculean task the least of which is finding a Castle in Ireland to host the wedding and all it s guest on such short notice Luckily for her the groom s brother Fin lives in Ireland and has offered his help What Jillian doesn t count on is how attracted she would be to Fin or that the legends involving Castle Tulla just might be than fiction This is a uick read that is full of fun love and craziness and I mean that in a good way It what I call a snuggle up on the couch feel good read I highly recommend this story and give it a definite 2 Thumbs R fraternization but despite doing her best toeep her distance Jillian finds herself unable to resist Fin especially in that damn elevator Author’s Note This is a revamped substantially longer version of an earlier book and is available as part of the Emerald Isle Enchantment boxed se. Original review can be found at A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI only recently heard about LOUISA MASTERS I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY Masters I had the opportunity review some of her other books I like how her main female leads are not your typical female characters One was a handy person the other a housekeeper When I saw that she had books coming out I Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies knew that it was something I wanted to read While Keela is a physician she is first and foremost a paranormal investigator She doeseep her MD license up to date just in case she wants to start practicing medicine again Seamus is the senior concierge at Castle Tulla Hotel He is in charge of fulling Keela s every whim while she is at the hotel She is there investigating the Victorian Era lift that has a tendency to time warp riders to a different time period It also helps them figure out their problems Keela is hiding something She can see and talk to ghosts They are everywhere She can also tell if people are witches werewolves or other paranormal things Seamus starts the story not wanting to be at her every beck and call As his attraction towards her grows he starts wanting to spend and time with her Keela trusts Seamus enough that she tells him about her special gift With the help of the ghosts will Keela discover out what is going on with the lift Will Keela and Seamus realize before its too late that something is brewing between themWhile I liked this book I didn t love it It felt slow and cumbersome There wasn t any of the romance that her other books had I felt like the book needed to be a bit longer With that being said I really enjoyed the characters I loved the random job that the Keela has A physician tied in with being able to investigate the paranormal It s an interesting combination Mixing pure science and proven fact with something much less so Her back story as well was human She had spent a while in a psych hospital as she hit puberty when her ability to see the paranormal began to manifest itself While this book wasn t exactly nocked out of the park I will still be eeping an eye out for books by the author I actually have a short novella of hers to read Hopefully it revisits these characters and adds some depth to the story 25 stars because it just didn t seem finished climax the endWhat Castle Tulla derserved than that This story was set in Ireland at the same castle as Lord Griffins Prize previous book I just finished and I was super excited I loved reading about this castle and its magic but when the two main couple get together finally the end romp in the hay and bam stories over Boo I like a little conclusion or epilogue or something other than wam bam thank you mam the end Great little read that revolves around a rumor of a spirit a bridezilla wedding planner and a mighty fine brother of the groom And then there is the castle in Ireland where the wedding is to be held which is now a beautiful hotelevent venue Beautiful setting for any wedding with a spirit that lets her presence nown when she feels

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the couple wedding are for each other It is thought that she is giving her blessing to the newly wed couple by stirring a gentle breeze around the couple But it is also the story of Jillian and Fin the brother of the groom and an old lift that seems to help them get what they want from each other The problem Jillian is afraid of losing her reputation and business if she has anything romantic to do with the handsome Fin But the pull between the two is strong and takes everything she has to try to resist him She does well until they are in that lift This was a lovely story with many entertaining moments My only problem with this book was when the wedding actually took place I would have wanted to see if the spir. A high society wedding planner a hunky best man and an enchanted elevator who can resist An Irish Flirtation Jillian Baxter has worked hard to build her event planning business and this wedding is proof that she’s made it The problem The bride redefines bridezilla After months of work

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It would bless this couple or not of course it probably wouldn t But Still Would Have still would have it if the bride would have found out about this rumor believed it and then we were allowed to see what happened I missed this as part of the story Although I missed this part in the happened I missed this as part of the story Although I missed this part in the I felt that it was a wonderful little read that was uite entertaining and enjoyable I would recommend this book I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Stop laughing Keela demanded smacking him with a cushion between her own bouts of giggles It s not that funny Flopping back against the sofa Seamus gasped for breath Not that funny A ghost who lived before the Industrial Revolution wanted to give you the sex talk Castle Tulla Hotel is a hot spot for supernatural activity when the owner assigns the senior concierge Seamus to assist another paranormal investigator coming to visit he is none to happy Keela is not your average investigator though for one she can see and communicate with the ghosts An elevator that can send you on interdimensional travel matchmaking ghosts and a budding romance help make this a short and fun readThe story starts off with Keela giving validation to the existence of supernatural and paranormal beings she can see and communicate with them so the reader gets to just settle into and enjoy the world the author has created no uestioning of what is real in that aspect I liked the spark and interaction between her and Seamus their romance moves very uickly short page count but their closed door romance added some cute moments and emotion to the storyThe main mystery Keela is there to investigate a Victorian age elevator that can send its inhabitants time traveling or on an interdimensional journey started off intriguing I would have liked Keela and Seamus to have went on a journey and the final reveal of what was truly happening was a very uick ind of confusing at certain points info dump feeling of an explanationThe setting of Castle Tulla Hotel provided a fun location and seems rife with interesting characters for the author to highlight There are matchmaking ghosts a studious library ghost werewolf bellboys and many to wreak havoc with guests This was just over one hundred pages you won t get a lot of depth to characters but if looking for a fun uick read this will immerse you in a lively little world As a wedding planner Jillian is expected to work miracles for her clients but when a particularly difficult bride wants to move her wedding overseas on short notice she s at a loss Until a very sexy Irishman offers his help Too bad he s the grooms brother and very very off limitsI really enjoyed this story These two had chemistry that jumped off the pages Their romance the push and pull as well as the hints at ghostly interference made this story co Original review can be found at A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI recently finished the newest book in the Emerald Isle Enchantment series and I new that I wanted to read While this book doesn t revolve around the same characters it does revolve around the same location the Castle Tulla Hotel I hoped that it would expand on some of the back stories of the location I was just beginning to learn about I was excited to read this short novella Jillian is a wedding planner in NYC She takes her job very seriously She is a consummate professional She has worked very hard to build her business up and to get a good reputation Everything is going swimmingly until the bride for her upcoming wedding calls and demands that she move everything over to Ireland so she can get married closer to her fiance s Irish roots She also. Illian now has three weeks to move a huge society wedding from New York to an Irish castle Luckily Castle Tulla Hotel is available Although it’s a bit odd When Jillian arrives and meets the groom’s brother Fin it’s almost like magic steps in She nows bridezilla would never stand fo. ,
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