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Southern African Literature: An Introduction dNks to Putnam and NetGalley for sharing this amazing ARC COPY with me as exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter you know the feeling when youiscover a new trope you love it and now you want to read all the books that have it thats me right now this whole refalling back in love theme is both the cause and cure for my heart arrhythmias seriously have i been living under a rock why is this trope not popular the whole process of two people trying to remember why they fell in love with each other can go in so many good irections in the case of this novel its cute and fun and flirty and touching i loved the banter between naomi and nicholas it made me so sad when they fought because of just how good they are together i love the how they rekindled their friendship and saw what they had was worth sacrifice and fighting for i really enjoyed this and i am looking forward to what SH puts out next 4 stars I woke up thinking about this book this morning and already wanting to reread and that alone warrants it a 5 star It s safe to say I am obsessed with itBut if you need reasons to pick it up then I have some I guess This is generally a trope that works for me I enjoy second chance love stories I enjoy seeing what makes a couple fall in love again or in this case save their relationship as well There are always a whole load of factors that come into play when a relationship almost breaks own And whilst this story covered that up with humour sarcasm and pettiness which I highly enjoyed the Plowshares Pork Barrels: The Political Economy of Agriculture (Independent Studies in Political Economy) dislike between them was still palpable To the point where I hadoubts these two characters would make their relationship work I Gem is Mine but Heart is Yours didn t see the light at the end of the tunnel But then it gets to a point where they ve had enough and fighting becomes exhausting and we get exposed to these glimpses of vulnerability and tenderness which made me choke up a bit and makes them remember why they fell for one another And had they communicated from the beginning and boundaries been set it could ve all been avoided However choosing to be open with someone isn t always that easy I alwaysislike it when characters get uestioned about why they couldn t communicate their feelings It American Africans in Ghana Black Expatriates and the Civil Rights Era The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture doesn t come naturally to most people Being vulnerable isn t something that is taught and frankly is tough as shit Especially when you ve already feel like you ve beenismissed several times But they chose to make it workAll in all every part of this story clicked for me They formed and BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16: Billionaires Secret Baby (Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) defined their own family they chose to work hard at their relationship again and through all of that it made their relationship all the better than when they initially got together They became a team GIVE ME THIS BOOK Reread time I ve missed them too much okay This time I ll be audiobook ing it First Read June 2020Thank you to Sarah Hogle for blessing 2020 with my new favourite comfort book It s beenays since I ve finished this one and I m not gonna lie I m having serious withdrawals Enjoy your Thanksgiving he calls over his shoulder You two are assholes she calls back You My Hero Academia deserve each other I send her a thumbs up Thanks Naomi and Nicholas are that perfect couple The one who everyone envies The one who s sickeningly cute instagram posts make you hate and love them at the same time What started out as love has slowly turned into resentment Naomi is tired of faking happiness because in a few months time they will be walkingown the isle and Naomi has to figure out a way to back out of this engagement without it seeming her fault Because she knows that if she s the one to break it off Nicholas s controlling mother will make sure she pays the extensive and nonrefundable wedding bill Much to Naomi s surprise it seems Nicholas has been faking happy too Trying to push her away so that he oesn t have to end their engagement And so commences a war of pranks and sabotage between two stubborn people When I m in the bathroom he orders me a Dr Pepper which he knows is my favoriteBefore we leave I wipe all the crumbs and used napkins from the table onto our plates and "Stack Them Which I Know "them which I know appreciates because he tries to be helpful to the busboysWhen we get back out to the car we plot how to ruin each other s livesOkay so everyone was right about this being like The Hating Game Sarah Hogle wrote Naomi in a similar style that Sally Thorne wrote Lucy with rambling inner monologues and crazy exaggerated thoughts Please on t think I m complaining I LOVED IT I was laughing so much while reading this book I had a permanent smile on my face The pranks the pettiness were top notch I found myself reading right through the night laughing at the juvenile antics of both Naomi and Nicholas it was endlessly entertaining Let s talk about the lovers to enemies to lovers or Diamond in the Dark does love to hate to love fit better Idk trope I have come across this trope many times before It s uite popular as it usually goes hand in hand with the second chance romance trope But none other was as good as this oneWhat I loved most was the growth In between the pranks you get the sense that neither of them has ever been real with the other When both Naomi and Nicholas start to let their guardown bit by bit and begin reflecting on their own contribution to the problems of their relationship They ve both been faking perfect and it was lovely to see "Them Both Rediscover The "both rediscover the I inadvertently let him in to see the ugly parts but instead of running away like I counted on him to o he wrapped his arms around all of that ugliness and idn t let go They go from hating each other to becoming friends and a team It was so beautiful If I m being to becoming friends and a team It was so beautiful If I m being honest both characters came off a bit annoying in the beginning with how immature they can be but they grew on me and I love them to pieces I wish we had some Nicholas POV that would have been a great insight to have The next time I fall into a reading slump you can bet that this is the book I ll be picking up for a reread innitial reactionThe funny thing is that I received an ARC of this book a long time ago and I justI idn t read it I forgot What a The African American Odyssey Volume 2 damn fool I was I finished this at 3AM and it was the first thing I thought about when I woke up a couple hours later Will I reread Mostefinitely My good friends May and Warda told me this is similar in style to The Hating Game which I have read 4 times and am complete trash for I haven t read a romance since March I know i know wtf right and I m overdue for some feels. The two of them go head to head in a battle of pranks sabotage and all out emotional warfareBut with the countdown looming to the wedding that may or may not come to pass Naomi finds her resolve slipping Because now that they have nothing to lose they're finally being themselves and having fun with the last person they expect each other. .

