(EBOOK/EPUB) Neuro Web Design What Makes Them Click? Voices That Matter by Susan M. Weinschenk

Neuro Web Design What Makes Them Click? Voices That Matter

Susan M. Weinschenk Ô 9 Read

Short and very concise It makes the point straight without edundant wordage For someone like me who had no idea about psychology it was a and without wordage For someone like me who had no idea about psychology it was a starter It gets one star short of five though because there s next to nothing though because there s next to nothing web design in it just explaining how peopleuserswould be customers work More of a book about how to sell people stuff than how to design a website but I guess that s what websites are about mostly these days It was pretty interesting learning about how the 3 parts of the brain pre frontal cortex esponsible for easoning cortex Mr. Majeika and the Dinner Lady and Mr. Majeika and the Music Teacher responsible for emotion and brain stemesponsible for our survival all work together to help us make decisions The primitive brain stem is sometimes uicker and has influence on our decision making than we think Lots of insights here into persuasion I love this kind of stuff I ve been doing aesthetic utilitarian Web graphic message and print design for years but have never Twilight of the Idols really dug into the psychological nuts and bolts of the craft This book gave me a whole new set of lenses through which to evaluate all of my communication work far beyond the Web Applications are obvious in instructional de. While you'reeading Neuro Web Design you'll probably find yourself thinking 'I already knew that' a lot But when you're finished you'll discover that your ability to create effective web sites has mysteriously improved A brilliant idea for a book and very nicely done Steve Krug author of Don't Make Me ThinkA Common Sense Approach to Web UsabilityWhy do people de. Sign print etc In addition to its elevance to my own work I am giving this five stars because egardless of whether it is comprehensive or my own work I am giving this five stars because Der Ritter und die Bastardtochter regardless of whether it is comprehensive or accurate it delivered a heck of a lot of value and food for thought in a very compact 130 pageead I wish authors of technical books would write in this compact narrative style While I love to ead and learn at the pace I work I just don t have time to wade through 300 page books and in most
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not starting scratch I don t need superfluous detail That s what eferences and appendix are for Less is Highly ecommendedRead this online on Safari by the way fewer trees were killed in the creation of this eview Though the purpose of the book is uite interesting I find the content pretty basic and the examples not very elucidative it is a interestig not very elucidative It is a interestig for those tryin to get their head started on he subject of psychology applied to design but I would take it all with a grain of salt for the concepts and techiniues are uite sensitive and although they can help you drive a effective design from a business standpoint it might as well harm the user experience and the product brand by following deceptive ap. Cide to buy a product online Register at your Web site Trust the information you provide Neuro Web Design applies the Blessed Are the Wicked research on motivation decision making and neuroscience to the design of Web sites You will learn the unconsciouseasons for people's actions how emotions affect decisions and how to apply the principles of persuasion to design Web sites that enc. Proaches to convert usersThe book is a light eading and can be finished in just a and can be finished in just a of hours but the paperback format just all New Riders books has an extremely fragile cover which is bad for on the go eadersFor a better start on how the mind operates and how we can take advantage of it while still maintaining an ethic behavior I would ather Stories from a Siberian Village recommend How We Decide Predictably Irrational and The Invisible Gorilla This is a decent introduction to persuasive web design If you ve alreadyead anything about persuasive technology any Reform, Red Scare, and Ruin recent pop psychology books or just watch a lot of TED talks there probably won t be a lot that is new hereEach chapter consists of a insights derived from psychology and neuroscience followed by a few uick examples The examples felt a bit sparse at times Since this is marketed as a web design book I felt the book would have been better with examples and better explanation of the examples that are already thereConspicuous by its absence is any discussion of the ethics of using some of these techniues but that seem to be the case for many of the book websites and presentations that discuss persuasive technology desig. Ourage users to clickNeuro Web Design employs neuro marketing concepts which are at the intersection of psychology and user experience It's scientific yet you'll find it accessible easy toead and easy to understand By applying the concepts and examples in this book you'll be "Able To Dramatically Increase " to dramatically increase effectiveness and conversion Grauwacht rates of your own Web si.