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Author Chaim PotokTitle Zebra and Other StoriesGenre short storiesPublication Info Random House New York 1998Recommended Age 11 and upPlot Summary Zebra the first of six stories included in this book is about a young boy named Adam Martin Zebrin People call him Zebra because of his last name and because of his love for running One day he ran too uickly down A Hill And Could Not hill and could not himself A car hit him crushing his left leg and hand Zebra wore a brace and sling for over a year He became uiet and introspective merely watching as the other kids played exuberantly at recess Standing off to the side like this he once spotted a one armed man digging into the arbage cans along the street pulling out certain objects and putting them into the plastic bag he carried The man came and spoke with Zebra He drew a portrait of Zebra right there and handed it to him He announced that he would be teaching an art class a Children s stories but I still enjoyed them Zebra and Other Stories is a collection of six short stories featuring young people in a wide variety of situations In Zebra a young man named Adam befriends a wounded Vietnam veteran who becomes his art teacher in a summer program The man reminds Adam of himself because Adam was also recently injured when a car hit him In BB BB and his family are struggling to deal with the death of his infant brother Timmy His mother is pregnant again and is about to ive birth despite the fact that BB s father did not want to have another child lest they risk oing through the pain of losing another infant BB is shocked to discover that his father has decided to the family In Moon a rebellious teen with anger management issues wants nothing than to have his own recording STUDIO SPECIAL VISITOR TO HIS A special visitor to his from Pakistan who stays in his home makes a big difference in his life and encourages him to think about other issues In Nava a young irl is pursued by a teenage drug dealer When she is threatened by the boy and his associates she uses her knowledge of Native American folklore and wisdom to fight back and protect herself Isabel is the story of a character by the same name who has recently lost her father and baby brother in a car accident When her mother decides to remarry she finds empathy from her new stepsister The story has a subtle lesbian subtext The final story Max relates. The renowned author of nine books for adults including The Chosen turns his writing toward young ad. ,

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Zebra and Other Stories

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Raf By using figurative language and onomatopoeia Potok has created a powerful emotional scene In addition the use of long interconnected sentences is an appropriate way to illustrate the fast natured frenzied drum to illustrate the fast natured frenzied drum and the forcefulness of Moon s emotionsThis short story compilation is excellent and belongs in every school and public library collection that serves young adults I just re read these stories It was written as young adult short stories but I think they really are perfect for adults It s a reat collection that is beautifully written and uick to read from cover to cover This is a reat introduction to Chaim Potok but very different than most of his books Because The Stories Aren T the stories aren t around the Jewish experience I would highly recommend this for everyone We can perhaps see a little of ourselves and our young lives in these ripping stories While these stories are realistic on the whole there seems to be some supernatural elements that really work to color these stories tooeg the way art seems to help heal Zebra s handI would recommend these stories which highlight critical moments in each of the young protagonists lives Good stories about young childrenadults who deal with major events in their lives it was a Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities good book Potok is not familiar to me but Zebra and Other Stories caught my eye because it was assigned the YA distinction Having previously said that short stories might be attractive to reluctant readers this was worth a read Glad I did Potok s six stories involve adolescents in crises illness family tragedy fear loss and difficult relationships The protagonists male and female are often in the first person as they reveal their rationale for decisions and beliefs Perfect Good stories make us think and consider our moralrowth Potok does that with each tale He likes to close with an opening inviting the reader to create the denouement and assert a continuing meaning This will be on the top shelf in my classroom this fall This was an excellent book that showed the power of how our mental state can determine our physical state Zebra overcame his sorrowful outlook on life when famous artists John Wilson taught him to see in a new way The lesson is one I have had to learn time and time again thoughts are powerful so be careful what you The Sorcerer's Apprentice give thought to MParker 8 27 11 Liked Zebra Moon and BB best. Eir world anew In the title story Zebra learns to use his crushed right hand and leg in an art clas. The story of Emma airl who is BROUGHT UP TO IDOLIZE HER UNCLE MAX WHO DIED up to her Max who died a helicopter crash in the Vietnam War Although her parents seem desire for her new baby brother Maxie to become a miniature version of Uncle Max Emma surprises them by showing them that she has similar interests as her uncle even though she is female Although the stories cover divergent themes Booklist notes that Potok discusses the trappings of youth as well as themes commonly associated with YA literature alienation Eagle's Gate grief divorce com 2004 Common to all of the stories is the focus on a young protagonist who is struggling with the environment he finds himself in and the limitations that are imposed upon him by his age Several of the stories make mention of the Vietnam War The death and loss of a parent or sibling is another recurrent theme Booklist also comments that these themes are discussed with aentle touch Potok simply and skillfully tells a World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi good story and respects his audience enough to allow them to draw from it what they will com 2004 Oneood example of this is Isabel a story which hints at a possible lesbian relationship between Isabel and her new stepsister Betsy He does not overtly state that the relationship is occurring nor does he raphically describe interactions between the characters Yet the reader ets the sense from reading Potok s carefully chosen diction that the two irls are beginning to care for each other in a manner that extends beyond a platonic friendship Potok utilizes a sophisticated writing style that incorporates lush imagery Plot and description meld in a harmonious blend of words that piues the reader s interest Moon waited a minute or two and then began to play an accompaniment to the bongos inside the spaces of Ashraf s beatand the bongos went dum dat dum dat dum dat in that strange rhythm and then Moon took the drums higher in volumehis sticks beating a frenzied cadence a rhythm of scalding outrage and he was thumping driving throbbing tearing through his instruments pouring onto the world a solid waterfall of sound and he felt the outrage in his arms and shoulders and heart and the sublime sensation of secret power deep in the very darkest part of his innermost soul 68 69This passage skillfully describes Moon s emotional response to playing the drums and the sad fate that has befallen his friend Ash. Ults in this collection of six stories in which children face moments of crisis or rief and see th.