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Passing It OnAted their people s freedoms which is something that activists for black liberation and indigenous rights HAVEN T done so glorifying the dictators makes Yuri seem unnecessarily badpropagandistic But I guess this was normal for black liberation movements of the past and Mao and Castro did liberate the poor in their countries and condemn racism Yuri led an incredible life The book read almost like a scrapbookdiary This was an aspiring memoir on activism she s hella scrappy and disagreeable and utterly charming This book is part memoir part scrapbook thanks to Yuri s skills keeping detailed track of and utterly charming This book is part memoir scrapbook thanks to Yuri s skills in keeping detailed track of and causes and her family offering up their Harlem apartment as watering hole crash pad and crossroads for countless activists and movements The memoir draws from Yuri s firsthand accounts and records the Kochiyama Family donated to UCLA via Asian American Studies it is dited by Daughter Audee Kochiyama Holman Granddaughter Akemi Kochiyama Sardinha AND SCHOLAR MARJORIE LEE YURI COVERS THE ARC OF Scholar Marjorie Lee Yuri covers the arc of and Husband Bill s transformations from birth to concentration camp and 442nd Infantry days then. Icans Latinos Asian Americans and Whites for social justice civil rights and prisoners and women's rights in the US and internationally for over half. .

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She is amazing and inspiring What she Doesn T Say Is The Most Intriguing t say is the most intriguing about This Book While Yuri S book While Yuri s of amazing and has led a fascinating life she s clearly too humble about it all to write a good autobiography It reads like a cursory history of the movement Even though some may not Math Basics 6 enjoy this book for it is not climactic at all I personally found this to be a great pleasure to read Injoyed learning about the Asian American xperience during WWII and during the Civil Rights Movement My favorite aspect of this book is Yuri s account of her close friendship with Malcolm X although I wish she had xpanded on that All the same it was fabulously interesting I would definitely recommend this The First Ghost educational well written andnjoyable book This book is inspiring as a memoir of the activist struggles that Yuri Kochiyama participated in a reminder that we can and should be fighting specially for black liberation decolonization and anti imperialism around the world However Yuri Kochiyama is not at all critical at least in this book of Communist dictators such as Mao and Castro These dictators viol. Passing It On is the account of an xtraordinary Asian American woman who spoke out and fought shoulder Passing It On is the account of an xtraordinary Asian American woman who spoke out and fought shoulder shoulder with African Americans Native Amer.
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On to participation in movements for civil rights self determination peace and justice as well as family developments Co ditor Akemi does a good job in the foreword advising readers Expect Yuri to make strong pitches for movements campaigns and political prisoners Expect babies to be born pictured and hustled along in the tide of humanity with occasional pangs of maternal guilt Expect Yuri to focus on her shortcomings and to deflect recognition of her contributions That said if readers search between the lines of these primary source documents they can figure out why Yuri Bill and the Kochiyama Family are held figure out why Yuri *BILL AND THE KOCHIYAMA FAMILY ARE * and the Kochiyama Family are high steem in diverse communities Fierce and compassionate Family centered Welcoming and loving Loyal to the point of corny Not afraid to take on the hardest causes no matter how harsh the conseuences Day after day Year after decade Yuri was a concentration camp survivor Sunday school teacher Republic of New Africa member Elder who visited Cuba and Peru talking Third World unity deep into her grannyhood She inspires Many thanks to the Kochiyama Family for making her and Bill s words availabl. A century A prolific writer and speaker on human rights Kochiyama has spoken at over 100 colleges and universities and high schools in the US and Cana.