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Roblem mostly revolves around their relationship and how they navigate it and find their true love at the nd of the story In other words metropop can be seen as a romance genre which takes place in a metropolis Or in other words again metropop book is a romance book disguised beneath a new and inventive logo But the tall skyscrapers which dot all over Jakarta mbodied in the metropop logo itself sometimes make us always look up and never look down We re forced to look at young logo itself sometimes make us always look up and never look down We re forced to look at young and affluent people who work inside such skyscrapers and we want to see how their life depicted in a book that we read so we can scape from our underpaid unsatisfying boring 9 to 5 job After all fiction is a form of Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era escapism and it s no one s fault that metropop offers one There s always market for a dreamy and swoon worthy albeit unrealistic sometimes story Yet after years of our throat being shoved down with these unrealisticxpectations of life in capital city we tend to forget that Jakarta contains multitudes the city comprises people from different socio Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice economic statuses and backgrounds If metropop is intended to capturevery aspect of urban life in Jakarta doesn t a story about an office boy from a small town in Kalimantan who tries to get a better life deserve to be called one Isn t a story about a fresh graduate who just joined a management trainee program in a small company with small salary worthy to be told I know I know sometimes it s uncomfortable to read something resembling our own life in a fictional work but if it s not metropop then who will tell these stories So of course it s not Bastari s fault that Ganjil Genap falls to the metropop cliches she just follows the same mold and formula created by her predecessors If anything Ganjil Genap if you measure it with a metropop standard is a very good one Bastari knows how to write witty banter almost like what you often read in OverheardJKT and she can seamlessly incorporate characters from her past work creating a new cinematic universe previously seen in Ika Natassa s work It s counterproductive absolutely to compare works of both amazing women but Bastari is definitely the new Ika Natassa They both have huge fanbase and their tone in writing is really similar with Subtle Difference While Natassa difference While Natassa known with her slow burning plot unfurling notable Edicts of Asoka especially in her later works Bastarixcels in fast paced and steamy scenes The Upgrade Soul ending of Ganjil Genap is also very great wrapping up the life story of Gala perfectly but at the same time giving us a good message about womenmpowerment and independence But at the same time I m also a hypocrite I may not measure Ganjil Genap with metropop standard but with Annisa Ihsani standard Her last year s metropop breakthrough Mencari Simetri is a first for her but in a sense. Ah Gala bertekad pantang lajang menjelang umur kepala tiga Bersama ketiga sahabatnya Nandi Sydney dan Detira strategi pencarian jodoh pun di. It s also a first for metropop genre Similar with Ganjil Genap in Mencari Simetri Ihsani Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath explores the life of April late 20 s woman who went through anxistential Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 ennui She seemed to be lost her relationship went nowhere and society who s never been kind to woman to begin with pressured her The topic is very relevant for many people but Ihsani s main character is just a plain jane not in a derogatory way She s just a regularmployee she s probably not conventionally pretty since Ihsani s never known with her detailed physical description as it s superficial never known with her detailed physical description as it s superficial she probably represents many young women who Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist experience same crisis After its release Mencari Simetri received backlash well backlash is a strong word but some of the critics said that this book is not worthy the metropop logo because it s not metropopnough Or in other words it s too realistic and not dreamy nough That s what makes Mencari Simetri right up my alley because while it s nice to scape for a while it s also nice to similize and identify my problem with someone lse s ven though that someone Imaginary Runner else is fictional So when the characters in Ganjil Genap areverything that most people including me are not it s already hard to believe that Gala s crisis is uite urgent nough we live in a society who sees marriage as an is uite urgent nough Sure we live a society who sees marriage as an and her parents insistence resonates with us but Gala s comfortable life makes me think that I know in the Fresh Water endverything will be alright for her It s different if let s say Gala lived with an above minimum wage salary and her family pressured her to get married but she and her French Daguerreotypes eually struggling boyfriend tried to save money to hold a decent reception party Despite so Bastari can manage to show Gala s desperation in finding a guy before her younger sister got married But then pages after pages Gala kept meeting cute handsome and light skinned skin positivity much guys and my conviction at the beginning stays firm In addition the MBTI s pseudo scientific approach that Gala often used to analyze her friends character irks me a lot I guess it s unfair that all my critiues here are not directed to the book but to the metropop genre itself Bastari is a good writer and it sxciting to see what she comes up with next in her cinematic universe I can t fault people who finds solace in dreamy metropop From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read either My point is metropop can actually be an important genre It can shed a light on people who try to make their life here Jakarta stresses us out but at the same time we fall in love with the city The genre can show that Jakarta is not all about glitters and parties andxtravagance but it s also about blood sweat and tears I think it will be interesting if metropop portrays such struggle We need to revolutionize the genre Tomorrow we ride at dawn to be a part of revolutio. Susun Darat udara bahkan laut disisir demi menemukan pria idamanAkankah Gala berhasil menemukan pasangan untuk menggenapi hari hari ganjilny. I ll give 36 stars because somehow in the middle I stopped reading and just leave it for a while But the From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society ending is great so I ll give 38 at thend First thing first I gotta xpress my gratitude to the author because this is the first novel I ve finished this year and I made it in about a day yay Metropop always works like magic I guess the one I need to run to
"When I Don T Know "
I don t know to read So that reason itself is worth a star alreadyI always like Almira s writing tho back in Resign and now here The bubbly narrative The Witty Banter The Character Development As Well Because Last witty banter the character development as well because last I was 100% sure to never see myself nodding to any of Gala s our heroine decision She s blatantly snob shallow and stupid but damn in the nd she learned her lessons The last 30% of the storyline changed my mind about how I perceive this pieceAlso I m 29 just like Gala and Twelve Days of Pleasure even though my personalxperience is nowhere near hers throughout the pages I found myself laughing and rolling my Gods Choice eyes and sighing and the likes because oh boy some details did hit home Men are absurd and all my life I hear people saying how complicated women are Bitch pleaseThree stars It s been a while since I finished a book in one sitting Iven have a couple of books that remain unwrapped cause laziness came creeping down once I bought the books But Ganjil Genap breaks the spell for meAlmira once again amazed me with her writing that I have no idea it could get much much better than before knowing it was already so good back then Pertama kali membaca Ganjil Genap dari Wattpad membuat saya can t help but comparing tulisan Almira di platform Wattpad dan dengan yang di buku Beberapa scene memang diangkat dari sana tetapi Almira BastariGanjil GenapGramedia Pustaka Utama344 pages58 Almira Bastari s latest work Ganjil Genap is written with such good intention Bastari tries to highlight the life of Gala a 29 year old woman who just went through a nasty breakup with her boyfriend after being in relationship for thirteen years It s funny and it Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye ends with positive message but its metropop tropes plaguing and oozing out fromvery page of this book make the reading Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France experience a lessnjoyable one Are there any ugly undergraduate less affluent people in Ganjil Genap that s what I tweeted when I read Almira Bastari s Ganjil Genap That uestion may be directed to this book itself but it also applies to the metropop genre in general Are there any regular people in metropopWhen you see a logo of metropop a new subgenre that s invented by the publisher mbellished on the cover of any book without picking up the book and reading the blurb you can already guess how the characters will be attractive wealthy and rich and have I mentioned attractive The book will be set against bustling and polluted Jakarta backdrop Their Gimana rasanya diputusin setelah berpacaran selama tiga belas tahunHidup Gala yang mendadak jomblo semakin runyam ketika adiknya kebelet nik.