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Second Chance PassTo move on with Matt s best friend Paul even though she doesn t realise he has been in love with her since they met I know grief is a very personal thing but I couldn t help feeling that 5 months was far too ick to be moving on so seriously Not only that but both Vanni and Matt s families were actively wanting her to find someone new Just wrongApart from that Vanni was a very moody and Plastic unappealing character In fact most of the female characters in this book werenlikable Paul is in a complicated position with another woman and she turns out to be a stereotypical bitch Although her storyline played a significant role she disappears entirely without her circumstances being resolved for the reader Paul seemed like a nice guy but even his character was fairly nondescript and both he and Vanni disappeared from the story about two thirds of the way through There was far too much going on in this one Apart from Vanni and Paul there were three other developing romances lots of revisiting the existing couples with their own activities and drama and also external events affecting the town All the Virgin River novels always have a lot going on but this one took it way too farAll that said I still love this series I like Carr s writing I love the setting and most of the characters and I will definitely be moving on with the rest of the series I just hope this one was the only aberration I think I said it after reading A Virgin River Christmas but it still stands true reading a new Virgin River novel is like coming home to old friends You get to catch p with all the previous characters see how they are all doing and what s new in Virgin River Plus meet new characters It s just nice to read and Robyn Carr does a great job with the continuity of this seriesIn Second Chance Pass readers finally get the resolution to Vanessa and Paul s relationship Years ago Paul and his best friend Matt saw the same woman at the same time Both wanted her but it was Matt who took the initiative and eventually married Vanessa Paul never stopped loving Vanessa but he would never come between the two Then Matt was killed while fighting for his country and Paul stayed with Vanessa through it and the birth of her and Matt s child Now Vanessa has realized her feelings for Paul have grown but she thinks he sees her like a sister And Paul believes she s not ready for him to reveal his feelings Things get complicated when an occasional lover of Paul s tells him she is going to have his baby So it seems like everything is against them working it outAnd elsewhere in Virgin River babies are being born lovers must say goodbye forest fires threaten Some people are moving on others are standing still and others are stuck in the past There s never a dull moment in Virgin RIVERTHIS WAS SUCH AN ENJOYABLE was such an enjoyable book read I loved the characters the the different storylines With the exception of one or two small things I loved every part of this book It was great to read Vanessa and Paul getting their happy ending After everything Vanessa had been through and Paul s nreuited love they both deserved a happy future together I liked the way things developed with them all the complications It made the resolution that much sweeter The outcome of Terrie s pregnancy the woman Paul slept with was on the predictable side but their are only so many ways that can play out Though it would have added an interesting element to their relationship if it had gone differentlyOne of the things I love most about this series though is that the prior couples stories don t end after their book Some authors who write series seem to forget about the previous HH once their story is done like in Brenda Novak s Last Stand trilogy but Carr keeps them alive and active in every book They re not just bystanders but main stage players In this book big things happen to Mel and Jack and you get stuff with Paige and Preacher and Brie and Mike It s just really nice to have that continuity that connection to what s gone on before It s what makes this series like coming home to old friendsI also enjoyed the secondary romances in this book even if none of them were settled when the story ended There was Tom and Brendawho I m guessing will get their story in the third VC trilogy set for next year and Walt and Muriel Joe and Nikki plus a little bit of Ricky and Liz who will get their story I assume in Paradise Valley Lots of interesting stuff to read in this book And that s without mentioning the medical emergencies and forest fires that nearly kill main charactersOn the what didn t I like sidewell almost nothing The one thing thing that I really would have preferred was if the last scene in the book had been with Vanessa and Paul They were the main HH of the story yet for the last chunk of the book they fell a bit by the wayside Which okay fine That s Carr s style but I just think the ending would have been better suited sing them instead of Walt and Muriel Those two ending the book didn t feel right to me But that s just my opinionOther than that no major complaints for this book It was a great read When I first started this series Carr s style of telling a story annoyed me a little but it s grown on me and I know what to expect now So I thoroughly enjoyed this book Aul Haggerty lives by the marine motto Semper Fi Ever faithful to his best friend he's done right by Matt's widow as best he canconsidering he's been secretly in love with her for years Now just as he's about to make his move another woman. This one was a mess I loved the first 3 books of the series but this one