Kindle (El Regalo de la Felicidad The Gift of Acabar Una Bella Parabola Para Alcanzar La Plenitud Autoayuda Self Help)

I liked the book overall it was a very fun and uick

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It had cool topics that only seemed sort of forced but once it got far enough in I was down with the cool magic elements introduced I think perhaps if the story was longer it could ve explored a little bit about the emotions of the characters but it s cool with its parable esue way of storytelling To repeat my previous sentiment I thought it was pretty good but it could ve been better A welcome break from my usual go to genre of suspense fantasy and horror A light read Og Mandino s The Gift of Acabar is reminiscent of Coelho s The Alchemist the wisdom in Acabar and later on Lirra s Credenda will also trigger memories of Desiderata This uick easy read is an instant jolt of inspiration Indeed a good read during the Lenten season my National Bookstore mailing list did not disappoint Two thumbs up My friend had been suggesting this to me since last year And I ve only decided to read this last week As a break to the current genre I ve been reading this book is really great Inspirational and all If not it just serves as a reminder Even if the facts the star states are pretty obvious we often forget about those things so reading that in a book and reminding me to never give up to make even a slight change for this place is nice So to never give up to make even a slight change for this place is nice So in all the story is very simple It s just a fun read and entertaining and a good use for my time Everyone s life is a fairy tale written by God s fingers Hans Christian AndersenMy aunt lent this book to me in order to ill my boredom I Dragonsbane knew it took me so long to write a review for this one I ve been terribly busy for the past months I actually reread some parts to clearly remember the entire storyTruly Og Mandino was a magnificent writerThe Gift of Acabar left my whole journey with tears from my eyes Can t even explain how many tissue paper did I use to wipe it Such a touching and an uplifting storyIn this busy world we often forget those simple acts to do or those simple things to remember We all feel that we are useless if we don t achieved what others did We pity ourselves until we lost our true purpose We desire to have to be better than others Our little handicapped limits us to do what we want but the fact is we limit ourselves to try other things for we want to dohaveetc what others didhadetc We closed our own doors when opportunitynocked on it for we were busy abandoning our own selves in the shadows of the dark feeling useless and unworthy of everything Yes We pity our own selves feeling miserable in this life until we realized Two experts at tugging on one's heartstrings have created an enchanting parable you will never forget after you have opened your heart to the brave child who sent up a giant ite to capture a stare and received far than he expectedAll Tulo had wanted was some light and warmth to sustain him and his tiny sister through the terrible storm and darkness But this star this celestial cinder of light which came floating. El Regalo de la Felicidad The Gift of Acabar Una Bella Parabola Para Alcanzar La Plenitud Autoayuda Self HelpIrational read that explains the Kingdom of Forever in a manner that will enchant children and adults This was one of the will enchant children and adults This was one of the I read when I was in Grade School as part of our reuirements for our English class We were not able to finish the book but I did When I started it it did not interest me that much I just read it for my report on the fourth chapter After a while I no longer read it for the sake of our class discussions but because I was simply driven with the story The ending left me in tears One of the greatest books I read I am not sure what drew my eyes to this tattered edition of The Gift of Acabar at a bookstore I think I was drawn by the idea of a fable that revolved around stars Set in FinlandOg Mandino creates in this fable basic ideas of living life with courage and meaningI was fine with most of the book but I was absolutely baffled by the ending
there are obvious 
are obvious overtones to the book and the ending perhaps was based on Jesus That is what stops me from loving the book I like it because there were certain passages of meaning and beauty There were some universal truths that spoke to me It reminded me of the time I devoured Richard Bach s The Seagull thinking that was the greatest book I have ever read Smile How our reading interests change with time Og Mandino wrote some of the most touching books out there This was another great one you should read and if you haven t read his others get started on them as well A couple of his other inspirational motivational titles include The Greatest Salesman in the World A Better Way to Live The Choice Return of the Ragpicker and Og to Live The Choice Return of the Ragpicker and Og s University of Success the latter being one of my favorites Enjoy What a great teaching from Mandino Mandino is a master at creating fictional stories that are life teachings What a great way to discipline a teen with a negative attitude Reuire them to read a chapter or two and talk to you about the chapters I promise you that the teen will finish the book and thank you in their adult life for effecting their life in a positive way Though I find it a little preachy the inspiration and lessons this book imparts is timeless The chapter on the Credenda is like a condensed edition of inspirational lines one reads one at a time at the start of each day Though this is not found on the Credenda the one line that stuck with me is adversity is not a curse it is a blessing This is a great read for schools church or support group gatherings The fictional presentation lends some entertainment value making the book s lessons effective. Y did this small star risk his very existence on this unusual mission to earth his first in many centuriesI came here to help you live at peace with yourself Tulo so that you can fulfill your own destiny with pride and a contented heart And you will if you heed my words and also make good use of my giftFor all those who dream of changing their lives for the better Acabar's words and his gift now also belong to yo. Hat we had wasted our entire journey for nothing Then suddenly we ll just die in a state of dilemma We should not blame anyone or even this life We should only blame ourselves because we re the one making choices If you can t sing then dance If you can t dance or sing then act If you can t dance sing nor act then play instruments If you can t do all of that then play basketball volleyball or any sports that would suit you You can also write cook bake etc There s a lot of things and talents left unexplored Why would you waste your time doing nothing or why would you waste your time for that thing if you will shine bright like a diamond in other aspects Maybe the possible answer I can give is that We re afraid not to be recognized in our own talents because we re insecure to other people s talents Like if you now how to sing dance act play instruments play any Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator kind of sports etc you will be famous easily and suddenly rise to stardom That s why we re busy pushing ourselves in that aspect because we want to be famous and be recognized with our talents But think again Is that the reason of our whole existence To be wellnown Oh my gosh If that s what you re thinking then I m sorry to say but you have to reassess yourself and search for your purpose Because if you don t trust me you ll be nothing Everytime you ll fail you will pity yourself for not doing it correctly the first try so you ll try and try until you ll do it correctly I now there s nothing wrong to try again but if that s too much then that s not good any for during that time you were too busy with that that you even missed a lot of opportunity that was really meant for youWell I learned those things from this book It was really inspiring touching and an uplifting story If you feel down or miserable with your life then grab a copy of this book to change your views about lifeI m highly recommending this book to all of you friends goodreads members and to all of you who badly needs encouragement right nowEach page contained inspiring lineuotesentencesparagraph so get ready to be inspired and changed in a better way once you ready to be inspired and changed in a better way once you reading thisJust in case you ll Decide To Read This Book I Would to read this book I would to share some pages that really inspired me Pages 53545859606162647493 94 and the last part of page 114 Somehow I don t now if we ll have the same pages for the book that I had read was dated 1979 since it was lent by my aunt But I believe those pages were only moved a little forward or backwards or it remains the same I hope so Happy reading friendsGod bless This is an insp. Down to the besieged village of Kalvala in the folds of Tulo's red Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, kite was far than thatFor one thing Star Acabar could talk Hear me Tulo Adversity is not a curse it is a blessing Show me a human being who has never suffered adversity and I'll show you the most unhappy person on earth You live in a world filled with people making excuses for their failure because it is always easier to uit than toeep tryingWh.