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Cast in Wisdom The Chronicles of Elantra #15Oh goodness I have such mixed feelings about this articular entry in the series 15 books in obviously I love the series so weight these 3 stars accordingly Positives I love Kaylin s found family and will cheerfully follow along on their traipsingsnarkingguessing at super owerful magics until something looks like it s maybe Doing A Thing any time I have the chance They re the Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah parts of this story that shone for me Severn wasresent and articipating than just offering a sardonic eyebrow lift or two which was nice to see and Nightshade was also allowed to develop a bit character than is usually given to him I enjoyed Bellusdeo a lot this time and Maggaron Hello and welcome back Boy it sure is hard to remember that you exist sometimes with her interactions with the cohort and the #Arkon The Arkon his hoard and his history being the main focus #The Arkon his hoard and his history being the main focus this articular installment it offered a glimpse into the ast of Ravellon that was interesting and I hope leading up to a final confrontation at last Things that just made this book kind of eh for me include Kaylin uickly returning to her ar for the course attitude of man I should really learn about things that keep *influencing my life sometime just one book after her glorious confrontation of herself in Cast in Oblivion Did *my life sometime just one book after her glorious confrontation of herself in Cast in Oblivion Did Like The general mushiness of the timeline stood out to me a lot in this book With immortals running around everywhere I know events that happened in the far ast can still technically just be a single lifetime ago but the Ancients then the Ancestors then the fall of Ravellon the creation of the towers and the Draco Barrani wars all got kind of muddled together and I wasn t wild about it It made it hard for me to believe that the knowledge of all these things could have faded so far from memory when there are eople still around who were alive for it all And finally I would like confirmation that other races besides Dragons and Barrani still exist Aerians Leontine Tha alani You guys okay out there Please come back So Eh Still going to buy the next book the second I can though Were I you I would abandon all hope of what Bear Boy passes for normal in your life and assume that everything will as you collouiallyut it be on fire in the. SOMETHING IS WAKINGThe fiefs that exist at the heart of the city of Elantra are home to sentient Towers that guard the world against the incursion of Shadow But between the fiefs exists the gray world of the border zone In it geography changes between one assage across a border and the next The rules of magic are different th. ,
Worst conceivable way ossibleCast in Wisdom by Michelle Sagara My thoughtsKaylin Neya Chosen healer of broken things is once again caught up in an investigation that snowballs into an all out arcane brawl If you are new this series or simply curious I think you would enjoy this book but I highly recommend starting from the beginning with Cast in Shadow or the reuel novella Cast in Moonlight We are now 15 books into Michelle Sagara s Chronicles of Elantra series We know by now nothing is as it appears and that Kaylin s rope 15 books and it s still struggling along No doubt sagara love words Unfortunately they are repeated over and over throughout the books Mostly it s self wallowing about she s so caught up in her own internal dialogue It grows old especially when it s repeated over and over how neya can t this and that She s set up as a hero and yes she does some good but the constant sobbing about her life just Nah Actually she s a lot like jewel markess Immature a bully and not worth following in books any If you love words which is repeated over and over about how unfair it is to be neya and how everybody else gets it so much better than her this is your book and books I m done I received a copy of Cast in Wisdom in exchange for a fair and honest review Cast in Wisdom is the fifteenth novel in Michelle Sagara s Chronicles of Elantra series and it is still #Going Strong It S #strong It s to believe that we re already fifteen books in But we are Kaylin has come a long way in these tomes and I for one and looking forward to the next step in her journey They say that you can never truly leave the the next step in her journey They say that you can never truly leave the Perhaps tha Overall 45 StarsWorld Building 55 StarsSeries ContinuityExpectations 35 StarsPersonal Opinion 45 StarsI am yet again struggling to review a book in this series that I love I could almost copy and ast my review from the last book as the issues I had with that one are still very much Monster der Woche present in this oneThis is now the at least the third book in a row where you see little to no character growth from Kaylin You see little to noage time from some of the original favorite characters like Marcus the Hawklord or SanabalisThough we do get time with Nightshade that interaction is done almost. Ere and yet somehow familiar to Kaylin NeyaWhen a Shadow escapes Kaylin must find out howand why If Shadows can breach the barrier erected by the Towers the whole of Elantra will be devoured It’s happened on other worlds Bellusdeo Kaylin’s Dragon companion absolutely believes it can happen on theirsThe border zone holds se.

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Entirely through his mental link with Kaylin and no actual interaction There is a great #Deal Of Kaylin S Interactions #of Kaylin s interactions this book that are handled in this manner This is frustrating because it seems that somewhere along the way the deep tensions between Kaylin and Nightshade and Kaylin and Severn have been lost Whatever tension along the way the deep tensions between Kaylin and Nightshade and Kaylin and Severn have been lost Whatever tension between them has vanished Severn s lace has turned into a less Ones and Zeroes personal bodyguard kind of a role while Nightshade has been relegated to of an advisorinformation bankI did love that we got to spend time with the Arkon This really was about his story than anything and I was glad to see the focus shift from the cohort You still get a good dose of them in this book but they aren t the focaloint It was also nice to see that Kaylin didn t collect anyone or anything new in this bookAnother iece that was different in this one from many revious books is that Kaylin seems like of an observer She Kluge participates and has a fewoints where her abilities are key but it isn t her actions that are the most important In a way it is nice to see her not always being the one to come in and save the day but she is the basis for the series I would have really liked to see this be a book that helped her character grow in some wayAs far as series expectations go this is where I tend to get tangled up If you look at the last several books in this series this is absolutely right in line with those books But if you look at the earliest books in the series this doesn t have uite the same characteristics and feel It does have going on and brings about some drastic changes to the world than the last couple of books so I d say it falls in between the early books and the last couple as far as those expectations goAs I mentioned in my review of Cast in Oblivion I still love this series and these books but characters need to grow There are also things about characters that readers fall in love with and if you leave those things behind you may end up leaving the readers behind as well This one did a better job of bringing some of those things along than the last few but not uite as much as I would have likedI received a copy of this book from NetGalley Opinions stated are honest and my own. Crets and ancient histories and Hugh Hefner's Playboy, 6 Volumes (Collectors) people are gathering there in search of itsower Without even understanding what that The Race for What's Left: The Global Scramble for the World's Last Resources power is or why it exists Kaylin is in a desperate race against time to find those secrets first She doesn’t know who her enemies are She doesn’t know how many she’ll face But she won’t face them alone.