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Larry Niven published Ringworld in October 1970 to much acclaim the novel won the Hugo Nebula and Locus awards for best science fiction novel in 1970Any fan of the genre will be familiar with Ringworld it s freuently cited as one of the best ever and I ve seen it on countless bookshelves and it has long been on my radar to read It s a SF classic and has no oubt been wildly influential on scores of works since it first came outTo be #Blunt I Was A #I was a Saint Germain On Alchemy disappointedI liked iton t get me wrong it s good SF and fun A charismatic and eclectic band of adventurers from the far future set out to explore a mysterious and MASSIVE object in space a RINGWORLD ancient and made by Chasing the Red Queen distant aliensThe ragtag team is composed of two humans Louis Wu and Teela Brown a Kzin named Speaker to Animals a Kzin is a huge truculent cat alien kind of like a fuzzy Klingon and we re the animals BTW and a strange alien called a Puppeteer who is very much a behind the scenes kind of guy The four ride air cars and explore the MASSIVE really mind bogglingly big Ringworld and make some unexpected findsI compared this to Arthur C Clarke s brilliant Rendezvous with Rama and John Varley s Gaean trilogy all books about finding an ancient mysterious alien construct world Whereas Clarke s characterization is as almost always for him visibly lacking Ion t think he tried very hard in that area Niven can put some good Haylee dialogue together But I wanted to know about the Ringworld and he focused on the 60s kitsch journey Other readers will nooubt be turned off by his over the top sexism and somewhat The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) dated scienceescriptionsMaybe in *1970 This Was Groundbreaking * this was groundbreaking I can see the influence on later SF but I ll stop here though he wrote some seuels On Luis Wu s 200th birthday he is approached by Nessus a uasi euine alien species knows as Puppeteers because of the two heads sprouting from their backs that are tethered by strands of skin to undertake a remarkable journey Being 200 years old Luis has seen his share of the universe so he is a bit skeptical when Nessus asks him to join a force of beings to explore the mysterious Ringworld So far so good Enter the rest of the cast First off I have no problem with how any alien is created By my count the possibility of alien life and what these beings may look like are limitless So when Speaker to Animals a Kzinti is aptly Hijacking the Brain described as being lion like and ferocious Iig it likewise when Teela Brown is brought on board as the token human female with sexy attributes I again 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 dig it but with a shameful misogynistic sneer Let s be honest for a minute folks There are plenty of times in 60s 70s and even 80s science fiction where the female beauty is there for nothing than sexualeviance it was a curse of the times But I The Path to Gay Rights do have a problem with how this uartet came to be For my money I wantedetails of how these species interact their histories and even what they are like within their own cultures Granted Niven Karen vs Alien does give some of theseetails throughout the book but I m greedy and I wanted okay most of the book is about the interactions of these four but I still wanted backstory So the story itself Well you seeuhmmhow about this Plot Mysterious sphere reminiscent of a Dyson sphere is floating through space and is begging to be explored I wish I could tell you alas there really isn t to tell You see this is not an adventure novel of space exploration or alien world exploration This novel is all about ideas. The artefact is a circular ribbon of matter six hundred million miles long and ninety million miles in radius Pierson's puppeteers the aliens who isco. .
RingworldThe narrative is eually confusing at times it was impossible #To Visualize What Was Happening Eg With The Shadow Suare #visualize what was happening eg with the shadow suare or what anything looked likeThe protagonists have nonexistent emotional ranges and when they o emote each always in the same way since all four are completely one imensional the reader is told through adverbs and adjectives exactly how they feel how many times is fear used in reference to Nessus for example eliminating any sense of complexity Further there is no wonder Everything is prosaic which is a problem when the iscovery and exploration of the unknown is the focal point of the book When they finally see Ringworld we are told that Louis will REMEMBER THIS 99 BUT IT RINGS COMPLETELY HOLLOW SINCE this 99 but it rings completely hollow since visual impression or sense of awe is communicated in any Singing the Law depth In almost every case their response to the titanic andangerous Ringworld is best Alchemic described asull surprise OMG An enormous artificial structure 600000000 miles long built by an unknown race a really long time agoCharacterization is not much better Louis Wu is two hundred years old which has no conseuence or manifestation at all other than internal reflections on how he is two hundred years old We have Nessus a two headed alien who changes from an intelligent coward with instances of bravery to an intelligent coward with instances of bravery who speaks an additional language Speaker To Animals a member of the feline Kzin species experiences a similarly fundamental character change All of them have no motivation whatsoever for anything besides a generic racial survival motive supernovae will wipe everything out unless they can We Sell Drugs develop fast enough space flight that is never explored in anyetail or complicated in any wayThe exception is perhaps Teela Brown a young na ve lucky girl