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It wasn t my favorite the pacing was odd and while the premise was fantastic I found most of the characters particularly our unnamed protagonist difficult to invest in in any meaningful wayShades of Hitchcock but not uite enough and I predicted the surprise which is always a let downThank you very much to Emily Beyda Doubleday Books and NetGalley for iving me the chance to read and review this ARC A irl is hired to serve as a celebrity s double in the public eye And a irl has no name She is taken to LA trained to become Rosanna the celebrity and eventually starts making public appearances as her The book is narrated from the point of view of the nameless double and it is slow paced The novel does not have a lot of dialogue and at times there were 4 5 pages describing the thoughts of the nameless narrator a lot of instropetion and not much interaction with other characters or events to advance the plotYou might be able to predict what is oing on here at the beginning of the novel it is not hard to figure it out Overall it was ok ARC provided by Publisher via Netgalley I don t think I ve ever reviewed a book before it comes out I feel like I have secret info to impart to you The Body Double comes out in March and I can totally recommend it to you It s about a common irl who is approached to be a body double for a celebrity Hitchcock s movie Vertigo and the book I read and reviewed a while back The Paper Wasp we re both a little similar to this one My reactions in order as I read Whoa this book is weird and that s a heck of a lot of internal monologue This character is bizarre and she certainly doesn t behave like I would Well THAT seems highly unlikely I have to keep reading to see if I m right about what I think is The GI Bride going to happen Nope I was so wrong Whoa this book is weird I HAVE to know how this book ends I read it in a day Besides some plot points I was still wondering about a few times when the reader is smarter than the character I hate when that happens and maybe a too uick ending I enjoyed this as a creepy suspenseful clean read I like to share mature content and I think this adult book only had three or four curse words The Body Double is a uniue dark and claustrophobic story of a woman who is hired to be a body double for famous actress Rosanna Feld Rosanna has had recent anxiety issues that have kept her hidden from the public eye so her manager has been tasked to find someone to keep up appearances for her This woman who remains nameless throughout the story which I found veryripping is the perfect fit and is hired Rosanna s manager is tasked to teach this woman how to behave and look like her As she is trained we start to see this Rosanna come back into the limelight After a dinner party with Roseanna s friends one awry the narrator begins to suspect if this is worth it can she really trust anyone but herself The Body Double is very Hitchcockian claustrophobic a bit repetitive and dark anyone but herself The Body Double is very Hitchcockian claustrophobic a bit repetitive and dark you venture into this slow burn suspense novel we start seeing the collapse of someone s individuality while an obsession rows It s very intriguing and uite honestly ripping I would ve iven this story a higher rating but there s a lot of slow burn progression that truly didn t need to be included that took away from the story While not particularly that original it is still beautifully executed through an immersive and intriguing narrative Emily Beyda knows how to tell a story Overall it s definitely a Ratscalibur good novel to read here and there versus binge read I m curious to see what Emily Beyda has up her sleeve next This excellent book is almost like watching one of thosereat noir films of yesteryear made fresh with references to modern culture and our obsession with celebrities The unnamed narrator of the book is eking out an existence in a small town where she works the concession stand at a movie theater that has seen better days Her boss introduces her to Max a mysterious man who offers wealth and a new life if the young woman who bears a resemblance to a famous woman Rosanna Feld is willing to move to Los Angeles and become Rosanna s double What s the catch The narrator must keep everything confidential and be willing to ive up all contact with anyone she knows now disappearing completely into a new life Can she keep up the pretense and fool Rosanna s friends the media and the paparazzi This psychological thriller is worth a read Louisa A Three no this is not the book I dreamed to dive into the plot was intriguing the beginning was interesting but then all slowness no play made me dull and axe carrying Jack Torrence kind of disturbed person because I m so bored to death starsWhen I start reading this book I asked myself these uestions Do you like Almodovar s movie I live based on Thieery Jonuet S TARANTULA I VE DETAILED BELOW WHY I Tarantula n I ve detailed below why I disappointed with this book It is not a thriller It is not worthy of being compared to Hitchcock If you are not interested in knowing who does what don t read further You have been warned All spoilers aheadview spoilerWe re introduced to a no name woman from the middle of nowhere with no real life to speak of She s broke and miserable rowing up with abuse and emerging into adulthood from foster care It has been a hard life for this one One day her boss at the movie theater she works at of all people introduces her to Max Max is a mysterious man from Hollywood who claims he needs a look alike for a famous actress Her boss Scot. A dark The Selected Poems glittering debut novel The Body Double is the suspenseful story of a young woman who is recruited by a stranger toive up her old life and identity to impersonate a reclusive Hollywood starA strange man discovers our nameless narrator selling popcorn at a decrepit small town movie theater and offers her an odd and lucrative position she will forget her job her acuaintances even her name and move to Los Angeles where she will become the body double. .
