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So sedate and uneventfully dull despite their opulent surroundings they appear colourless and Motionless It Is Ultimately It is ultimately tr The blurb on GR gives a good summary so I will start with that as the first paragraphWinner of the 1921 Pulitzer Prize The Age of Innocence is Edith Wharton s masterful portrait of desire and betrayal during the sumptuous Golden Ag We can t behave like people in novels though can we A few years ago I read The Age of Innocence and thought it was okay It has something of an Austen sue feel criticisms of middleupper middle class society paired with a subtle and clever humour and a love story here deliciously scandalous But it s taken me a few years to come back to this novel and appreciate the magic Wharton has brought to the tableThis little book is so clever Everything about it from the damn title to nearly Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead every piece of dialogue is perfectly placed and often ironic Things that didn t hit me fully the first time around became so much important in this reread Wharton knows 1870s New York City like the back of her hand she knows its habits its traditions and itsxpectations of people She creates a rich twinkly picture of parties and social standards that is both delightful and ultimately ridiculous then she throws a spanner in the worksNever has a love triangle been so welcomed by me This isn t the modern affair we re used to where a girl must choose between hot guy 1 and hot guy 2 Nope in this story Newland Archer is torn between the stability comfort and duty he can be offered by the socially favoured match with May Welland and his passionate all consuming love for the unconventional rebellious and ostracized Ellen Olenska Each time you happen to me all over again It s as important as it is beautifully written Wharton casts an Bryozoan Evolution eye over this society both disdainful and affectionate Incorporating issues of femalemancipation into the story never has the idea of a woman Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) enslaved by marriage and convention seemed so unattractive from a male perspective Newland Archer is full of modernity and the call of new ideas but finds that any freedom he poses to May she would receive only with the intention of pleasing him Though it should be said I believe May is far than she seemsIt s hard to read thending of this book without feeling emotional but the Silvers Edge exactmotion may differ with your interpretation Ambiguity but the xact motion may differ with your interpretation Ambiguity supreme as this novel finds its close and Going Berserk even the coldest of unromantics will surely have their hearts pulled along for this ride One of my favourite tragic love affairs Only I wonder the thing one s so certain of in advance can itver make one s heart beat as wildly Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr. Reţine coregrafi a de salon trei personaje se văd forţate să şi regândească decisiv valorile şi implicit deciziile şi conduita Ellen Olenska însăşi verişoara i proaspăt logodită May Welland şi bărbatul care pe cale să i devină soţ Newland Archer singurul atent la viaţa străinei pe care toţi o arată cu deget. Yes indeedy what could be jejune than another arly 20th century novelist choosing as her subject the problematic relations between the sexes amongst the idle rich D H Lawrence and Henry James do the same the first like a big dog gnawing rich D H Lawrence and Henry James do the same the first like a big dog gnawing a bone and finding something it mistakes for God in the marrow and the latter in his infinite cheeseparings putting the whole thing into the form of a three dimensional chess game played by sardonic French subatomic particle physicists who you suspect own little dogs the kind you want to step suspect own little dogs the kind you want to step and suish And many other novelists great and small dance about on the same subjectWell Edith Wharton starts off like she is trying to get at something very interesting in The Age of Innocence Here is the young man contemplating his future marriage What could he and she really know of ach other since it was his duty as a decent fellow to conceal his past from her and hers as a marriageable girl to have no past to conceal He reviewed his friends marriages the supposedly happy ones and saw none that answered Autobiography and Other Writings even remotely to the passionate and tender comradeship which he pictured as his permanent relation with May Welland He perceived that such a picture presupposed on her part thexperience the versatility the freedom of judgement which she had been carefully trained not to possess and with a shiver of foreboding he saw his marriage becoming what most of the other marriages about him were a dull association of material and social interests held together by ignorance on the one side and hypocrisy on the otherMuch later the young man sadly muses thus There was no use in trying to mancipate a wife who had not the dimmest notion that she was not free apart from making you think how very rude this begs the uestion what liberty xactly did this proto feminist man suppose could be accessed by upperclass females in the 1870s in New York Edith Wharton s clear intelligence makes me think that ambiguity clouds these various musings only because she fears she s already been too bold So this compelling theme gets lost when she subtly changes gear Still there are Unbeatable Mind (3rd Edition): Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (English Edition) eBook: Mark Divine: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. enough zingers to keep you reading and relishing for instance What if niceness in a wife carried to that supreme degree were only a negation the curtain dropped before anmptinessHmm what if indeed Or concerning the rigours of class in New York It seems stupid to have discovered America only to make it into a copy of another country nice one Edith There s no getting away from it Edith is indeed Henry James in drag and this novel is kissing cousins to the arly HJs like Washington Suare The Bostonians and The Portrait of a Lady These idle rich they re dull buggers Romanul Vârsta inocenţei considerat una dintre cele patru capodopere marca Edith Wharton a fost premiat cu Pulitzer Scris a mărturisit autoarea prietenilor ca o reacţie la catastrofa războiului Vârsta inocenţei se întoarce la lumea dispărută a copilăriei lui Wharton în anul 1870Romanul aduce din nou în scenă acea veche.

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The Age of InnocenceOu know indeed Edith goes on and on about just how boring their lives are as she describes the dining the travelling the frittering the spending the ladylike sports the ladylike ladies did archery no not nude mud wrestling what large sums would I not pay to read Edith Wharton describing such a scene the families the clans their history their posh houses their posh horses oh please spare us half way through you really wish that the fabric of space and time should rend asunder and a scary bunch of Sendero Luminoso guerillas break into the great ballrooms and dining rooms and haul the whole pack of them off to the sweaty jungles of Colombia for some serious political indoctrination Plot spoiler this does not happen Instead this book is a study of circumscription and circumspection of people the hero the heroine and the wife not getting what they want And as such when we are able to skirt round the pages of orotund description A winding drive led up between the iron stags and blue glass balls mbedded in mounds of geraniums to a front door of highly varnished walnut under a striped verandah roof and behind it ran a narrow hall with a black and yellow star patterned paruet floor upon which opened four small suare rooms with heavy flock papers under ceilings on which an Italian house painter had lavished all the divinities of Olympus did you get all that Mr Set Designer the heart of this tale is sad and almost beautifully done But really mimsy with itPS I saw the movie too which was as Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript elegant as all get out apart from the dodgy Enya like song splodged in the middle That Michelle Pfeiffer cor blimey I wouldn t kick her out of bed Still and all the movie is a 100 minute argument as to why you should read the book instead because what s missing is Edith Wharton s mind which is a great place to dally in You get voice overs in the movie which only serve to remind you how literary adaptations however spiffily dressed up and aren t they all are not the real deal they re the unreal deal These movies are like aides memoires on gorgeous notepaper written with a ten thousand dollar pen The note says read the book Myself and the Pulitzer prize have previously not always seenye to ye but Finally I have read one worthy of giving top marks to This golden oldie captures the wholesome atmosphere of American life and the highest standard of American manners and marks to This golden oldie captures the wholesome atmosphere of American life and the highest standard of American manners and from a bygone ra where modern ideas are resisted and tradition overcomes compassion The inhabitants of this hothouse of New York society is built on wealth life is lavished Infamous easy and comfortably cushioned but this world may just as well have been covered in a blanket of cobwebs as the lives are. Societate newyorkeză înţepenită în prejudecăţile din care îşi făcuse în timp un set rigid de cutume sociale Sosirea din Europa a contesei Ellen Olenska după o despărţire comentată de toată crema respectabilităţii newyorkeze declanşează un adevărat scandal Dacă lumea bună din jur discută pentru că aşa se înt.