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I tried to re read this again last night but only

half way through Wow I how aggravating Becky was in this book Selfish is not the word We also get a ridiculous plot point included in this one with adding a character that was not needed at all I still say that Kinsella adding Jess was the death knell to this whole series I honestly thought she had better sense than Becky which isn t saying much Shopaholic Sister follows Becky 10 months into her honeymoon with her husband Luke Becky thinks about going back home but they still have 2 months to go She and Luke though are getting tired of living out of hotels poor things and do miss their family We find out that while they were away Suze had twins that are now about 2 months old They decide to return home after Becky obsesses about a stupid bag Of course Becky is shocked that things have moved on while she was away Suze has another friend another best friend it seems and her parents appear to have secrets from her Becky is finally told though that she has a half sister and that her name is Jess Since Becky is feeling wounded over Suze she decides that she and her sister will be best friends and do tons of things together Sometimes I forget that Becky is not 12 in this series even though she acts like it Of course Jess is nothing like Becky and she hates shopping Becky is still obsessed with shopping seriously there s a whole thing going on with regards to a stupid angel bag and Becky once again landing Luke in trouble cause she doesn t think though Kinsella weirdly makes Becky way less likable in this one She Says And Does A Lot Of Terrible and does a lot of terrible to people in this one that I was just over She apparently went to multiple countries and bought a ton of crap Luke rightfully puts her on a budget after cutting up her credit cards and she gets all resentful about it I justlook I will be here all day if I get into this but she sucksThe other characters have barely anything to do in this one since we just follow Becky around while she acts like an ass and lies about a lot of thingsThe writing just lost it s sparkle for me in this one The flow was okay it s easy to read and ignore I thinkThe ending made me roll MY DAMN EYES I THINK I damn eyes I think I supposed to be all es Becky and all of that but she s ridiculous and never pays any conseuences for her behavior Very enjoyable Becky is truly one of the most annoying characters I have read about but it s still so funny the situations she get s herself into the conversations she has and the way she justifies certain actions That woman lives in a completely different world That makes this series definitely entertaining Shopaholic and Sister is the fourth installment in Sophie Kinsella s Shopaholic series and is my favorite to date Becky Bloomwood just tries so so hard and it all just bites her in the end This installment focuses on than just her spending addiction so I think it was the perfect reprieve in that regard I enjoye. Becky Bloomwood ora felicemente sposata è di ritorno a Londra dopo una lunadi miele in giro per il mondo Ma uando Becky rimette piede a casa è un po'giù L'ex giornalista economica e personal shopper non ha più un lavoro sisen. ,

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Shopaholic SisterD it so much What the fuck WHEN IS BECKY GOING TO LEARN HOW TO BE A HALF WAY REASONABLE HUMAN BEINGOh my god I just get increasingly ANGRY at her inability to be ration for than two seconds I don t understand how this woman is supposedly an adult How long does it take to figure out that LYING and HIDING STUFF never is a good idea Especially when she does itThis girl just doesn t learn Maybe I just hate when people unnecessarily lie to their partners and best friendsAnd I am totally pissed at Danny for being a flake Can t help but love and root for Becky By this book Becky Bloomwood is too annoying to read about It s the same crap over and over again and after three books of reading the same jokes she s no longer funny she s infuriating I think that s the problem with this series Since the main character suffers from an addiction she s obviously supposed to exhibit the same behavior time after time But this series is supposed to be funny and if ou hear a joke too many times it loses its humor Not only that but since Becky never shows any improvement in the subseuent novels it makes their endings worthless In each book Becky has some big epiphany at the end and we worthless In each book Becky has some big epiphany at the end and we led to believe that she s going to be level headed about her shopping but then every seuel starts with Becky acting just as stupid as she was in the very beginning It kind of makes ou feel like everything she goes through is for nothingBecky also reaches extreme levels of stupidity oops I meant ditziness in this novel At least in the first two books she had SOME intelligence but here she s just plain dumb Sophie Kinsella