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Devious minx Ms Birch crafts yet another delicious tale of debauchery I ve been a fan of Ms Birch for a long time well over a decade I ve finally read this story which is all about pony play The focus is on pony girls although it does contain a pony boy or two This book is dangerous Do not read it in public I made the mistake Penny in "Harness Is Probably The Definitive Pony Girl Novel Written From "is probably the definitive pony girl novel Written from experience After Several Years Of several years of to an English pony girl club it captures the fantasy as it really appens and in exuisite unabashed detail The story is written from the first person viewpoint of the author s alter ego Penny which gives great intensity to the erotic scenes while the background is no less vivid A word of warning though this is full on no nonsense erotica not the sort of book in which the bedroom door is closed just when it starts to get interesting With Penny Birch the bedroom door stays wide open although in this case it s like the stable door This is definitely a ighlight to the erotica genre and Penny Birch is one of the finer authors

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I ve come across It s written entirely in the first person but it doesn t really feel like you are reading a diary log about er experiences It feels every bit of a novelized adventure in the first person since I rarely see this executed very well er skill at conveying the tale caught me by surprise Penny in Harness brings us on a delightful romp through the country side with a girl discovering a ver. When naughty Penny is walking in the woods one day she is surprised to find a couple pony carting Penny is so excited by watching this new form of adult

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Penny In Harness NexusA Pony Girl which is the submissive and is arnessed just "like a orse to a cart and then pulls the driver around We get to see er change roles every now "a orse to a cart and then pulls the driver around We get to see Economists with Guns: Authoritarian Development and U.S.-Indonesian Relations, 1960-1968 her change roles every now again as the novel progresses so we get to see the delight of some people as they change from a submissive role to a dominant one then change back She points outow enjoyable this role reversal can be for those participating While the main focus of this book is on the Pony Girl fetish there are some "other aspects in this book that touch on other areas Naturally there "aspects in this book that touch on other areas Naturally there a lot of spanking in this Novel As We Can Expect And It Certainly Wouldn T as we can expect and it certainly wouldn t complete without it We re treated to lesbian stories and eterosexual relationships primarily as I find typical with Nexus novels they are specifically for these crowds and do not cater to the gay However there is mention of the existence of Pony Boys with male drivers with the brief introduction to Mr Novak Although we are never brought into is world which I am thankful for because I Legacy The Balancer Chronicles have no interest in that as it is not my preference There is a brief display as Penny takes the form of a new fetish concept called Piggy Girl If you enjoy the thought of girls being messy and covered in mud I believe you will uite enjoy the end of this novel as it peaks with uite an erotic display in a Pony Girl competition I definitely recommend this to anyone who is an erotica enthusiast or is interested on getting a bit of an inside look on this fetish world Yes it s another onesoilarious. This bizarre world of whips and A Debate On Jewish Emancipation And Christian Theology In Old Berlin harnesses Will she ever be able to win theighest accolade in their world of kinky games the onour of being a pony girl. ,

Y interesting form of sex play called the Pony Girl Penny in Harness was prefaced with the fact that "the author Penny Birch is actually a practicing pony girl so the things written are "author Penny Birch is actually a practicing pony girl so the things written are taken from experience This is precisely the kind of novel I was looking for While I don t personally practice the things covered in this book I find different tastes of this nature incredibly fascinating Penny Birch exuisitely explains what it feels like for er and does a novel job at trying to get at the Going to the Bad heart of the fetish I found this incredibly inspiring in order to grasp the desire for the differing fetishes out there and I think it does the fetish justice when a great writer is found that can aptly explain what makes the person tick This is so much better than just laying out a scene and going through the motions I find this doesn t really capture the passion or the joy that those participating feel There are even passages where Penny pauses to reflect uponer experiences and give them careful consideration While I loved reading about the scenes I find I wanted a little bit of this reflection to really get inside Star Crusades Nexus Books 4 6 heread and see what specifically makes er Tick As This Is As this is first novel maybe we ll be treated to of this inside look as she grows into writing for this genre I m not sure ow much this is drawn from actual experience but it is written in a very fluid and real manner focused on Penny s exploration into the realm of "Pony Girls She Reservoir 13 herself is initially brought in to be. Ntertainment that sheas to pleasure erself on the "Girls She erself is initially brought in to be. Ntertainment that she Digitally Enabled Social Change has to pleasureerself on the Realising The big hat Bob books how keen she is to discover forerself what it is all about she begins to investigate.
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