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From the starlet s best friend Nope She takes a knife in the kitchen and slices the faces of the starlet her faces out of the magazines she s collected and in painstaking detail describes eating each A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent glossy page Then she drugs Max s soda and takes a stroll to Rosanna s house There she finds the house like a tomb dark and filthy insideThe book is so painfully bad It is the last 45 minutes and we have yet toet confirmation as to what happened to the real Rosanna But we can My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA guess it isn tood I The Book of Leviathan guessed she d been dead for a while Because Max was sickenly obsessed with her to the point where he killed one androomed another to take her place one he could dress up like a doll and treat like his own piece of physical property Ultimately Max is pathetic and sad love obsessed with the frosty Rosanna who wants nothing to do with her I Nine Ghosts guess he was her assistant Rosanna killed herself and Max couldn t deal And the body double is bat shit crazy thinking in a Norman Bates way that she is now the vessel of Rosanna Max comes to the house whereupon the two end the book uttering sweet nothings to one another Rosanna Rosanna This book was a complete waste of my time Thank God it was a library book I almostave up on it several times I wanted to spell out what happens in case there are others like me who would have appreciated a heads up as to just how bad this book was but still wanted to know what happened to the real actress hide spoiler An unnamed woman has the chance to leave her dull existence as a movie theater employee in a small town for the uniue opportunity to move to LA and work as the body double for the troubled celebrity Rosanna Feld Rosanna has been out of the spotlight for almost a year no one has seen or heard from her since her rud nervous breakdownThe details are handled by a man named Max on behalf of Rosanna Our unnamed narrator signs a three year contract that cannot be broken in exchange for her appearances around the city she ll receive 100000 the first year and the following with a rent free LA apartment The catch is that once her contract is up she cannot return to her previous lifeidentity and instead forge a new one I will slip into the role of Rosanna like warm bathwater I will find a new self a better self to take the place of whatever it is I ve lost Her arrival in LA is nothing as she expected Our narrator spends months locked literally in her small apartment wearing Rosanna s clothes eating only the foods Rosanna eats all while studying footage to prepare for a public debut When Max determines she s ready to be Rosanna our narrator is caught up in the lifestyle and fame but nagged by the unanswered uestions of what caused Rosanna s breakdown and where she is now Is the careful and calculating Max her one true ally or is he a danger to Rosanna and her body doubleAn intensely sloooooow burn The Body Double offers readers a lonely narrator whose isolation and obsession spiral into a dark mystery The sense of The Body Double offers readers a lonely narrator whose isolation and obsession spiral into a dark mystery The sense of kept me reading but I had the end figured out almost immediately Since readers have no idea who the MC was in her previous life very vague information about parents and foster care is iven it was tough for me to understand her motivations or care about what was happening to herThis was just an okay read for me but if you re a fan an okay read for me but if you re a fan slow burn mysterythrillernoir vibe novels this is one you may want to considerThanks to Doubleday and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review The Body Double is Scheduled For Release On March 3 2020 for release on March 3 2020 included is from a digital advanced reader s copy and is subject to change upon final publicationFor reviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom I m such a sucker stories about the dark and depraved side of celebrityI think it all oes back to my Jackie Collins obsession GlitterNSleaze Thank you to doubledaybooks for my شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى gifted copy This one publishes on 332020The Body Double by Emily Beyda 19 in 2020When a man named Max comes to her small town he recognizes that she ll be perfect for the role After signing an NDA and leaving her entire life behind her our narrator moves to Los Angeles to become the body double for Rosanna Feld the famous disaster and a half celebrity Our narrator learns how to act talk walk and think like Rosanna Feld and she is coached by Max until he feels she is ready to make her public debut But this very uniue job assignment seems to seem less of an honor as our narrator begins to uncover some sinister secretsThe Body Double makes the reader uestion how we as a society value physical appearance and the lengths one would take to be like a favorite Hollywood starI truly love how the narrator is never named It simply adds to the idea of how irrelevant her true identity is Every time she is spoken to or offers up her name she is referred to and refers to herself as Rosanna On the surface it seems so superficial but it s an eerily dark concept beneath the surface Our narrator is too easily convinced to sacrifice her true identity and all she knows for the prospect at being connected to Hollywood and her regrets slowly arise until she is in too far to turn back If you check Goodreads the book is labeled as a thriller but I honestly don t think it fits into that category I would likely place it in theenre of contemporary fiction that is just dipping its toes into horror If this book becomes a movie I hope the darker parts are emphasized to place this into the horror enr. Na in every way But as she makes her public debut as Rosanna dining at elegant restaurants shopping in stylish boutiues and finally risking a dinner party with Rosanna's true inner circle alarming uestions begin to arise What really caused Rosanna's mental collapse Will she ever return And is Max truly her ally or something sinister With echoes of Hitchcock's Vertigo The Body Double is a fabulously plotted noir about fame beauty and the darkness of Hollywo. ,

