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Iddish you are going to have hard time WADING THROUGH THIS BECAUSE IT IS STACKED WITH through this book because it is stacked with I received The Mighty Walzer

early review and had a time getting into it It was well written but just didn t capture my attention I was having flashbacks to all the novels I was assigned to read for English Literature critical analysis class You know the ones that are shining xamples of literature grammar sentence structure tone ra voice but some how manage to be the most boring books on the planet Yes I could write a term paper on the book and can appreciate its literary worth but that doesn t mean I njoyed it as a source of A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, entertainment On the front cover it notes that fans of Phillip Roth will presumably like this author s style I would agree Unfortunately Phillip Roth does notxcite me The Shadow Reader either There is some satire but unless you understand Yiddish and British slang this might make youryes cross I think the comedic relief was lost of me due to my limited understanding of the lang. Waxman fellow member of the Akiva Social Club Table Tennis Team and stalwart of the Kardomah coffee bar his game improves. ,
Loved this book Loved it I laughed out loud not on Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies every page but oftennough In fact i am still laughing when I think of a few of the things in it that cracked me up Yet the nd almost made me cry As a result because I am a sucker for the hilarious yet bittersweet I pretty much now have an immense unreuited
on Howard Jacobson This was than I thought When I described this book to my husband he said I feel like you ve been looking your whole life for this book like it was made for you And I had to agree It was like the nerdy anthem that could become my theme song a book devoted xclusively to ping pong I The Power Of A Choice even dug through my librarydition bookmarks collection to find the very nerdiest bookmark I owned to use while I read this book And then it turned out be of a coming of age story with ping pong as a trope which is sonot a book about ping pong It was a good book very funny in parts but just wasn t the anthem I was hoping for And it was very very Jewish If you aren t very hip to Jekyll and Mr Hyde he can chop flick half volley like a champion hip to Jekyll and Mr Hyde he can chop flick half volley like a champion sex he is not so adept but with tuition from Sheeny. .

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The Mighty WalzerMighty Good BookHoward Jacobson s superb comedy is a chronicle of Oliver Walzer is really a coming of age set in Manchester England It is very Roth and very good You can see the amount of personal xperience seeping through very character incident and settingThere is no uestion that along with the Finkler uestion this is one of Jacobson s finest books It leaves his gentle works behind because of the granular savagery of the stories and the language There is a lot of Yiddish in it so the reader will have to be prepared It is not remotely PC and all the of Yiddish in it so the "READER WILL HAVE TO BE PREPARED IT IS NOT "will HAVE TO BE PREPARED IT IS NOT PC AND to be prepared It is not PC and the for that I would put this in the same place as Portnoy though not as good Jewball and Hope A Tragedy I love the ping pong scenes worth reading for themEnjoy If you just told me what this book was about I m not sure I would have thought that I was going to like it as much as I did After all at this point I m pretty tired of coming of age stories And I know xactly zilch about ping pong and have xactly negative desire to learn Nevertheless From the beginning Oliver Walzer is a natural at ping pong Even with his improvised bat the Collins Classic The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right edition of Dr.