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L heavy or depressing All in all a good uick read Soyou re telling me that Stiggy had to go on a road trip just to figure out that he is an a hole and that s why he has no friendsI don t think I ve ver read about a character unlikeable than Stiggy the main character in this book He is rude and ungrateful throughout the ntire book The problem with this is he never seems to learn from it If this was supposed to show how Stiggy overcame his past grief and struggles and turned it around it failed miserably There was absolutely no character developmentStiggy was so stupid that I think reading this book lowered my i than watching spongebob does he I than watching Spongebob does He t fault in or learn from his Thanks so much to Simon and Schuster and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this book long sigh I really thought this was going somewhere I really really did Road Tripped follows Stiggy your average and I mean REALLY average teenage boy on a seemingly aimless trip through the American Midwest The trip comes about afte Adventurous little road trip full of figuring out life Great YA Read Roadtripped by Pete Hautman is about a crazy kid named Stiggy He doesn t have the best life but decides to take a crazy trip to find his x girlfriend She decided to ghost him and moving so he wants to figure out why This story takes a ton of turns where you meet a crazy amount of chara This is a story of a teenage boy on a road trip through Minnesota The trip comes about after his father s suicide and after his girlfriend has dumped him I didn t find anything insightful in this book The main character was unlikable and I wasn t ven routing for him to change The road trip had no destination no motive for him to change The road trip had no destination no motive just drove around aimlessly As for plot nothing did happen in this story For a half the book we were along for a frankly boring road trip and for another half flashbacks to what lead him going on this trip in the first place I give this book two stars because I did finish it and the nding was well deserved. Problem is life on his own isn’t xactly what he xpected and soon nough he finds himself at a crossroads keep running from his demons or let them hitch a ride back home with him. Road Tripped

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The only reason I did not DNF this book was because I liked the format and the writing style But the overarching feeling I had while reading this book was three things First I hate the names he gave them what reading this book was three things First I hate the names he gave them what of name is Stiggy Second why was this written Third how is this character not an irredeemable jerk Beyond the plodding plot and nonsensical ndpoint the story was a generic angsty White boy who cannot understand that he is the problem It included so many problematic The Shadow Reader elements that were never properly subverted orven Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies examined Road Tripped was a warning to meStiggy was the kind of person who is so un self aware that any hinting of a flaw in him confuses him I do understand how his father played a huge role in his personality but Stiggy s almost out of high school He has no reason to lash out at people and he s definitely oldnough to have some sort of theory of mind any psych nerds out there He needed help to sort through his feelings but he went looking for it in the wrong placesFrankly I m not surprised Gaia left without warning maybe it was a bit shady but if I were her I would have done the same thing Stiggy only liked her because she appeared to be just as cynical as he was But she grew out of it and he didn tI give this book two stars because I did finish it and the nding was well deserved Stiggy s aimless trip did teach me a few things1 Sometimes people come into your life because misery loves company but that doesn t mean those relationships are healthy2 If veryone has some sort of issue with you you need to sit down and ask Yourself Why Stiggy Was why Stiggy was calling himself an magnet hmm I wonder why3 The nexus concept was really interesting and I
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it you can never away from yourself The Power Of A Choice even if you go on an aimless road trip max out your mom s credit cards andnable people who may or may not be doing uestionable things4 If the same person you keep coming back to is still pushing you away Gaia you need to leave5 Road Tripped was a warning to me that no. Steven Gerald Gabel aka Stiggy needs to get out of Minnesota His father recently took his own life his mother is a shell of the person she used to be and his sort of girlfriend ghost. .
Matter how bad life gets it is NEVER a reason to hurt others like Stiggy did to Garf and his mom You have to try to be positive I m not completely knocking this book read it and hopefully you ll learn something Road Tripped is a complex story of suicide anger and self discovery The plot is told not in a linear seuence but rather with plenty of flashback scenes mixed in with the presentStiggy s father has recently died and he is trying to move on from that incident Yet he also finds himself struggling in school Keeping A Civil Relationship a civil relationship his mother and retaining Within a short time Stiggy can no longer and friends Within a short time Stiggy can no longer being in his home town and decides to leaveHowever this isn t just a somber tale I found myself laughing at many of Stiggy s misfortunes and the absurd characters he met in his journey Coincidentally I happened to take this novel on my vacation and perhaps that is why I njoyed it so much I read so much of this book in the car or in the cabin that it almost felt as though I were taking this trip with the main characterReading other reviews some complained that the plot felt misguided but I uite njoyed it At only seventeen years old the main character is alone and confused with nowhere to really go He hadn t thought out his xodus nearly nough before The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right embarking so yes he does wander a bitBut for me it was about how the story was told and the contents of it that I loved Really the only disappointment came at thending I wanted a stronger conclusion a finale to this grand tale Instead the story wrapped up far too uickly and Stiggy just sort of walked off sceneRead my full review at Self absorbed white teen learns a few important lessons about kindness respect and thinking beyond his own needs while road trippingDifficult but important self growth Fact I m a sucker for road trip stories And this one starts and Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling ends in Minnesota which is like my second home It s written in a veryasy style with fast pacing and it deals with a heavy topic without making it fee. Ed him and skipped town What does he have left to stick around for Armed with his mom’s credit card and a tourist map of Great River Road Stiggy sets off in his dad’s carThe only. .