was simply awfulThe heroine was a total bitch She was rude pushy selfish ngrateful nosy and completely The Shadow at the Bottom of the World unfair I simply couldn t stand her and I don t get how we re supposed to believe anyone else wants to be around her Ugh The hero was a pushover with no personality The side story on his side was cringy and totallynrealistic The fact that they got together just 2 months after Vanessa s husband s death which coincided with her giving birth to his baby too seemed strange and Design for Six Sigma unrealistic I think any mom of such a young baby would be focusing on maternity rather than pining for someone and trying to settle her love life let alone a recent widow And this one was even actively throwing herself at the man and banging him over the head for taking so long to make a move on her Unbelievable The heroines from previous books behavednnecessarily disrespectful rude and bitchy toward their spouses as well Especially Mel It felt like she doesn t appreciate Jack at all He s such an amazing husband and he doesn t deserve such treatment Major disappointmentThe bridesmaid side story was super cringy as well The dude was a total gentleman and everyone ganged Otis Oldfield up on him for no reason The girl behaved like an idiot Why he would want anything to do with such a crazy person after being put through all of this is beyond me Well not what I expected at all This series has made a turn I m not interested about I really wanted to like this books because for me books 12 and 4 were amazing But book 3 and this one were not goodFirst I got extremely bored with the beginning of the book As Vanni and Paul knew so well each other we did not have all those moments where the main couple gets to know each other which are the best IMHO Then they were constantly complaining and searching for reasons not to be together I mean at the beginning it was bearable because you could sympathize with them for all they had went trough but after 250 pages in the same way you get so annoyed you just wanna burnp the bookThen there was the fact that we got to read about Jack and Mel in this book than even the main couple I mean their book was great my fav so far but it is over She should not spend so many pages with couples that already got their HEA Getting flashes from previous couples is cute but reading half a book about them is boring as hell We already read their HEAs so why read half a book about themI don t know I just think that she should focus much in the main couple Same thing happened with me in book 3 I felt like I wanted to read much about the main couple but couldn t I just hope next book is better I will give this series another try because so far I have liked books in it than not But if next is as this one this will be the end of this series for me It has never happened to me that in a same series I love some books and hate otherslol this is the first time I only gave this book 2 stars because I still love Everything About Virgin River And The Boys In There I about Virgin River and the boys in there I the plot is terrific and the whole thing is great I just don t like how the author focuses some of her stories 25 starsHaving read many reviews of Robyn Carr s Virgin River series p to this book I am aware that many readers have had problems with the prevalence of women s health and pregnancy content throughout these books Up ntil Second Change Pass I did not count myself among their numberWith the central character of Mel being a nurse practitioner and midwife I found it for the most part to be in keeping with her profession and if at times it could come across a little preachy it never dimmed my enjoyment of the books and I could even appreciate the realism of it on some level Wciv, Volume 1 until nowAs a mother I have gone through the roller coaster of pregnancy and breast feeding etc so Inderstand how messy consuming and difficult these things can be Like any woman I have had to take responsibility for my health and endure intrusive and Even Monsters Need Haircuts uncomfortable procedures Apart from all that I am a pretty broad minded person and open to most things ButI think the author made a major misstep in this book There was one particular scene that I found incrediblyncomfortable reading Not Unti Love Street Book uncomfortable in a challenging and thought provoking way butncomfortable in a disturbing way I didn t expect to be confronted with that sort of scene and in a romance novel of all things and it left a very bad taste in my mouth no pun intendedThat I will remember this novel most for that one scene is NOT a good thing It still leaves me feeling disturbed to remember it and I think there were much better ways of handling that situation within the covers of this book I can t even begin to imagine how the readers who have had issues with the pregnancywomen s issues p this point reacted to that sceneUnfortunately that was not my only problem with this book This was supposed to be Vanni and Paul s story and I had issues with it at the outset In Whispering Rock pregnant Vanni s husband Matt was killed in Ira His loyal best friend stepped in to support Vanni for the remaining two months of her pregnancy and the birthIt is now 5 months since Matt s death the baby is 3 months old and Vanni has decided that she is ready. In the space of a few months Vanessa buried her husband Matt and gave birth to their son breaking her heart while filling it with a whole new kind of love But the one man she longs to share this love with now acts as if she doesn't exist ,

