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Ative comparison to a very small class size That s like getting injected with concentrated live culture viruses after your immune system has been taken out by heavy radiation blastsBut the Illuminatus trilogy is like a gene tailored antidote to that Who knows what abyss I would ve fallen into otherwiseIt also was instrumental in priming me to get right with Bob later in life It couldn t fully open the Third Nostril but it loosened things up in there for the ventual forceful blow The Illuminatus Trilogy saved my lifeIt won t save yoursSince first reading it at age 13 the year it saved my life I have dutifully re read the ntire trilogy really it s not that long very five years since But when I was 13 that was 1979 the jokes about Nixon late 60s and arly 70s rock bands the coming of disco the obscure neopagan nonsense that washed through very college campus in the late 1980s bizarre alternative histories and conspiracies theories were hilarious and fascinatingThere s ven a page from the Principia Discordia mentioned and that too was life changing because in tiny print in one corner it contained this uote When I was 8 or 9 years old I acuired my first split beaver magazine You can imagine my disappointment when upon xamination "with a microscope I discovered all I could see was dots And I realized that hey I m not the only "a microscope I discovered all I could see was dots And I realized that hey I m not the only who s tried that Being 13 and finding someone like Robert Anton Wilson who wrote so irreverantly about sex morality religion politics all the things that do not make up polite dinner conversation does change a life specially when that life had been constrained by a middle class conventionality wherein parents seethed with their own furtive xcesses and failed to understand their SF reading childThe Illuminatus Trilogy really is a beast of its own time and that time has passed It is a historical oddity The wacky conspiracy theories of Illuminatus have become Le valeureux guerrier either the grist of Dan Brown s mill or the weirdly pessimistic thoughtxperiments of Scott Adam s Dilbert Our culture now has its own bugaboos we are a highly pornographic culture with nearly naked underage nymphs selling underwear on billboards and Disney promoting boy bands with lyrics about irresponsible lust and desire yet at the same time we consider red lettering for life any and Snowflakes on the Sea every man who had sex in a public park at midnight or chatted up just the wrong person at the wrong moment The Internet tightly wires ourntire informational Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy existence together which has had theffect of telling us what other people really think and feel and paradoxically led to the ven stronger vehemence against those opposing worldviews because now we perceive just how many people hold to them These habits of thought these xpectations just do not live in Illuminatus and we miss them Illuminatus is a historical oddity and a good one but unless you have a grasp of that history Illuminatus will be a hollow and unmemorable pleasure When I find myself in times of troubleThe counterculture speaks to meThe whole damn world s "gone nuttyLet it be If James Joyce was a one man literary IRA "nuttyLet it be If James Joyce was a one man literary IRA Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea are the literary Al aeda As these groups can be viewed as ither terrorists or freedom fighters depending on your point of view so it is with this book As is probably not ironic for a book considered to be the holy grail of conspiracy theory it s definitely not difficult to perceive the Illuminatus Trilogy as an act of intellectual terrorism This is not an Easy Book To Read Time book to read Time perspective and identity can and do shift without warning in mid paragraph sometimes mid sentence making an interesting model for the idea of the collective unconscious The best analogy I can think of for this book is that it s like reading someone lse s acid trip and that someone lse is criminally schizophrenic and watching 15 televisions at the same time It is definitely a product of it s generation The copious drug use and underlying philosophies are very typical of most of the underground cult classics of the 70s that I ve read but for the most part it s brilliantly insightful and has many fantastic aphorisms that you ll probably want to repeat later It s also beautifully self satirical which is probably a good thing because if this book took itself seriously it really might have been an act of intellectual terrorism You will probably ither love this book loathe it utterly or possibly Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, even think it s totally ridiculous If you re not up for a difficult Ugh cynical streetwise New York detective Saul Goodman knows he's stumbled onto something big butven he can't guess how far into the pinnacles of power this conspiracy of vil has penetratedFilled with sex and violence in and out of time and. .
At 15 I found this psychedelic tour de force mind blowing Rereading It Just Now 42 just now 42 later I found it amusing annoying original dated clever sophomoric occasionally insightful often boring and very very long Structurally the books are a mess with the narrative POVs shifting freuently sometimes paragraph by paragraph or ven sentence my sentence Adding to the confusion are numerous contradictory conspiracy theories and alternate histories If one doesn t try too hard to keep track of the storylines one can njoy the book as a font of fun thought xperiments and interesting conjectures I wouldn t recommend it to "Anyone Who Doesn T Have A Fascination With The New "who doesn t have a fascination with the New occult mysticism or the paranoid style

in american politics 
American politics I m destroying the integrity of my reading list and goals for the year by rating this along with the three individual novels I have thus only read ither three books instead of four or one instead of four if I want to think of the books I ve read as something closer to the books I ve bought since I don t own old mass market copies of the three books and thus only read from one book I think in the spirit of this book it s most appropriate to add four books to my reading list since I think it was Pythagoras who called four or a tetrad the perfect number because contained in it is the number 10 1234 and ten is 5 two times I m trying my hardest to come up with some rationalization for all this that nds in the number 23 but I m failing I m sure it s there somewhere though oh oh oh I ve got it by rating four books the tetrad becomes 5 and 23 14 5 and 2 and 3 in the middle are obviously 23 thus this trilogy needs to be readrated in this manner or at least now I can feel comfortable having done so and not feel like I m throwing off the whole how many books did I actually read number or feel like a total fake when December 31 2017 comes around and I m reading some comic book just to get one last book to on to my read list for the year so I can arn yet another reading goal little image on my profileWithout having to use the crazy logic of this book to support this decision the real reason I m rating this alongside the three books that make it up is that the whole here is greater than the parts Each individual book I only gave four stars to but as a whole it s definitely