[E–pub/Pdf] (Why Am I Different? (Concept Books)) BY Norma Simon

Why Am I Different? (Concept Books)An older book that covers many different types of differences growth hereditary hair color The Magnanimous Heart physical conditions allergies abilitiesreferences family standards circumstances religions cultural backgrounds arental occupations adoptions etc Each age covers a different circumstance which can be used as a discussion Over Mintmarks and Hot Repunched Mintmarks point byarents teachers or guardians Printed in 1976 this book is rather old the ictures are only three colors white black and yellow and are not attractive to today s children This would not be something students will take out of the library on their own but may be something teachers or counselors will want on their shelves for certain situations Fiction Why Am I Different talks about the many ways in which children realize they are different from others It s no secret that we are all different and uniue Children notice these differences and wonder why eople look the way they do More importantly they wonder why they are different The book asks reader what makes them different The story contained many realistic instances of being different and I feel many students can relate to at least one of the scenarios There is a transition within the book where some children hate standing out or do not fit the norm but towards the end they relieve that everyone is uniue and the world would be a very boring One Day in December place if everyone was exactly the same The language is easy to follow and age appropriate for young children The book contained black and white illustrations with random items colored yellow Iersonally think children are drawn to colorful images but I feel there was a Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts purpose to this simplicity It may be a way to show that the world would be dull if everyone was alike I m not uite sure Theictures did correspond well with the text and help further develop the story Multiple cultures were resent and were not negatively stereotyped The Readers Gained Brief Insight To Each Individual Character S present and were not negatively stereotyped The Readers Gained Brief Insight To Each Individual Character S gained brief insight to each individual character s lifestyle is understandable considering how many instances of diversity were given 3 4 contemporary realistic Often times children shy away from groups because they may not like the same things or have different beliefs but this story beautifully explains that it s okay to be different because we all are I feel the really gains children s respect to a story This is a wonderful book about being different It covers almost every aspects of being different from age gender race hair family hobbies and much It is about embracing what you have and loving it This is a great Some eople can't eat chocolate and some are good at whistling Some eople are tall some are .
Ook about loving yourself despite being different from the eople in your class Summary This book is about children who are different and it Talks About What Is Different In Each And Everyone One about what is different in each and everyone one them It talks about how children can all look different in sizes hair color skin color or eye color It goes on to talk about the differences in food children eat and different homes family and what animals they have It shows contrast between eople and how it is okay to be different because eople will accept you and will like you for who you are and not what your differences are At the end it says that we are all different but also alike and if everyone was the same no one would like that It ends by saying I am different and so are you That s good Theme I think the theme in this story is acceptance of theme in this story is acceptance of and being okay in your own skin and with the life you live It shows many examples of eople who are different and most children can connect to the children in some way whether it be their skin color or what animals they have Rating I would rate this book a 4 I think it is important for children to understand eople are different and that we all come from different laces but can all still be friends Personal Response I remember in elementary school when bullying started and we always talked about how it was okay to be different I used to get made fun of for being smaller than everyone else and it constantly hurt my feelings I think it is a good thing to teach children young that País íntim people are different and it is not okay to make fun of them The book explains that everyone is different my second grade teacher used to always say everyone is different and it s okay because everyone is still friends Recommendation I would recommend this book to teachers working with young children andarents They could use this book to help teach kids before they are in the school setting that not everyone is like them It gives a lot of good examples of children at school and is very relatable to most children The intent of this book is nice but it definitely a Under Lock and Key product of the 70 s This book demonstrates an assortment of ways in whicheople are different It resents a different child on each age who tells about one things that is different about th I thought this was a very sweet children s book that discusses the differences between everyone and their uniue differences This book looks at the uniueness of all many multiracial eople that children encounter in a day The differences range from. Hort People want different things for their birthdays If we were all the same it would be like. Missing teeth skin color height hair color and food Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover preferences The children andeople of this town are illustrated in a way that shows the many differences with out using hardly any color The book only uses black and white illustrations with occasional splashes of yellow on some ants shirts and walls The book was written and illustrated in 1976 and the outfits and yellow on some ants shirts and walls The book was written and illustrated in 1976 and the outfits and depictions definitely show the era but it is a book that can work in the current classroom talking about multicultural differences Summary In this book children from different families and backgrounds distinguish differences between themselves and others The children first discuss Pjesme physical differences then allergic differences differences in abilities and interests life at home and finally family and cultural differences Theictures show the emotions children experience when dealing with these various differences In the end after the narrator recalls a strange dream that nobody was different heshe realizes that no one erson is exactly the same and that being different is a good thingThemes The major theme throughout the book is embracing differences Personal Response I loved this book As we grow older we learn to accept our differences but I remember this being a tough concept to grasp as a child This book reminds me of how self conscious I was as a child about always being one of the tallest kids in my class I hated being tall because I felt like I stood out in a bad way However the older I got the I learned to love and embrace my height as well as the differences between others What I loved most about this book was the illustrations The ictures were mostly black and white with some arts colored in yellow I interpreted that the yellow arts represented similar ualities within us while the black and white arts represented our differencesRecommendations I definitely recommend this book because children have highly active curious minds and easily soak in everything around them especially differences between things and one another There are some differences that children are roud of but others may cause children to feel like outsiders It is important that children learn at an early age that differences are what make us uniue and special A book that introduces different cultures and acknowledges A'dan Z'ye Yaşar Kemal people are different Shows students thateople are not the same and that is a good thing I would keep this on my bookshelves and read it to my class if there were Nacht problems occuring regarding culture. Seeing everything in gray boring Being different makes the world a colorful and excitinglac.