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Archie of OutlandishRchie of Outlandish I felt that I had no choice but to reuest and see what all this was about This book was just delightful fell in love with the this was about This book was just delightful I fell in love with the and with Archie as well as his entire family This book was fun creative attention grabbing and heartwarming I am really glad I read this book and I highly recommend it Archie of Outlandish is one of my favorite books I ve ever read for many reasons It has *Everything A Good Story *a good story Two of which are interesting characters that develop throughout the book and an appealing place in which the plot can evolve The writing itself is descriptive which adds ease to the reading experience I ve read this book multiple times and have enjoyed it thoroughly each time My very first dnfnot what I expected Seriously YA even though h and H are 20 and 21 Very spiritual and there were actually pictures I m not lying Probably a good book for tweens I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley for an honest review KIRKUS REVIEW In Kraft s romance two irky 20 somethings embrace each other s weirdnessOutlandish is an idyllic whimsical beach town on the northern coast of California Cars aren t allowed leisurely bicycling is encouraged and fine dining is abundant Archibald Archie Plumby has spent the entirety of his blissful but sheltered life within the cozy confines of Outlandish writing for a local newspaper and eating at his mother s JAPAN 1/1M3. upscale restaurant Born with a rare phobia of lookingp Archie carries an Secangkir Kopi Panas di Pilot Cafe umbrella with him everywhere and even has a crawl space like bedroom with lowered ceilings While dining alone in his mother s restaurant at his special table fashioned with a giant indoormbrella he meets Tallie Greenleaf a young photographer visiting Outlandish with her boss famous photojournalist Gemma Perrelli Though Archie is shy and constantly at war with his freuent panic attacks Tallie s warm demeanor puts him at ease and they The Trial of Lizzie Borden uickly be. Ed to be living in the midst of the scenic beaches fine restaurants and charming attractions found in the town of Outlandish But when Tallie a photographer comes to town and introduces herself to Archie their connection isndeni. Myself Among Others unusual as stated by the characters in the story outdoor church service also takes place The service is held every week according to the characters but only described once in the storyNote I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I reuested a copy from the author whom I do not personally know after enjoying the story preview I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review After reading the reviews that have been lavishedpon At 20 years old Archibald Plumby has learned to accept his odd phobia of not being able to look p into open spaces without having a panic attack He enjoys life nder his mbrellas where he feels safe He knows he's a little spoil.

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Come friends As they grow closer however Archie suspects lterior motives from Ms Perrelli after she discloses her fascination with young adults in love Kraft s Ingrid 2014 etc novel is a The Robot Lovers uick absorbing read full of thought provoking dialogue and warm moments between not only Archie and Tallie but Archie and his parents as well Accompanying the text are full color illustrations and an original soundtrack of dramatic instrumentals These imaginative add ons work to create theniue atmosphere of Outlandish While the narrative of young love between two people who feel somewhat alienated from normal life is tender what stands out is the insistence of Archie s parents that his condition not be seen as a disability but rather as a special and defining character trait that should be celebratedOffbeat emotionally engaging and authentic Kirkus ReviewsINDIEPICKS MAGAZINE REVIEW Get ready for this new adult romance full of twenty something angst Ancient Magick Conjuration of Power uirk irony and very witty banter Archie of Outlandish is a sweet perfectly clumsy love story Archibald Plumby is a young man living in a seaside tourist town called Outlandish He enjoys a seemingly comfortable life with supportive parents and a job he enjoys He even makes regular trips to the beach However he does have one major obstacle to contend with He can t lookp No really He can t look p One glance skyward into an open expanse or even a very high ceiling causes myriad physical symptoms for Archie Thus he lives his life always nder a low ceiling or at the ceiling causes myriad physical symptoms for Archie Thus he lives his life always nder a low ceiling or at the Least Never Without His Trusty Umbrella To Stave Off Vertigo never without his trusty mbrella to stave off vertigo panic Archie manages life with his condition well That s all The Rhetoric of Reaction until one day he meets a young woman who really loves thatmbrella Tallulah Z Greenleaf is a photographer and the The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked unexpected thing in Archie s otherwise very expected life Archie is a lovely soul and the romantic tale here is a delightfully gentle read IndiePicks Magazin. Able and fears for the future begin to surface When Archie and Tallie find themselves on diverging paths only their faith can help them cope with separation miscommunication andnspoken anxieties that could keep them apart forev. ,