deserving of five stars It s right up there with Gravity s Rainbow for me I don t know if it s a good thing or not that it took me twenty years or so to finally getting around to reading this as a note I haven t owned the book for 20 years I actually bought it right before I started reading it but it had been something I had felt I should read on and off for the past two decades If I d read it twenty years ago I might be able to say that this book was a huge influence I didn t and it wasn t Instead there is an awful lot in this book that politically at least and maybe ontologically felt like Oh My God this is how I think and because it s so convoluted kind of insane sounding and often times seemingly contradictory it s also the reason why I don t talk about politics or almost anything actually with people and why if I were of a paranoid state of mind I would believe that the sound of goose stepping jackboots were still coming from the right and the left I have no idea what this says about meAnyway five stars and now back to my regularly scheduled reading regiment where I go and re read a book that I didn t njoy the first time reading but which other people love and which I m hoping to njoy the second time around The authors thought they were WAY clever and intellectual than they really were Mostly these books were pretentious and boring and a regurgitation of themes that had been xplored numerous times in numerous other places Not to mention the fact that the whole trilogy pretends to be building up to some huge world altering The Casa Mono Cookbook event that never actually happens It s like the authors finally realized after 3 books that they didn t really know what they were trying to say or where they wanted the plot to go so they just decided tond it A huge utter complete waste of time Honestly the bury the needle rating on this is primarly from nostalgia and gratitude The thing is the book saved my soul I say this because I read the Illuminatus trilogy the very first thing after stumbling into reading Ayn Rand s Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged in high school as a fairly bright and moderately creative geek which ualities looked ven xaggerated by rel. It was a deadly mistake Joseph Malik ditor of a radical magazine had snooped into rumors about an ancient secret society that was still alive and kicking Now his offices have been bombed he's missing and the case has landed in the lap of a to. Ead you may not want to bother But if you do find you Like It You Might it you might happy to know that it s a hell of a lot asier to read the second time through I m re reading this now and felt I should clarify my position on this book as I often list it as one of my favoritesHigh Literature this is not It is campy sci fi saturated with gratuitous sex scenes psychedelia conspiracy theories counterculture tc When I recommend this book it s usually with the caveat that the authors are sort of bumbling about and finding their feet for the first 80 or so pagesWhen it finally does start Moving Along The Reader Finds along the reader finds or her self bombarded with multiple conflicting realities and xtremist revolutionary politics from all points of the spectrum The intended result is mind Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) expansion This book invites the reader to become skeptical but also to start thinking about what he or she thinks about the world and whyThe narrative isxperimental Wilson has an obvious admiration of Joyce that shows up not just here but also in his lectures and autobiographical books As such it jumps between characters places and times sometimes mid paragraph sometimes ntering stream of consciousness This may make it difficult for readers who feel that whatever Wilson and Shea are getting at isn t worth the headache You need to be on your toes but it s probably best to just roll with it and not spend overlong trying to tie very piece together In any case re readings can consistently reveal new interrelationshipsEarly on one of the main protagonists comes across a painting bearing the message think for yourself schmuck which probably sums it all up A sprawling many faceted satirical series Illuminatus is difficult to rate and difficult to review There are so many aspects which one could address so many points of divergence ideas philosophies and influences but at it s heart it s a rollicking adventure story that despite its many political and social themes rarely takes itself too seriouslyI can certainly say I liked it but it s hard to say how much Some parts were better than others but I liked it but it s hard to say how much Some parts were better than others but are many parts to be considered Unlike other reviewers I did not find the numerous asides and allusions to be distracting If one piued my interest I looked it up and often than not learned something ntirely new Some didn t intrigue me as much and I was happy to let them beI I gave this book 5 stars As science fiction it would get 2 As philosophy it would get 1 the world view it argues for is much better discussed in other books some of them ven by RAW As humor it would get 3 Maybe 4 on a good day As conspiracy theory it would get 4 As research it doesn t ven rate 1 As a good guide to things to research for yourself it s a solid 4 great game open to a random page and pick 5 things to look up in a libraryBut it crosses the line on two things Cultural references that make points and xplain things in the SFgeekoutcaseintrovert subcultures The Roberts nailed the Conflict in Blood experience of believing you re different and believing that what you want orxperience is different and wanting to share it with the world The terms and phrases that come out of this fnord illuminati AUM You ll like it inside the apple All Hail Discordia Law of Fives Aneristic Illusion Paratheoanametamystichood tc may not all be original but they have built a part of a culture Much like it s worth seeing Monty Python ven if you don t get the humor to understand the code It inspired two The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant excellent card games and a wide variety of bits of other games books comics and so forth This book is one of the best tools for an adolescent or young adult not YA young adult colonostickectomy A young person hiding their creativity and trying to be serious so they can make it through life will get a huge amount of value from this book You have to forgive them for believing the viewpoint for a few years and then you have to forgive them for rejecting it for a few In thend they ll probably come to a happy medium but they ll always be gratefull for getting that damned uncomfortable thing out of their buttOh yeah the first 100 pages suck Really They re bad But they re never referenced again well until the last 100 pages which you really just skim looking for jokes so skim them or skip them You really don t need to start reading until the words Egyptian Mouth Breeder appear on the pageActually that might be the simplest and best review of allYou really don t need to start reading until the words Egyptian Mouth Breeder appear on the page. Space the three books of The Illuminatus Trilogy are only partly works of the imagination They tackle all the cover ups of our time from who really shot the Kennedys to why there's a pyramid on a one dollar bill and suggest a mind blowing tru.

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