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You Deserve Each Other5 stars You Deserve Each Other is Sarah Hogle s ebut novel and it blew me I away I haven t laughed so hard or felt so much while reading in uiet a while Definitely one of the best books I ve read this year Naomi is in a rut She s engaged but half the time she Hardcore physical child abuse doesn t even know if she wants to be with her fianc any Too bad the wedding planning is so far along or else she probably call it uits Her mother in law to be is a nightmare and she s finding it hard to tell if her fianc even cares Eventually they get in this war of sorts Pranks ensue and all bets are off And let me tell you it s a wild ride I m not sure if I ve ever had this much fun reading a book before We already know each others worst We ve battled right through it and come out the other side unbreakable Naomi and Nicholas I couldn t tell you which one I loved At the start of the book I couldn t tell if I would like Nicholas or not but he grew on me and I fell hard Naomi is fierce strong and a take no crap heroine Nicholas seems like a weaker hero and a bit of a mama s boy at first but the second half of the book boy Handbook of Agricultural Entomology did he shine He showed Naomi through his actions that she was his priority and I laughed and swooned so hard This story captivated me from the start I love when a book can keep me fully engaged and thisid just that The characters are endearing and their back and forth was top notch Plus the writing was strong and witty I couldn t put this one Dare for More down It was emotional hilarious sweet fun and just everything I wanted This book was truly fantastic and I couldn t have loved it The enemies to lovers the banter and the romance sigh It was perfect for me I ll be reading whatever else this author rights I have a feeling that this will be my favoriteebut of the year and maybe even my favorite book I give this the highest of 5 stars and can t recommend it enough 25 StarsIt is a truth universally acknowledged that the enemies to lovers trope of which I pride myself in being a true fan is SUPERIOR You Deserve Each Other takes the hating you to loving you THE COCAINE ADDICTION CURE (Drug Addiction, 12 Step Program, Road to Recovery, Alcohol Addiction) debacle to the NEXT LEVEL It s glowing with bitterness that only a special someone who s not me can absorb I m not overstating when I say I m tremendouslyevastated by how much of a Boku no Hero Academia dj - Osananajimi ga Sugoku Yakkai na Kosei ni Kakatteru disappointment this book isNicholas and Naomi are engaged But they re having a not so little trouble in paradise All I know is that a few months ago I woke up from a very long sleep andiscovered I was engaged to someone I can barely stand The two of them A Gypsy Promise decided that the best way to get out of the situation is to lock themselves in a battle of wills where one voluntarily goes the extra mile to be OBNOXIOUSLY DESPICABLE to the other The endgame is to see which one of them will raise the white flag first Ikr how very mature of them My engagement to Nicholas Rose is a game of chicken From here on out what shall be the pettiest nastiest and most childish pranks and emotional warfare to ever goown in history ensuesI m genuinely confounded How anyone thinks this book is fun and entertaining is beyond me These two prideful sons of bitches are NOT bantering They are BICKERING and it s not funny nor it is sexy I could probably accept it if the Imprisoned with the Alien Rohilian Warrior delivery had come off sounding playful teasing and held the underlying pretext of affectionBut that is not the caseThe words that run out of their mouths are plain offensive rude and condescending Idk maybe I need a medical check up with Dr insert any world famous comedian to see if there s something wrong with my sense of humor but I COULD NOT for the life of me STAND these two Further Naomi s cynicism was really not helpingI ve never wanted to STRANGLE someone as much as Iid her I hated that everytime Nick tries to communicate his feelings she only belittles him and turns whatever he says against him to make herself the victim I Masterplots II d been understanding of her predicament but any sympathy I had for her was gone PUFF Goodbye consider yourself CANCELEDBut worry notThe bookid get BETTERFor everyone else at leastThere are a number of sweet re falling back in love moments in the second half The problem is the first half SCARRED me so African American History Black History Month Book 1 deep I had a PTSD Everytime I found myself swooning smiling blushing and laughing under my breath over the adorable things these two foolso view spoilerLeon s car fiasco the fishing scene the notes the flowers the cat fight and almost African Literature and Social Change dry hump scene the teaming up against evil mother in law scene hide spoiler I read this book three times in one week I think that should tell you something I hope that something is PICK UP THIS BOOKThis