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of some of stories at I ve iven this a B at AAR Review to follow at AARWorking Stiffs An mm vampire charity romance anthology is a collection of thirteen short stories and novellas and proceeds from sales will o to the World Health Organization s COVID 19 Solidarity Response Fund I enerally find anthologies to be a mixed bag and that s true of Working Stiffs What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers given there are thirteen stories I moing to limit myself to talking in detail about the ones I liked best or we d be here all dayAll the stories are based around a similar premise As the synopsis saysIn a world struggling to come to r premise As the synopsis saysIn a world struggling to come to r ve pre ordered this in support of this cause and in response to the actions of the stable How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar genius in the white house Review to follow at some point after its releaseOkay finished it Overall I dive it a 4 Most of the stories were excellent a 4 5 star rating but a couple were obvious cliffhangers or lead ins to the actual story and I d rate them lower although not simply for that All in all I m lad I purchased it. S COVID 19 Solidarity Response Fund Titles included in the collection How to Keep an Author Alive by AJ Sherwood Long Haul by Tanya Chris Overexposed by K Evan Coles Dial a Vamp by Roberta Blablanski Off the Menu by RJ Sorrento Fangs for the Memories by Sadie Jay Call My Number by Megs Pritchard Bad Blood by Lyra Evans Graveyard Cops by Crystel Greene uality Assured by Edie Montreux Fire and Ice Cold Skin by Mel Gough Life Hacks by Eliott Griffen Bad Decision by HL Day. ,

Working StiffsTo a fire he has to help He feels drawn to drake and offers him a drawn to Drake and offers him a to stay not sure why he trusts himHowever Drake has a few secrets and his world is very different from Ryan s When Ryan begins to suspect something he does some investigating and discovers a truth that should scare him but not enough to pull away from the intriguing man or vampireA uick but engaging read with a dash of mystery and suspense Fire and Ice Cold Skin is well written and easily absorbed in a single sitting This is an anthology for a really ood cause kudos to the authors for that so I pre ordered a copy I probably won t rate it overall as it s too hard Perhaps I ll write a few lines on each Story When I Ve Got The Time when I ve ot the time actually enjoy and admire the art of short storytelling so i the art of short storytelling So I mixed feelings about this anthology overall While some of these were ood little stories in their own right some were nothing than a sampler And like most anthologies I ve read over the years some of the stories were hit or miss Blog review with a short sho. People Unpredictable interesting frustrating hostile helpless tasty people Whether they’re pouring drinks answering phones hacking into a computer system or serving up the perfect foodwine pairing these working stiffs are too busy to fall in love Or are they This International Workers Day celebrate by sinking your teeth into thirteen awesome stories about vampires at work Because even the undead have to earn a living Proceeds benefit the World Health Organization’.

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Dial a Vamp by Roberta Blablanski is a hot fast paced read with lots of asp fast paced read with lots of asp moments for such a short storyCaleb has a fantasy so he calls the sex line to try to role play being bitten by a vampire during sex Little does he know that Ronaldo is the perfect sex line worker for this fantasyWyatt is in a rut A big one Nothing has stirred this vampire s libido for 40 years until Caleb calls him during his job as a sex call worker And when he discovers the very human Caleb is in a relationship and they both want to meet him in real To Explore Further to explore further Wyatt not sure he can Dont You Dare Give Up go back to the rut he just climbed out ofDial A Vamp has enough surprises and boldness to piue interest and reel you in I really enjoyed the blatant sexual nature of this story even by MMM standards and Roberta Blablanski uses some very clever writing to bring enough detail to this short read to leave you satisfied and fulfilledIn Mel Gough s Fire and Ice Cold Skinfirefighter Ryan has a big heart and when he sees a kid who just lost his house. An MM vampire romance charity anthology Not all vampires are idly rich Some of them have day jobs Er night jobs In a world struggling to come torips with the existence of vampires where reactions range from excitement to fear to determined disbelief these vampires are just trying to make ends meet Some of them do mundane work like waiting tables or driving a cab Others have prestigious careers in medicine and crime prevention But what all their jobs have in common is.