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The people that take care of the girls give them some comfort and a sense of security Even though the girls are worried about their father and mother they still do things that children do For instance they jump so hard on their bed that they break it Even though the mother is working a lot she still finds one night a week to dedicate to her daughters and they all fix their nails on Sunday nights These poems give the reader a sense of the emotions that children go through when they are separated from one of their parents I though it was very interesting on how the author put this story together by telling it through poems and pictures they were kind of touching The illustrator of the book created the pictures by using black pencils sketches throughout the book and at the back it shows some colorful pictures that the illustrator did of AmberEssie and her mom which are very detailed It talked about how the family was poor and the mother had to work two jobs to make ends meet and dad had lost his job and started writing bad checks and so he went to jail for check forgery Through all of the writing bad checks and so he went to jail for check forgery Through all of the times Amber and Essie still finds comfort among each other and began taking care of each other I believe older children maybe sixth on u A verse among each other and began taking care of each other I believe older children maybe sixth on u A verse told in poems and drawings tenderly tells a story about two oung sisters in a struggling family Money is scarce their father is in jail for forgery the mother works long hours and the girls are often left to take care of each other They have an especially close relationship as each helps the other get through these trying times When they did Best Sandwich it turned the room friendly from strange The author s touching versus gently guide this story to a happy conclusionSeen through the eyes of these oung girls the author shares their ordinary playfulness along with their touching sorrow It is a heartfelt story with simple text and pictures but with substance for older readers Recommended for ages 7 and up I would like to give this one ten stars The description may not sound promising the story of two little girls whose father is in prison told in poems and illustration but this was just lovely Both of my kids seven and three loved it although I thought it might be too boring for the three ear old and too The Piper in the Wind young for the sevenear old The subject matter is challenging but delivered in an entirely age appropriate way and the relationship between the sisters is funny and sweet and true Vera B Williams is probably our favorite authorillustrator and I think this one is her best A real good sister book. Ber and Essie are sisters and best friends Together they can do anythingAges. .
Nd relationship with each other and the neighbors The narrator creates a view of the strong bond of love between these sisters during heart wrenching and funny moments Their special bond carries them through this sad situation allowing them to remain hopeful The colored pencil bond carries them through this sad situation allowing them to remain hopeful The colored pencil are rough drawings complimenting the story events and emotions This poetry story book would be appropriate for grades four to six as a read aloud or poetry study This Book Was Filled With Free Verse Poems About Two book was filled with free verse poems about two Essie and Amber There were great illustrations throughout that were created with colored pencils This would be a great book to read a few of the poems at a time as ou could go back to it any time There were some poems that talked about what the sisters would do together to keep company when their parents were away Also throughout the book there were poems about how Essie was brave in many ways as well as how Amber was smart and could help her sister out Overall it was a good read Amber is brave enough to convince the man at the grocery to trust them to give them milk before their mother s payday and not afraid of the rats in the apartment Essie is smart enough to read hard library books and teach Amber to write Together the sisters help each other while their father is in jail for forging checks to pay bills and their mother is away working long hours Told through a series of free verse poems Williams tells the stories of these two sisters who help and complement each other as well as describes the realities of a family who is trying to stay together while apart and facing difficulties Williams has a few uncolored illustrations throughout and a section of colorful illustrations in the back I would ve liked to see a few of those illustrations placed throughout especially as several of them reference events mentioned in the poems Nevertheless the before and after the story illustrations give an interesting touch to the story I d recommend this book for transitional readers especially those who may be facing the absence of a parent particularly those with a parent in jail This book of poetry is about how two sisters deal with the loss of having their father go to jail The father goes to jail because he forged a check from his former employer Amber and Essie find comfort in each other and they take care of each other The poem Best Sandwich tells about how the sister cuddle up and comfort each other until their mother came home from work While their mother is at work she has different people take care of the girls on different days. She isn't afraid of the rat in the wall or of climbing up in high places Am. Essie and her little sister Amber live in a small apartment with their mom who works all of the time Their father is in prison for forging a apartment with their mom who works all of the time Their father is in prison for forging a If their not being watched by their neighbor or cousin they are taking care of themselves Essie is smart because she loves to read knows how to double tie her sister s shoes and can make the small amount of food they have into a meal Amber is brave because she is not afraid of rats climbing up high and asking the grocery man for milk even though their mother can t pay him until payday Amber and Essie do the best they can to console and comfort each other through hardships and unanswered uestions This story told in poems and pictures really moved me I wasn t sure what to expect in terms of the fluidity of the story but each poem read like a one page chapter in a book The occasional colored pencil drawings added a lot of emotion to the story too This would be a wonderful story to share with students Amber and Essie are such strong protagonists and some students may relate to living with one parent depending on a sibling or even having a loved one in jail Also this story shows students that poems can be very powerful and do not have to rhyme Amber was Brave Essie was Smart could be read out loud one poem at a time or in bigger chunks like a chapter book Grades 3 7 This book is the story of two very close sisters written in poems and pictures by Vera B Williams The poetry is written in free verse and beautifully chronicles the girls relationship as they go through good times and bad The poem called Best Sandwich describes how Amber and Essie cuddle together with Amber s bear Wilson in the middle in a way that touches ones heart in the deepest way Through these poems and pictures the reader gets a sense of what an honest and loving relationship between sisters should look like Amber Was Brave Essie Was Smart is recommended for grades 1 4 I think this would make a great read aloud "With A Follow Up Of "a follow up of the components of the girls relationship Further teachers could point out the simple joys that the girls experienced without computers television or junk food They valued things like sharing apples and finding the star inside or noticing peaches in the grocery bags on the way home from the market This is a lovely book and would be an asset to any classroom or home library This Jane Addams award winner describes the strength and love of two sisters faced with difficulties as their mother works long hours and their father is in jail The third person verse describes the girl s personalities Essie is smart She can read hard library books and make cocoa Amber is brave.

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Amber Was Brave Essie Was Smart