book is marketed for fans of The Hating Game by Sally ThorneAnd they are so right because this book is like The Hating Game turned up to eleven Naomi and Nicholas were hilarious in their efforts to mess with each other The length they went to were both juvenile and petty and I loved every second of itMixed in with all their pranks and not so subtle jabs at each other it is very obvious that the two stillo care for each other and that was probably the best part They knew all of each other s weak spots and used every advantage at their The Alchemy of Yoga disposal all while somehow remaining amicable enough to coinhabitI think the following passageescribes their relationship best of all When I m in the bathroom he orders me a Dr Pepper which he knows is my favoriteBefore we leave I wipe all the crumbs onto our plates and stack them which I know he appreciates because he tries to be helpful with the busboysWhen we get back out to the car we plot how to ruin each other s lives Throughout the book there are a lot of plot how to ruin each other s lives Throughout the book there are a lot of some of them petty and some of them valid There is lots of family Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens: Sources of an Alchemical Book of Emblems drama and character growthBut there was also the underlying romance that grew throughout it allNaomi and Nicholas were great to read about I loved their antics but than that I loved the complexity of their relationships They love so much about each other and yeton "T ACTUALLY LIKE WHO THE OTHER "actually like who the other or rather who the other has become over time They are trying to figure themselves and each other out and that was the best part of the book I loved seeing their journey to being people who they themselves and the other both loveI Aliens Abroad did originally give this book four stars and it s because I have to admit the characters are kind of annoying at first They act like spoiled brats They barely tolerate each other and acted as if they were justified in their behavior while the other was obviously wrong Naomi is whiny and se. When your nemesis also happens to be your fiancé happily ever after becomes a lot complicated in this wickedly funny lovers to enemies to lovers romantic comedyebutNaomi Westfield has the perfect fiancé Nicholas Rose holds oors open for her remembers her restaurant orders and comes from the kind of upstanding society family any brid. .
Lf absorbed Nicholas is an arrogant momma s boy That oes change as the book progresses and it was something I sort of overlooked in my rereadings since I knew what went Chasing the Red Queen down laterStill Ion t Algorithms of the Intelligent Web doubt that I will probably be rereading this book yet again in the futureIf you re a fan of The Hating Game I highly recommend this one And if you haven t read The Hating Game then I recommend this even If you re one of the few who hated it then maybe this won t be for you but also I say give it a shotAll of that said if you simply like great and hilarious and well written contemporary romances then this is the book for youI can t wait to see what else this author has in store for the futureI received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownFollow Me Here Too My Blog Twitter Bloglovin Instagram Tumblr Pinterest serotonin peaking buddy reread with my taste twin and the one who has to cave to peer pressure The best things in the world are as follows when you perfectly toast a bagel I mean we all know how easy it is to underdo that bad boy so it s still a weird suishy bread circle or even likely burn that baby till it s glorified charcoal but when you really find that sweet spotchef s kiss baking cookies and then eating them while they re still warm and then you eat a whole tray because if you made them theyon t count as caloric genuine believable enemies to lovers where you really feel them fall in love and also it s funny and also everything i 55 this book cracked me up Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf Not having any idea what this whole book was about except for the few exciting prompts that the synopsis promised I Little Witch Academia Chronicle - Little Witch Academia Chronicle - Tanki - 2017/8/31 dove head first into it and boy that was an experience I wasn t expectingI mean yeah by now I realised that enemies to lovers tropes are my jam but lovers to enemies to lovers plot with insanely good comedy Sweet baby Jesus YESGiven the fact that this was my fifth rom com novel of the week I thought I was going to be kind of passive about it but honestly it was one of the best rom coms I ve ever read and Ion t exaggerate when I say that I put it on my Favourite Books shelf because I might consider re reading it someday This is how much I enjoy itThe whole plot fe I m not sure I ve ever laughed that hard while reading a bookEverLike out loud with tears running The Machine Stops down my face Not even kidding a little bitOk and that may be because the timing on this was nigh