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Hardball The Education of a Baseball Commissioner

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When you talk about a tell all book from the perspective of a baseball executive Commissioner Bowie Kuhn s Hardball should be considered the ultimate creation of such a curious subject Kuhn s hold no punches approach was elegantly told through the filter of his highly educated and professional background as well as his utmost confidence in nearly every aspect of his career as both a lawyer and professional sports commissioner As I came onto the scene in the post Kuhn era I cannot judge as to how often Bowie was in the The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands right or how often hee wrote history in this autobiography But I can say that I was convinced of Kuhn s motivations for serving baseball to the best his abilities with his line of ationale His moment by "his abilities along with his line of ationale His moment by account of hi I was a preteen when the strike of 1981 took place so my memories or opinions of Mr Kuhn have faded from memory and further my preteen opinions of him are probably worthless Keeping in mind memoirs are generally self serving documents I was aware of this limitation but I didn t Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds really care Iead it as a history bookWhat s fascinating to Is That Even a Country, Sir! read about his how Kuhn had to deal with some of baseball s colorful owners George Steinbrenner Charles FInley Ted Turner Bill Veeck and their litany of shenanigans Kuhn could never find a happy medium with Finley and Veeck He seemed to develop aeasonable working うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] relationship with Steinbrenner and late in his tenure Turner but an argument could be made Steinbrenner and Turner were just blowing smoke at Kuhn The biggest subjects in the books are the 1981 strike and his departure I would definitely followup this book with a biography of Marv. When Bowie Kuhn became baseball commissioner in 1969 attendance at games was declining labor disputes were flaring and many teams were suffering from poor management and marketing Fifteen years later when Kuhnetired the sport wa. In Miller Kuhn jabs at Miller plenty some of it even seems below the beltHis departure if you like boardroom politics is interesting Kuhn places Cardinals owner Gussie Busch and Mets owner Nelson Doubleday as the villains of the drama Busch s grievances with Kuhn seem to be ooted in advertising and while Busch s positions are strident and he never yields they make some sense in you understand Busch s position Kuhn s ouster probably stung because seventy percent of the owners voted to keep him on However since there "was organized ardent esistance in the National League again Kuhn places Doubleday "organized ardent A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators resistance in the National League again Kuhn places Doubleday Busch as the driving force Kuhn is voted out What sidiculous is the machinations to try and keep him around even after all is decided Kuhn for easons I
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t understand than ego keeps his name on the eplacement list Further the list of Lifting replacements all have commitments theye not Mathruhridayam ready to leave so Kuhn s interim stay isidiculously long and the battle between him and the National League owners festers There is a particularly bad meeting between Kuhn and Doubleday where I would think in hindsight both men would egret the exchangeDuring the search for A New Commissioner Turner new commissioner Turner off oddly I m not sure if he s politicking or being sincere The vote about Kuhn was a secret but personally I m convinced Turner voted with the anti Kuhn bloc So when there is a chance Kuhn could esurface as commissioner Turner places some very weird phone calls offering to vote for him Kuhn suggests gently Turner was making sure he didn t get left out of the majority and I buy that Would I have preferred a hundred pages of a 400 page. S flourishing Kuhn had overseen tumultuous changes issuing from a challenge to the A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned reserve clause the 1981 strike escalated salaries free agency and his controversialulings on matters anging from gambling to broadcasting In Ha.
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Book not be about Kuhn s ouster and finding his The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field replacement Certainly but Kuhn is writing his story so that s going to happen After maybe sixty pages I d had enough The book has it uses as a historical document as long as you understand the limitations The writing is merely competent but there s enough interesting stuff in it to cautiouslyecommend it "To A Baseball Fan This Book Reads Just Like You "a baseball fan This book eads just like you think Bowie Kuhn would talk #He Came Across As Pompous #came across as pompous ighteous in print and on TV When Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) reading the book I could hear his voiceeading the book to me it was so much like you would have thought he would have said and how he acted What the book does is cover a very difficult time in baseball with a lot of transition taking place and many new ideas and ways would be necessary to deal with them Obviously the book was written from his point of view It did come across as self surving and made him look like he was on the Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl right side of history and was always on high ground morally Even with this the book was fascinating and gave a lot of detail and I found it an excellent book His chapter on Charles O Finley was wortheading by itself The infighting by the owners and how they tried to suppress Marvin Miller and the union was also Défendre Jacob really interesting You could feel the emotion on all sides of controversial problems in this book You would almost think that there was never a peaceful moment in baseball during his tenure If you can work through the self serving nature of the book iteally gives you a lot of insight into the problems and how they were Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide resolved for better or worse I highlyecommend the book to any baseball fa. Rdball Kuhn Black Gold in North Dakota reveals how the decisions were made and forthrightly challenges his detractors The commissioner offers many colorful anecdotes and strong opinions about baseball’s greatest legends from Jackie Robinson to Howard Cose.