T claims to have seen an ad and thinks his no name employee would be perfect Plus he s etting a finders fee So don t Riding Hard go thinking he s doing this out of the kindness of his heart Everyone and I mean everyone in this book is fake as hell and has little to no character development beyond our no nameirl Who unfortunately is bat shit crazy by the end of the book This book leans super heavy on pathetic sad manipulative abusive situations and flat characters Mostly it is the random internal ramblings of our insecure body double and the boring drag of her daily life as she transforms into Rosanna the starlet Literally painful details about what she eats how she looks the makeup and creams she wears the looks Max does or does not Arabian Challenge give her Pages and pages and pages of itAnyway after signing an NDA we learn the identity and circumstances surrounding the actress need to have a public double someone to take off some of the load that has since driven our starlet to be anxious and stress into solitude for a while What we don t know is Rosanna has long since killed herself after discovering Max s hidden cameras throughout her house and throwing the stalker weirdo out of her life forood He comes back only to find Rosanna dead after an intentional overdoseThe offer of money is made Our no name irl fits the bill She s willing to ive up who she is to become someone else and after a few months of abusive psychological Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students grooming and plastic surgery she s ready to assume Rosanna s life But Max only allows her to in micromanaged bits and pieces Naively our no nameirl believes she is being paid to live in a dingy apartment and painstakingly learn the intricacies of our starlet s life Mostly the only contact she has is with Max During the course of this transformation our no name double is locked into this apartment unable to leave She is tested and pushed forced to eat what the starlet likes And if she doesn t do what Max likes he leaves her there without food for a while or withholds any sort of adoration She s expected to work out as he instructs To carefully watch and read the materials only he curates for her To wear the cast off clothing and items from the starlet s house Max brings her To use the old makeup the starlet had in her home Not new Eww At no point is our no name double concerned there is something ILLERAMMA Kathalu gravely amiss here She is justoing along eagerly with whatever Max says mostly Being isolated and manipulated like this has her developing a sick Stockholm syndrome relationship with Max It comes on rather uickly actually After a while you re not sure if she s enduring all of this the isolation even plastic surgery for Max or for the supposed money he is stashing away for her to have after she s done playing the starlet or for her own rowing obsession about being connected to Rosanna She is delusional and sold on the idea Rosanna will one day embrace her and accept her as perfect Max is just her employee But for now she must keep him happy until she can finally meet the woman she is supposed to beThe first half of the book is boring AF Sorry It is the woman she is supposed to beThe first half of the book is boring AF Sorry It is of it could have been consolidated to half and still driven home the same important points of our double s transformation Instead the slow burn is tedious and frustrating I nearly ave up several times The only reason I kept Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance going was to find out if I was right about what actually happened to the starlet who we never meet At least not for most of the book Instead it is mostly the needy insecure sick ramblings of the no name double who increasingly believes she is the starlet channeling her and her obsession with Max who we start to see is an unwell man Anyone with any sense would Our no nameirl doesn t seem to read the red flags when they come She just normalizes the dysfunction to an unrealistic degreeEventually our no name irl is allowed to leave the confines of her small apartment prison to play the role of the starlet in public initially under a lot of control and observation by Max Later with less and less of a physical leash Now she s just tethered with a mental one less of a physical leash Now she s just tethered with a mental one nights she roams the streets near the complex swimming naked in strangers pools etc Eventually she stumbles upon the starlet s home Seriously She is uided to it some energy or force Rosanna must be emitting for her and her alone to feel Even now the no name double expects the starlet to emerge from the home and take her into her arms in a loving sisterly E.E. Cummings: The Art of His Poetry gesture finally uniting the twoI m tired of this type of trope leaning on abuse and mental illness to explain away common sense Why hasn t she met Rosanne yet Why does Max insist on controlling every aspect of her life while she s doubling for the starlet where sheoes who she sees what she eats and wears even her phone Why is the no name irl still referencing Rosanna as her employer when she s never spoken to or met her How is it Rosanna has been out of contact with her fans and friends for over a year So many red flags Even someone who knows abuse would be hypervigilant to many red flags Even someone who knows abuse would be hypervigilant to aware and at the very least feel somewhat off about the situation even if they are forced to normalize it Once our double finally clues into Max s strange overly controlling behavior insisting they further isolate themselves together forever and that she should stay indoors with him in the shitty little apartment from now on what does she do Breaks out and escapes Tries to formulate a plan Using her one opportunity to ask for help. Of the famous and troubled celebrity Rosanna Feld A nervous breakdown has forced Rosanna out of the public eye and she needs a look alike to take her place in the tabloid media circus of Hollywood Overseen by Max who hired her for the job our narrator spends her days locked up in a small apartment in the hills watching hidden camera footage of Rosanna wearing Rosanna's clothes eating the food Rosanna likes practicing her mannerisms learning to become Rosan.