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Giving too much away this book is A Vast Leap Ahead Of vast leap ahead of age steampunk fantasy novels currently in circulation Well here it is another volume of Peal s adventures with POHJALAINEN PLAYING TO HIS STRENGTHS SIMILAR playing to his strengths Similar the first book the tone is casual and effortless and makes for a really fun read While the books are on The Serious Side Rather Than serious side rather than most of the time there s a tinge of humor and overall lightheartedness mixed in two novels in this is something that s starting to define the series and certainly for the positiveAs for the book at hand it s taking a whole new approach after the previous road trip adventure This time we re immersed in a marine setting that gets utilized uite thoroughly I m feeling a certain Pratchett influence to the worldbuilding that I didn t in the first novel there s a lot of stuff that seems to go fun factor first unlike our usual meticulously built overly serious high fantasy worlds Here we have everything and the kitchen sink with a clever narrative structure that lets Pohjalainen cram in even some and get away with itThere s a whole lot going on storywise too so the well defined setting helps to tie the novel together working uite well at that In The Straggler s Mask the plot was straightforward and it was established early on that it would be the type of story in which our hero traverses the world with a diverse troupe Here on the other hand things get even character driven than before and for a good while it s hard to tell where exactly it is we re going Despite the differering narrative approach there s a lot of continuity too the themes of chaos and order and of courage growing up and self actualization are continued from the first book varied on and developed further This time we ll see a Peal who s matured since the first time he crawled out of his home burrow but is still struggling with similar issues as before That s subtle character development done uite well and the supporting cast is up to parAs for the negatives there s some inter species romance and that sort of thing is not exactly my cup of tea To be fair it s competently written never enters smut territory and a romance subplot of some sort is essential for story reasons but it s still something that hindered my personal enjoyment so I feel I have to mention it Your mileage may vary of courseAll in all there s a lot of shakeup that makes Scourge of the Silver Wings feel distinct and fresh instead of what could have been just a rehash while still managing to keep the aspects that got me invested in the series in the first place A fun ride and definitely worth a read for anyone who enjoyed The Straggler s Mask This is part two of a tale where I don t have part one so it took a while to get into it It was a nice story and I found it relatively easy to follow once it got underway. Stepping into the core of the conflict he shows the tyrants and anarchists war unlike any they had ever waged He seeks their unwitting aid in ridding the world of themselvesI may make it sound easy but it isn't If anything it may be the opposite the very greatest ordeal he's ever faced a peril not just to his life but to his very soul.

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Rately struggling to solve things and forced to make tough and possibly bad decisions to do so Lot morally grey situations in this one and a darker tone with mature subject matter Think Deep Space Nine next to TNG where Sisko doesn t have all the might of the Federation he just has a station a ship and his crew And so he must make some tough choices where he won t always come out the heroOverall I still recommend it s far from bad or anything just not uite the perfect package I found the first to be Perhaps it will find its place when followed by a direct seuel A respectable novel using the tropes of fantasy high and low to assemble a serviceable story of a former underdog turned hero only to find himself once again over his head as immortal forces get involved in a very mortal story As a seuel to The Straggler s Mask it feels less like a continuation of Peal s heroic journey and like a deeper delve into the forces of Chaos and Law that rule over Juho s universe The exposition and themes can be heavy handed at times but the majority of criticisms come organically from characters caught between the two extremes I still found it a pleasant medium light read and enjoyed the or less uniue fantasy bestiary As others have mentioned in their reviews I was a beta reader for this book as well as the first oneI had been acustomed to Peal and the strange universe he lives in with Straggler s Mask and it would be an understatement to say that I eagerly waited for Juho Pohjalainen is obviously a very talented and experienced author as evidenced by his very pleasant writing style is obviously a very talented and experienced author as evidenced by his very pleasant writing style a very solid grasp on storytellingAs others have pointed out the book has a less spectacular payoff compared to the previous entry in the series but I found it to have a better progression that managed to be very immersive and fun at the same timeI did not know at the time when I read the first book if others would follow featuring the same characters but even now I can say that I can t wait for the author to bless us with his fantastic writing Peal is not human but his Humanity Is Plain To is plain to book being the seuel umbrakin book to The Straggler s Mask I had thought to follow up with the adventure of Peal in a straightforward manner I was happily taken for a ride insteadThe novel follows Peal through various twists and turns seemingly inconsistent at times and wonderfully completes the second entry in his apparent saga The growth of the main character is easiest to understand by reading between the lines of his referenced exploits and becoming who he is today What insane occurrences had to happen for Peal to be Peal as he is now compared to Peal from even one book ago How has he managed to survive even thrive in this worldI am glad to have purchased this book I even referred it and its predecessor to my brother Without. World sundering power and he stands all aloneNeither the iron fisted governor nor the pain fueled sorceress pay him any heed They judge the book by its cover after all and know nothing of what weighs his heart This suits him fineUntil a new friend a small child is lured to the brink of death by their war Now Peal is roused to action. .

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Here we go with another interesting story by Juho Pohjalainen following the events of The Straggler s MaskI had the luck to be drafted for checking out this book while it was made so I know a bit of the ins and out of the entire book made so I know a bit of the ins and out of the entire book let me say it right from the beginning this book is a new experience altogether for who has read the first oneWhile the other book was uite concentrated on Peal s travels and his growth from inexperienced nobody into a tricky warrior of his own in this book while his travels are still present the book concentrates on the characters and their interactions All in the while being caught in the middle of a fight between the forces of law and chaos cursed illnesses seafaring tales trickery and a powerful artifactA pretty good read in my opinion and definitively worth checking if ou liked the first book although it can be read even without knowing the precedent events Once again beta reader here full disclosure adda adda The only thing is that this time there was uite a space of time in between when I read it and now so until I fully re read I can t be as specific as last time The general gist of it will still be the same though as I m told editschanges weren t major between drafts Anyway without further adoI didn t enjoy this as much as the first one It has a great setting and the author s strength for characters remains the largest appeal of the story but I feel it suffers from middle book syndrome A lot happens in the novel it seems to Build And Build Tension and build tension to have the final two encounters with the antagonists feel a little short and easily won The real climax is an emotional one between characters as their relationship kinda breaks apart and the book ends on somewhat of a downer with the resolution of that relationship and the beginning of a possible war being the hooks left for next time My opinion could definitely be affected by my dislike of downer endings and not knowing what happens next but that s the trade off for significant cliffhangers ou get people interested in the next one but until that s out this one feels like a less well rounded package than its predecessor Certainly less formulaic whether Addicted to Womanhood Book One you like that or not The previous book built pretty linearly into a grand conclusion with a solid satisfying and concrete end this one kind of jumps up and down and then ends mid jump ifou get my meaning It s enjoyable during the ride but something about the ending left me a bit sour Strengths are of course characters the people Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth you get to know will latch ontoou uite well and stand out from each other The setting is a very compelling Bioshock ey steampunk village underwater grimy and dirty and suffering from power struggles and poverty The protagonist as well is left without his allies this time fighting a conflict much bigger than him despe. Strife in an underwater trading post the microcosm of a cosmic war battle lines drawn when a stranger sails to townPeal is in no mood for wars cosmic or not He seeks only rest after a harrowing journey time to grieve for lost friends and to come to terms with a terrible burden placed upon him He is the custodian of a Chaotic weapon of. Scourge of the Silver Wings (Umbrakin, #2)