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Speak of but suitable enough to capture the feeling of 1890s North Dakota and the essence of life at a ranchI also have to point out my incredulity to have North Dakota and the essence of life at a ranchI also have to point out my incredulity to have an ENTIRE chapter devoted to foreplay trigger view spoilerPhysical Abuse H leaving bruises and forcing himself on h hide spoiler I really liked this book The H and the h both had some issues his first wife cheated on him and she was the daughter of a prostitute known and the saloon owner nknown who had been given to a couple who purportedly wanted children but in reality wanted cheap slave labor The H seemed to not be over his cheating wife as evidenced by his behavior his new innocent wife when another cowhand started pestering her Because of the H s past he let past history color his attitude toward his new wife Thankfully he got over himself and realized his love for her This is a strange story from a woman who has written a generous number of really great books This isn t one of them The story great books This isn t one of them The story out with an interesting premise but dipped into tedium rather soonKatie is running away from the only home she s known when her mother died she was handed over to the Schrader s who promptly turned her into a slave for 12 years When she gets to town she realizes the only turned her into a slave for 12 years When she gets to town she realizes the only open to her is in a saloonWhen she arrives in the saloon she is immediately befriended by John Roper the foreman at a local ranch When he sees the bruises and finds that she has no one to take care of her he hires Katie to cook and wash for himThe Schrader s file charges against John for stealing Katie and raping her both lies the judge tells John to marry Katie to protect her and himself I had a problem with their ages Katie isn t Gone til November uite 18 and John is 30 I know May December marriages were common in that day but Katie was incredibly innocent and naive It was the combination of 12 years and Katie s extreme lack of experience that I found troublingAnother thing that grated was Katie calling John by his first name Folks just didn t do that especially since the relationship was between employer and employee at firstIn order to add drama to this pitiful tale the author wrote John as having a cruel streak It just didn t fit the rest of the story I know his history but it just didn t ring trueFinally Katie decided to be TSTL late in the book Between Katie s strange behavior a plot that really dragged and the book sounds like it had been written by Pollyanna I wasnimpressed Too Stupid to Live Eden was my first book from this genre and I loved it It didn t start out that way though The story is set in Eden Dakota in 1890 and the hero and heroine meet in the first few pages Katie stumbles into a seedy bar to escape the cold of night and is saved from the advances of several bar rats by John Roper He s a local rancher and well respected within the community We discover. Er alone to face a roomful of rowdy cowboys and whatever desperate circumstances had brought her there in the first placeBut how he got from those first thoughts to making her his wife was something he ,
Bruised and battered Katie stumbles into the Dogleg Saloon John Roper realizes that she needs help and takes her to the kitchen where the cook feeds and tends to her When they realize she needs protection John offers her a job as his housekeeper on the ranch where he is foreman Katie is not Turning The Professor Into A Crossdressing, Sissified and Feminized Pet - A Tale of Forced Feminization! uite 18 and innocent the daughter of a deceased prostitute who was given into the Schrader s care when her mother died They treated her as slave labor and now Jacob was trying to get in her bed so far his wife had caught him so she ran The story is mostly set on the ranch with Katie learning what kindness is and determined to do a good job in exchange Jacob Agnes try to get her back which results in Katie and John marrying to protect her John is a widower whose former wife wasnfaithful resulting in a disease that killed her His lack of trust is the second issue of the story Both of these people come into their Don t waste your timeWorst book ever Which is too bad because I have really liked some of her other books I couldn t even finish this one No plot to speak of A boring Stepford like wife and her eually boring husband I kept waiting for this story to go somewhere Never did Don t waste your time with this one This was one of the absolute worst books I ve ever read I wanted to finish it for the pure fact of finishing it It started off really well and that s why I started reading It just gets worse and worse the you read The hero of the story is 30 I started reading It just gets worse and worse the you read The hero of the story is 30 which isn t a big deal Fortinbras at the Fishhouses until you realize the romantic interest is 17 The 17 year old is extremely naive and doesn t even know what sex is The 17 year old was abused for her entire life and doesn t like anyone to touch her Understandable Not even a month later the hero and the 17 year old are married and he s forcing himself on her and she doesn t even know what is happening Later on in the story the hero gets very jealous when a man assaults the 17 year old he gets mad at the 17 year old and blames her Then when she gets mad that he yelled at her he gets mad and endsp bruising her When she s A Way Youll Never Be upset for a while he endsp basically raping her into submission Then she ends Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers up pregnant and has a baby at 17 great story Right when I finished I threw the book across the room I couldn t believe how badly it ended Heroine was just too too toonbelievably naive Couldn t suspend my disbelief and life s too short to read books you constantly want to throw across the room Ok I think this is what I had envisioned for a Harleuin book damsel distress saved what I envisioned for a Harleuin book damsel in distress saved hunky hero fall in love the end Well the damsel is somewhat in distress but who is also UNBELIEVABLY naive and is saved by a very reluctant hero whom said damsel is very trusting with Despite this and the fact it could have done with some major editing it s an engaging enough read The writing is nothing to. Something about the woman hit John Roper hard right in the gut She was frightened her face bruised yet her inner beauty and bravery were immediately apparent And there was no way in hell he was leaving
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Katie not yet eighteen is running away from her foster Parents John Immediately Notices The Bruises All Her And The John immediately notices the bruises all her and the that she doesn t appear foster parents John immediately notices the bruises all over her and the fact that she doesn t appear have a single worldly possession other than the clothes on her back and he makes her an offer she s in no position to refuse Katie agrees to live with John as his housekeeper and cook He seems to believe himself when he assures the locals he s intentions are pure of course we know it ain t gonna stay that wayThings begin very slowly Katie is afraid of any man s touch whatever his intention because she s been physically abused at the hands of a man for so long John s intentions are innocent enough to start off with and he just wants her to be able to be near men without fear wants her to know good men exist and that he s one of them It s all about building trust and he determines to protect this innocent girl with every ounce of his being All is well Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie until they hit some hurdles namely a bad bout of jealousy on John s part that threatens tondo the trust he and Katie have worked so hard to build There is also the reappearance of Katie s abusive foster parents who are set on revenge at any cost Mixed in with the bad is the good the welcome arrival of Katie s sister Jane also escaping the abusive foster parents Berta the motherly ranch cook who takes Katie The Possible Police under her wing the appearance of Katie s previouslynknown father and a very special surprise arrival Somewhere in all of that Katie and John fall in love and surprise surprise they get their long awaited happily ever after Now I have to be honest I was disappointed with this book as I was reading the first 50 or 60 pages I felt that the author short changed the characters by not providing enough of their histories which made it difficult for me to emotionally connect with them And then towards the end I was frustrated with Katie s character because of her foolishness in one particular situation BUT for all of my complaints damn if I couldn t put this book down I really liked it The author went on to build on the character s histories developed their relationships added some solid secondary characters and it all just grew on me Well worth the read and I ll certainly be reading of Carolyn Davidson s books I was really A Letter To Pakistan uick on the draw to DNF this mostly because of writing style a lot of tell over show and the fact that the heroine is young 18 and escaping an abusive foster parent situation I get that her options are extremely limited but she s awful trusting of the hero she just met especially since she ran away when her foster father kept trying to climb into her bed Also there s child like innocent young girl descriptorssed often to describe the heroine andno Just no A 18 year old girl hooking Before Our Eyes up for an older man the hero may be historical accurate but doesn t mean I want to read it. As still wrestling with the next day He knew he'd put his life on the line to protect her But would a man who knew nothing about being a husband ever be able to give Katie the happy ending she so deserve.