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F you ve been reading the VC series then you MUST read this one And if you haven t read any of the books then you should definitely give them a try especially if you like classic contemporary romance NOTE It s probably important to note that this book isn t exactly a stand alone Maybe it could be read alone but not in my opinion You really need to read the rest of the series in the correct order to get all the various nuances and relationships You d just miss a lot if you jumped in right now Whew I loved it just as I knew I would This latest in the Virgin River series had a lot going on There were at least three new romances as well as pdates on some longer standing ones a couple of very touching births a couple of near tragic deaths of some major characters a funeral lots of heartbreak lots of happiness a joyous wedding and even a forrest fire that came close to destroying the town and taking the life of one of it s leading citizens Something was always happening in tiny Virgin RiverAlthough this book was mainly about the love between newly widowed Vanessa Rutledge and best friend of her late husband Paul Haggerty I think almost eual time was given to well known characters from the previous books in the series especially Mel and Jack Sheridan who was like a superhero in this book Which was fine with me I love revisiting the lives of Mel and Jack I love reading about their inspiring love story their commitment to one another and their family and their commitment to the town of Virgin River I also found Jack s relationship with young Rick a boy he s mentored for a few years very touching We also get a glimpse again into the lives of Preacher and Paige Mike and Brie and young Marine Rick and Liz as well as watch new relationships develop for fellow Marine Joe Vanessa s father Walt and her teenage brother Tom Lots of lovin goin on in tiny Virgin RiverI loved the story of newly widowed Vanni whose husband Matt died tragically in Ira and how she was able to stay strong even though she was left with a newborn to raise Loved the friendship she had with Matt s best friend and former Marine buddy Paul who had loved her from the minute he first set eyes on her years ago but was reluctant to fight for her I did not like how Paul almost blew a chance for happiness with Vanni and let her almost get stolen away from him by a handsome pediatrician I was very relieved when he finally got p the gumption helped along by some advice from his friends to reveal his long standing feelings for Vanni and even liked how he went all dominant on her it was just what the hot tempered and stubborn Vanni needed While their love affair was not without a few bumps along the way including the possibility that he may have fathered a child by another woman you could feel the love and obvious connection that these two characters had I especially loved Paul he was just such an honorable all around good guy and I really wanted him to have a HEAAs far as the subplots there was some hot moments for teenage Tom Rutledge and girlfriend Brenda and I m sure we ll be reading about them once Tom graduates from West Point and moves on to a career in the military Will these young lovers be able to stay together even though Tom s military lovers be able to stay together even though Tom s military is sure to keep them apartI also loved the plot about Paul s achitect friend Joe Joe s the last of the Marine buddies who s still single and he finds his possible soulmate in Virgin River But after a wildly passionate night together she disappears breaking his heart I was just heartbroken for this guy he didn t deserve that kind of treatment But by the end of the book things look like they finally may be turning around for him which made me very happy Hopefully there will be for him in a future book Even Vanessa s father widowed Army General Walt finds a surprising new love interest Although his story is left open ended I m sure his budding romance will appear in a future bookWhat can I say without giving away some spoilers If you love the Virgin romance will appear in a future bookWhat can I say without giving away some spoilers If you love the Virgin series you ll adore this book The characters are beautifully written you feel like you ve known them all your life The writing is so descriptive you feel like you can see Jack s Bar right in front of your eyes down to the mounted trophies on the wall You know the characters so well their hurts become your hurts and bring tears to your eyes And their joys become your joys and you ll cry for them as well There were many times while reading this book that I just had to put it down for a while because I was tearing p so much If you haven t read any books in the series I suppose this book could be read as a stand alone but please don t do that to yourself Start with the first book in the series Virgin River you ll want to inhale every factoid about this tiny California town and the awesome men who treat their women like eens and the brave spunky women who adore them Although the heat factor in this book isn t real high in antity compared to some other books the few love scenes are hot and the romance makes Linas kvällsbok (Linas kvällsbok, up for the rest I think this is one of the best contemporary romance series out there and I hope Robyn Carr never stops writing about the men and women of Virgin River I highly recommend this book and the entire series and give it a big 5 star. Has staked her claim on him a claim that will be tough to escapeWith courage humility and not a little meddling from the good folks of Virgin River Vanni and Paul might just get a second chance to have the love they both desire and deserv.