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Crab boat looking for some crew members in town Florence OR a couple Weeks Ago I Was ago I was that he hadn t mentioned it earlier because the crab season was already nderway and the position was long filled Then I picked p this book Spike Walker writes about his

Experiences Crab Fishing Out 
crab fishing out Kodiak and Dutch Harbor during the crab boom of the 70s His description of life aboard the boat and the work involved sucks you in He s a great writer He also includes accounts of tragedies that happened during those years Some of the stories go from bad to worse and when you think nothing else could go wrong mother nature throws something else into the mix It definitely turned me off of beating the docks but I also gained a respect for those that chose that profession It s definitely a great rea. Survivors of the industry's most harrowing disasters Spike Walker re creates the boom years of Alaskan crab fishing a modern day gold rush that drew hundreds of fortune and adventure hunters to Alaska's dangerous waters and the crash that follow. F happens but how does it make you FEEL kinda reader It was a good book I will probably end p reading the rest of his too Walker s book provides a first hand insight into the Alaskan crab fishing industry in the late 1970s and early 1980s long before The Deadliest Catch Discovery documentary series Personal tales are #mixed with survival stories from fellow fisherman who crewed other boats during #with survival stories from fellow fisherman who crewed other boats during crabbing seasons Walker is very likeable and his writing comes across as authentic Walker doesn t glorify the industry nor does he exaggerate the heoric stories he doesn t need to I ll read of his books in the future Before I started reading this book I must admit that I entertained thoughts of some day trying my hand at crab fishing In Fact My Boyfriend Mentioned Off Hand fact my boyfriend mentioned off hand there was Winds 25 foot seas and super human stretches of on deck labor; but the payback if one survives can be tens of thousands of dollars for a month long seasonIn a breathtaking action packed account that combines his personal story with the stories of. I don t want to write a review cause I already had to write a bunch of stuff about this for school Basically it had good writing but I would not recommend this nless you are incredibly interested in king crab fishing but I would not recommend this nless you are incredibly interested in king crab fishing Alaska Since I have watched some of the Deadliest Catch I was interested in reading this book and learning about king crab fishing I did enjoy READING SPIKE S ADVENTURES AND GAINING A BETTER UNDERSTANDING Spike s adventures and gaining a better Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie understanding the lives of crab fishermena very dangerous and somewhat sad life Caution for younger readers I took a couple stars off because of language and what I consider inappropriate topicshappenings He is a great writer and really did his experiences justice with his descriptions I got a little tired of the constant re hashing of boatspeople going down I m of a yes stuf. No profession pits man against nature brutally than king crab fishing in the frigidnpredictable waters of the Bering Sea The yearly death toll is staggering forty two men in 1988 alone; the conditions are beyond most imaginations 90 mph Arctic.

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