whose Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ development is obvious because Louis explicitlyescribes the inane ways in which she has changed Why not SHOW us Not that her character changed in a good way she went from being oblivious eye candy for Louis to less oblivious eye candy for another man The only other woman by the way is a near bald prostitute with the unfortunate name of Halrloprillalar Hotrufan She serves essentially no plot function but Literature of Africa does often touch Louis here and there inducing the vaguest orgasms I have ever encountered in literature As an illustration of gender in Ringworld I will leave you with this gemHe got very uncomfortable and stopped sleeping with me He thinks you own me LouisSlaverySlavery for women I think You ll tell him youon t own me won t youLouis felt pain in his throat It might save explanations if I just sold you to him If that s what you wantYou re right And it isNiven s Enlightened WomanThe plot is not much better Nessus the puppeteer rounds up three other crewmates haphazardly in order to explore Ringworld for unclear reasons Then they crash land on the surface The rest of the novel is spent on Ringworld a place so big and empty that it is Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change dreadfully boring The four leads fly around Stuff happens thatoes not move the plot forward At All Or Worse all or worse Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature discernibly contrived so that the plotoes advance in the most mundane way possible without any real character growth or revelation Nothing is explored in any Rebuilding depth and there is no payoff whatsoever The Ringworld is ultimately irrelevant in every way view spoilerexcept for Teela who saunters off with her Conan the Barbarian knockoff boytoy in order to grow as a person or something hide spoile. A kzin a huge cat like alien to explore it But a crash landing on the vast edifice forces the crew on aesperate and angerous trek across the Ringwor. ,

If you re the type of reader that likes to have a solid plotline throughout a story with nice resolutions at the end you re going to #BE DISAPPOINTED THERE ARE FAR TOO #disappointed There are far too uestions that never get addressed again after being introduced and the biggie uestion of them all Who are the Ringworld Engineers is never given Basically RINGWORLD is a novel about the characters insofar as the Reader is allowed to understand them For instance there is a wonderful bit of cosmic politics about why humans and not the Kzinti were given the knowledge of hyperdrives from the Outsiders Think war war warkind of ironic when you stop to think about it Further the mere scope of the Ring is mindboggling The radius of the sphere is set at one astronomical unit that is 93000000 miles Niven explores about000001% guesstimate only put your calculators away of this through his characters Like I said this is a story about ideas And because this idea of a ringworld is so powerful and uniue this novel rightly eserves to be considered canonical Just think where Therapy of Love do you think HALO came from IigressNiven had an idea with this story Nothing Most of the time this would cause a novel to fall flat on its face lose the readernot here It is precisely for this reason that the reader becomes trapped and awed by this story never wanting to leave and always searching for answers Niven allows the reader to leave the novel with all of his ideas and the permutations of ideas that the reader had while reading the novelthat is AWESOME Granted Niven Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism did buckle Heid write a seuel ten years later THE RINGWORLD ENGINEERS explaining some of the uestions and giving all those that Museum Activism didn t like the original book a nice tidy bow as an ending I can t say that I ve ever read this I can say that I will never read this because Ion t want to lose the magic #Of This Novel If You Clarke #this novel If you liked Clarke RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA you ll like RINGWORLD If not you steer clear of this one HIGHLY RECOMMENDED I can t believe this won three big awards The story is about as interesting as the trade war minutia of Episodes 1 3 of Star Wars In non geeky terms not very interesting Actuall Well this book won both the Hugo and Nebula award in 197071 for best novel and who am I to argue with the voting panels In my view this book is astounding SF pun intended its characters are well built and the story is just so far reaching with brilliant science to back it upI first read this sometime back in the late 70s and have re read it a couple of time since but it has to be 15 years since I last read it oh how I have missed books this far ranging this broad in their scope this thought out and just this enjoyableShall I go onto seuel number 1 well the problem is I can t seem to find it so I shall have to buy it to carry on the adventureIf you are a SF fan and have never read this book then I urge you to Narcissistic Mothers do so you will not beisappointed Thank you Mr Niven for this truly marvellous story I started this book expecting an awesome experience it won the Hugo AND Nebula awards after allToo bad it was a hot mess The smile is because the book was lightheartedWhat to say of Niven s prose other than that it is horrible The Falling For A Kingpin dialog is stilted often it is impossible to tell what the characters are talking about because their references are unclear or new information necessary to understand WTF is going on passes through the cardboard cutoutprotagonist s head only after the page long conversation has ended. Vered it are understandably wary of encountering the builders of such an immense structure and have assembled a team of two humans a mad puppeteer and.