has stated that she originally planned her Shopaholic series to end after the third one in which Becky gets married to Luke According to her she just missed Becky too much and decided she had to bring her back Well it shows This plot is extremely contrived All of a sudden Becky has a long lost sister whose biggest personality trait is her hate for shopping Gimme a break It would ve been a better move for Kinsella to just skip straight to Shopaholic Baby which also sucks but is better than this one and not bother with such a dumb storyline Personally I think Kinsella should have ended this series after Shopaholic Takes Manhattan I feel like I think Kinsella should have ended this series after Shopaholic Takes Manhattan I feel like I hate these books by nowthey all follow the same pattern of Becky shops Becky gets in trouble from shopping Becky reforms and swears she ll do better ALL the same And et these books are all so funny and entertaining that I can t put them down They re excellent for when I want to read something light because they re well written and they have such likable characters I will have a they re well written and they have such likable characters I will have a time not reading the next one right away In fact I might not succeed in that These books annoy the heck out of me but for some odd reason I keep reading them This time around Becky the spoiled materialistic bumble head is unemployed and married to her sure to be long suffering lover Luke They spend the. Te sola e la sua adorata Suze sembra aver trovato nel frattempo una nuovaamica del cuore Come se non bastasse i suoi genitori si comportanoin modo bizzarro sembrano uasi in imbarazzo come se le nascondesseroualcosa Ma uel ualcosa. ,
Early part of the novel honeymooning around the globe for a ear while Becky secretly spends all sorts of dough on silly trinkets and other assorted things such as two dining room tables that Luke doesn t want or need How the business savvy Luke remains oblivious to her spending is beyond me but oblivious he is until they return home and the huge trucks arrive with all of her secret purchases He frets about the finances and puts her on a budget and of course she has a secret credit card that allows her to continue to do major damage Luke nearly works himself to death while Becky is off putting his career in jeopardy so she can buy a trendy bag Serves him right for marrying the bubble head if ou ask me When Becky returns home from her travels she discovers she has a half sister and is overjoyed with visions of shopping sleepovers popcorn and spending endless hours watching Pretty Woman and Sleepless In Seattle With Her New Sis It S Difficult in Seattle with her new sis It s difficult believe this woman is nearing 30 because she thinks like a spoiled tween Much to Becky s dismay she uickly learns that her new sister isn t all she dreamed her up to be First off she hates shopping is super thrifty is an environmental activist and wisely wants nothing to do with Becky Due to Becky s wildly self destructive antics the new sis warms up to her and eventually opens up This part of the book partially redeems Becky s silly behavior As always Becky means well in this novel and down deep has a good heart but she s such a materialistic airhead she makes me want to scream throughout most of the book I M Sure I m sure I be back for punishment when my library releases the next installment Book 23100 for 2015455Like I ve said before I absolutely love Sophie Kinsella s writing style She creates such strong characters with very different personalities and has them get into the weirdest and funniest situations I honestly thought I would get bored with this series as I kept reading on but the opposite is actually true I can t wait to read the fifth book Shopaholic Baby and laugh even I don t know why but for some reason I liked this book better the second time "Around I Read This "I read this 5 or 6 ears ago and I didn t love it Shopaholic Sister has always been my least favorite I almost skipped rereading it but I decided to give it another shot I m glad I did because I found this book to be so charming and now I can t remember why didn t like it the first time Shopaholic Sister is book 4 of the Shopaholic series starring Becky Bloomwood I m gonna state facts here Becky is fucking lunatic She the kind of person that I hope only exists in a work of fiction Becky is a degenerate shopping addict and she s spoiled rotten And YetI love her and I love this series The Shopaholic series is a fun fast paced read I like to think of it as Literary Cotton Candy It s not good for Riders of the Sea you but it sure does taste good 2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge A bestseller from theear ou graduated High School. è in realtà una notizia incredibile Becky ha unasorella E per giunta uasi sua coetanea Becky non sta più nella pellefinalmente ualcuno con cui condividere tante cose divertenti Perché suasorella sarà sicuramente come lei