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Cast aside all her self esteem and propriety to chase a man who didn t want her And not only did Brisbane not want to marry her he was being a complete jackass to her I uite agreed with her brother "And Father S Lecture To Julia I "father s lecture to Julia I wish she had listened and behaved like the 30 year old widow she is rather than acting like a willful teenager Brisbane s I don t want you denial schtick is tiresome and if Julia had an iota of sense she would ve realized that a man who was still insisting on behaving like a douche and cutting contact TWICE after getting hot and heavy with her is not worth throwing away her self respect or Besides this is supposedly Victorian England and her ather s an earl why Brisbane hasn t yet been compelled to make her an offer of marriage after the way they ve been carrying on is beyond meAfter that kind of opening to the book I am uite pleased that I even managed to suppress the urge to lob the heavy tome across the room I picked this edition because the cover on the other one looks like a reprehensible Dress Love This dress Love this book things up very well uite interesting torment Although I could see the ending coming the characters are so good that the trip was worth it Less of a mystery than the last two installments very evocative of Wuthering Heights or Rebecca Still Loved it hope the series continues. Ner seems to be alling into ruin along with the house Confronted with gypsy warnings and Brisbane's elusive behaviour Lady Julia scents a mystery It's not long before her desire Gray Bishop for answers leads her into danger unlike any other that she has experienced androm which this time there may be no esca. Epressing2 Julia grabs the bull by the horns and goes after the Brisbane That s what I m talking about 3 Portia is in itend ofThe story wasn t very novel or surprising I elt annoyed that the main characters didn t seem to consider the most obvious thing staring them in the acebut its the character interactions in the acebut its the character interactions makes these novels or me Everyone is coming around to Julia s new strong willed nature which I ind so delightfulMy next complaint makes me eel like a sex crazed personbut the romance is all Noir fade to black I mean COME ON This series is obviously geared to adults with all the subject matterits VERY adultbut constant FADING TO BLACKeven the kissing isn t described Why have we beenlirting or 3 books will continue with the series because I am emotionally invested at this point Since I barely got beyond two chapters I don t think it d be FAIR TO RATE IT AND THUS I WON T to rate it and thus I won t can I stomach of Julia essentially throwing herself at Brisbane when he has made it uite clear repeatedly that he doesn t want to see her doesn t want her around and she is most definitely unwelcome at his house No If it was Brisbane stalking Julia s every step and refusing to accept no or an answer I suspect we d Gaffer find the behaviorar off putting Even with that issue aside I ind it difficult to continue supporting an heroine who "was willing to. Kept in the ace of Lady Julia Grey's incurable curiosity In the teeth of protests "willing to. Kept in the ace of Lady Julia Grey's incurable curiosity In the teeth of protests her conventional stuffy brother Lady Julia decides to pay a visit to the enigmatic detective Nicholas Brisbane to bring a woman's touch to his new estate Grimsgrave is haunted by the ghosts of its past and its ow. .

35 stars Silent on the Moor is the third book in this LADY JULIA GREY series and Julia and Nicholas Brisbane are still trying to igure out what their relationship is and if they even have a relationship But luckily there are mysteries to solve and murderous people to distract them and us rom their relationship woesJulia d The third book in the Lady Julia series was a little gothic than her previous two stories I thought it worked well though I elt creeped out the entire time I was reading this book Deanna Raybourn is such a wonderful storyteller I m Amazed With Every Book with every *book read by her i ve been to * read by her I ve been to many different and uniue places just by stepping into her stories and imagination This time I was in the desolate wild moors of England She s so vivid with all the surroundings and even with the charactersI just absolutely love reading DR s tales Alas the mystery was decent and I m Happy To See Some Conclusion In Brisbane Julia S Relationship to see some conclusion in Brisbane Julia s relationship simply cannot wait to read the rest of the series although because I know there s only a couple left plus novellas I m pacing myself HAPPY DANCEThis one is my avorite in the series so arfor SO many reasons1 Although I have never been to the Moors I FEEL as though I have thanks to the Bronte sisters so everything surrounding this locale is always magically enhanced to me and usually This is a wickedly witty Lady Julia Grey mystery 'There are things that walk abroad on the moor that should not But the dead do not always lie uietly do they lady' It is England 1888 Grimsgrave Manor is an unhappy house isolated on the Yorkshire moors silent and secretive But secrets cannot be long. ,

Silent on the Moor