on perfect I was very much in the mood to Carole Baskin my husband when I came across this book and it hit meirectly in the funnyboneSee my spouse I were at the time going several rounds over this hideous thing he Dare for More did to our mailbox after a few too many MargaritasHe got this brilliant idea to use these rocks he found on the side of the road some ratty sort of halfead grass plant and CACTUS that I m assuming he also found on the side of the road Then he stuffed all of his redneck plants into the ground and ug up the surrounding grass at some sort of an off kilter angle and plopped his nasty roadside rocks all around my Four let s make a party to congratulate we have a new evil genius sarcastic writer in the town who knows how to write a great mean romantic comedy stars "I think promoting this book as a great choice for the fans of Hating Games might be wrong Only "think promoting this book as a great choice for the fans of Hating Games might be wrong Only there is similar with Sally Thorne s book is HATING part The characters are not colleagues This is not slow burn enemies to lovers story They re already engaged This could be best efined as friends lovers enemies friends again lovers story Because the re already engaged This could be best efined as friends lovers enemies friends again lovers story Because the of the couple s relationship eveloped as I summarized At first the book a little irritated me Because both characters acted like spoiled toddlers immature brats who were evil minds trying so hard to sabotage each other or they were mostly each other s throats Sometimes I wanted to put Life with My Idiot Family duct tapes on their mouths and scold them to learn act like real grown ups Let me introduce you Naomi who is about to lose her job has limited connection with her family She is making ABCD plans for her life but sheoesn t get any action And her fianc e our hero Nicholas charming successful but also a little arrogant snob annoying and truly mother s boy Yessss we had a MOTHER IN LAW ZILLA OR MOMAZILLA ALERT Deborah the evil ueens of mother in laws is uiet mash up of Miranda Presley Meryl Streep s Devil Wears Prada character Mary Louise Wright Meryl Streep s Big Little Lies character Eleanor Shaw Meryl Streep s Manchurian Candidate character Okay she s Before You Are Licensed definitely evil version of Meryl Streep SO I was about to give two stars to this book Because first 100 pages I hate the guts of the characters Both of them wereefinition of shining rising DOUCHEBAGS I found it ridiculous their Canonization And Teaching Of African Literatures.(Matatu 7) decision to stay together If they hated each other so much and said so many things to ruin what they had before they should take time off or begin to communicate about what s happening to themPlaying games working on multiple creative pranks might look like fun but theyidn t The Alien Warriors Woman (Guardian Warriors, do anything about the elephant in their living room that not only broke all the valuable fragile things but also is about toestroy their relationship Naomi seemed like too much coward to get an important Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy decision about her life and Nicholas seemed like too stubborn to end things with her But I have to admit the pranks they ve orchestrated were so entertaining Few pages later you began to root for Nicholas who was really trying to save their relationship Without asking Naomi buying a new house and makingecisions about their lives seemed like a wrong move But later we realized he An Introduction to Agricultural Geography did the right thing Because heidn t only buy a house he also bought a place they could become a couple who still love each other and make things work THINGS MADE ME RAISE MY STAR POINTS The second half of the book the couple made peace and realized the reasons why they fell in love with each other and they learned from their mistakes and turned into PARTNERS IN CRIME The part how they met made "me smile too muchSo yes I had a little bad start but the witty entertaining writing mesmerized me I laughed "smile too muchSo yes I had a little bad start but the witty entertaining writing mesmerized me I laughed much especially the part Naomi and Nicholas hiding behind the closed What Comes after Entanglement? door not to invite Deborah inside their house and telling their excuses from alien abduction to Nicholas real identity as Shia LaBeoufI had great time with thisebut novel So happy I lately meet with fantastic new writersSpecial tha. E would love to be a part of They never fight They're preparing for their lavish wedding that's three months away And she is miserably and utterly sick of himNaomi wants out but there's a catch whoever ends the engagement will have to foot the nonrefundable wedding bill When Naomi Algorithmics for Hard Problems: Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization, Randomization, Approximation, and Heuristics discovers that Nicholas too has been feigning contentment.