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Heels of SteelA GOOD SUMMER READ It was a very interesting read I "stepped out of my comfort with this one and I must "out of my comfort with this one and I must I am leased with the outcome The only thing I didn t like was how it left you hanging to see if they ll be another book or if that was the end I honestly hope this book goes into a series because I would love to read about it A light entertaining read It doesn t break new ground doesn t really have any surprises but it s A Good Escape Off good escape Off have a good asta dinner now because it mentions food a lot Thank you Harleuin Books for an advanced copy of Heels of Steel in exchange for my honest review This title released June 25 2019I love when a celebrity figure can take their own ersonal life experience and turn it into a remarkable story Barbara Kavovit is a member of the cast for the Changing Face of the Hero popular Bravo show Real Housewives of New York I haven t watched this season but from what I understand herersona on the show is wha. She’s shattering the glass ceiling one building at a timeBridget Steele’s father taught her two things how to build and how to fight With those skills she created her own company and began building for New York City’s elite Often the only woman in the room she’s faced sexism corruption and harassment but armed with her designer the only woman in the room she’s faced sexism corruption and harassment but armed with her designer T inspired the female lead in her debut bookHeels of Steel follows an ambitious and driven young woman as she builds her construction empire in island of Manhattan Facing many obstacles in a male dominant industry Bridget Steele was made for kicking ass and taking namesGuided by her owerful father she learned how to work a room and show everyone who s boss despite their skepticism because she s a woman Alongside her obstacles in the boardroom are Those Within Her Personal Life within her ersonal life her love life But neither get in the way of her rise to the topI really enjoyed the author s writing style and thought the characters were all style and thought the characters were all developed and full of SASS It s definitely chick lit with its components of romance complicated love and complex friendships but done in a way that isn t annoying I truly enjoyed this one especially with the underlying message of female empowerment and rise to successIt s a great choice for a be. D hat and steel toed stilettos she’s up for any challenge Bridget figured out uickly she had to be ten times better just to be considered eualEven with a stellar reputation this scrappy young woman from the Bronx can’t seem to gain access to the old boys’ club She doesn’t fit in with the owerful men in commercial real estate and

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Ach vacation read or something to change the ace with if you are in a reading slump I got about change the The Lady and the Lionheart pace with if you are in a reading slump I got about into the book and had to give up on it It was terrible writing It read like a run on sentence Literallyaragraph after aragraph In a span of 100 ages I had to learn the life story of the MC from the ages 10 to late 20s I believe It was also super repetitive Like I sometimes thought that I was accidentally reading the same aragraph againThe worst art is the synopsis made it sound like she was going to be this total BA lady boss and she really wasn t view spoiler I mean she literally ends up marrying the skeeziest guy out there all because she got regnant Like she was "Literally About To Break Up With The Dude And Married "about to break up with the dude and married because he knocked her up Can we also talk about the fact that in the same 100 ages we saw her company get built up and all of the sudden she s bankrupt because of her shady AF husband hide spoiler. Onstruction But this single mom has learned how to A (kinda) Country Christmas play the game and she never gives up With her uick wit and determination she won’t let anyone get in the way of her dream including the irresistible man who is also her biggest competitor She’s learned the hard way that if she wants the view from the top she’ll have to build it herse.