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Of two married to a disaster of a man He deserts her and goes off to sea and Alinor is alone left to care or herself and her beloved children #night in a graveyard she and meets James a Royalist priest something that was a #in a graveyard she sees and meets James a Royalist priest something that was a of death in the times of Civil War in England when Oliver Cromwell was in power and Charles the First was in exile She guides James Out Of The Marsh And Starts Down A Path out of the marsh and starts down a path is Nini filled with danger as she allows her heart to be won by JamesTimes were ever so difficult and with an aura of witchcraft surrounding her Alinor and her children striveor peace and a sense of contentment However the road to their dreams has many pitfalls and as Alinor battles the times she lives in she discovers a strength of heart and mind She will survive and give her children a chance a life beyond what the tidelands have given herThis sweeping tale is long setting up the scenario I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) for the coming books in which we will againollow the life and times of Alinor and her offspringI recommend this book to those who so enjoy a novel that Flight, Vol. 7 focuses on women that have met adversity and yet have been able to through strength of heart and mind to become resilient tenacious andilled with resolve When Jan and I heard that Philippa Gregory was working on a new series we were uite anxious to give it a go as we both have enjoyed many of her previous works We were not disappointed in this new beginning that promises to advocate or strength in women even through the hardships of being little than chattel in seventeenth century BritainTo see our duo reviews plus an interview with the author you can go here DNFMore than halfway through and I had to return my copy to the library A month later I realized I d orgotten I had even started it besides my TBR list isn t getting any shorter Am I dying to see how it ends now that I ve waited a month Not really I usually love Gregory s slightly guilty pleasure historical iction books Not this one Super strong heroine alls in love with ever so slightly wimpy hero Moving on. O aware of the dangers awaiting a woman who dares to step out of the place society carved or he. ,
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S on audio which I highly recommend as the narrator is excellent Listening while multi tasking made even the political maneuverings palatable I appreciate the author s attention to detail and historical accuracy and it certainly made me appreciate my good ortune to live in the current timesThe last half of the book moves along at a ast pace and the ending was a shocker After so much time spent in the Tidelands I m looking forward to seeing where the next book in the series takes to seeing where the next book in the series takes This was a buddy read with Marialyce one we both enjoyed on audio For our duo reviews #Please Visit 4 Stars Philippa #visit 4 stars Philippa writes in her author s note at the end of Tidelands that she wonders whether It is possible to tell a ictional story which tells a historical truth and I believe she answers her own uestion with this novel as I m sure was her goal In her note she discusses the historical truth of which she speaks the voiceless women of whom no records were kept their deeds unmarked their education unattended and still they persevered in making lives or themselves often ordinary everyday lives in which they garnered their own successes in whatever beauty and productivity that could accomplish or themselves and their amilies The in whatever beauty and productivity that could accomplish or themselves and their Miles from Kara families The of Tidelands Alinor is just such an ordinary woman twenty seven years old descendedrom a line of women with knowledge of herbs and midwifery Her Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, fisherman husband Zachary has disappeared at sea and it s unknown One can always count on Philippa Gregory to write of women who are strong determined and courageous With lots of evident research she gives a human voice to these women making them come alive as she imbues in them humanrailties and an innate wisdom that came with living in the times that they did From The Other Boleyn Woman to this current book we meet women who are set in their determination and do all that is needed to succeed to live another dayIn this current outing we meet Alinor a woman who has to live by her wits and her innate abilities as a herbalist midwife and a mother. Y of a poor uneducated midwife named Alinor who is tempted by a orbidden love affair but all to. I have read several novels by Ms Gregory and I Cannot Recall That Much Of A Romance Thing In Any recall that much of a romance thing in any them I may be in the minority here however I want to be honest with myself whcih is always the case and I cannot say I enjoyed Tidelands too much The premise and the period are presented exceptionally well as is always the case with Ms Gregory but this time the rather unbelievable characters and their improbable relationships were too much or me When I read a HF I want solid historical background which I ound in the novel but as little romance as possible which was precisely the opposite I struggled through this book High Heat finished but it was not what I had expected I literally opened my eyes wide on thanour occasions and stifled than our yawns It might be interesting to see how Alinor ares in Book 2 but I do not think I will have that much courage Having said that this book was just OK or me I do not want to discourage any ans of Ms Gregory s writing The time is 1648 not an easy time to be a woman especially a woman without a husband Alinor is left a single mother of two when her husband goes out to sea and never returns She ekes out a living as a midwife and herbalist in a time when those activities were viewed with suspicion and accusations of witchcraft were commonThe country is in the midst of a civil war between the King and his supporters and Parliament Alinor s path crosses with James a young priest and a Royalist She helps him ind safe passage and their relationship orms the crux of the story Meanwhile Alinor s children are presented with opportunities that will save them A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas from a life of menial work and poverty Alinor is like all mothers everywhere who wants a better lifeor herself and her children I admired her hard work ambition and determination But their good ortune only uels the suspicions of the townspeopleAs with all the author s books this is hefty at 448 pages and as it is the irst book in a series much time is spent setting up the background and life in the Tidelands I listened to thi. #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory begins a sweeping new series with the stor.