[E–pub/Kindle] The White Gates by Bonnie Ramthun

Eal to boys and girls A boy from moves to CO "His Estranged Mother He mother he to snowboard and throws into it because he is openly mocked bullied and shamed around town Rumor has it that a curse affects the town s doctor and family and no doctor will stay in town for that reason because fatal accidents seem to happen The book becomes a mystery as the boy learns about the curse and tries to figure out how to break it with the help from two unlikely friends An entertaining readother information says that this is the first in a mystery series starring the protagonist Readers will enjoy it Would be liked by fourth through seventh or eighth grad. Rding team who just might be blood doping in order to win competitions and an attempt to save the wild river otters of Colorado But to complete the puzzle will Tor have to ride the deadly White Gates And how will he survive the avalanche that follows. .

The book The White Gates by Bonnie Ramthun was a phenomenal read The mystery of this story was ingenious but at the book seemed like a spooky childhood cartoon Although the book had a childish to it I could not put it down This was a story of Tor Sinclair and the town that had cursed him I feel that it was brilliantly plotted The characters were interesting and all made the story different in their own way and without one character the rest of the story would not be the same I believe the Author did a great job of incorporating everyone into the mysteery of the book One thing that I did not enjoy about this
Book Was The Ending I 
was the ending I as thoug. WHEN TORIN SINCLAIR’S mom gets a job as the town doctor in Snow Park Colorado Tor can’t wait to learn to snowboard But on Tor’s first night there a member of the high school snowboarding team dies “It’s the curse” everyone whispers Tor’s. ,

review The White Gates

The White GatesH I could have predicted the ending from the beginning I "the towns curse was fake and that is what makes the story "towns curse was fake and that is what the story like an episode of scooby dooKnowing the up and downsides of this story I would rate it a 4 out of 5 Their were uite a few flaws in the story but of those flaws most of them were minor I would recomend this book to a fellow reader but I would not say it is the best book I have ever read this book was about snowboarding it was a good book and it explained the feelings of the characters a lot than most books do 45definitely a lot of good things going on here full review later A Truman nominee for 2010 2011 A fun read that will app. New friends Drake and Raine explain that there’s an old Native American curse on the doctors of the town Snow Park can never get a doctor to stay Tor and his friends must piece together a mystery involving an old mine a Ute curse the entire snowboa. ,
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