(EBOOK / KINDLE) Guilty Pleasures BY Laura Lee Guhrke

S at his excavation site He does appreciate her work but as far as the woman under the unattractive clothes and eyeglasses Anthony couldn t care less Daphne is content to worship him from afar until one day she overhears Anthony discussing her with his sister Viola Her world is turned upside down when she hears what Anthony really thinks of her He doesn t see her as a woman at allshe s nothing than a mousy unattractive subservient person that Anthony refers to as a unfeeling machine and a bug on a stick Daphne is crushed She decides right then and there that she can t work for him any longer so she turns in her resignation Daphne s resignation makes Anthony stand up and take notice He needs her to complete the restoration in time for his museum opening And besides he s a duke He said she can t uit and what he says goesor does it As Anthony tries to convince Daphne to stay everything he believed to be true about this meek little woman is turned upside down The characters in Guilty Pleasures bring this story to life Although Anthony was arrogant and self important his difficult childhood gave him a touch of vulnerability that made him a sympathetic hero As far as Daphne is concerned who doesn t root for the plain Jane heroine who turns things around and captures the hero s heart I now I do This was good This is the first book that I ve read by Laura Lee Guhrke and it won t be the last I really enjoyed her writing and characterizationBoth main characters in Guilty Pleasures were wrote wellAnthony Courtland the Duke of Tre is the typical overbearing conceited and cynical Duke He doesn t want to marry for love due to what happened to his parents marriageDaphne Wade is a smart orphaned and independent young lady who has a huge infatuation in the beginning of the book for the Duke of Tre due to working on his excavation site She nows excavation and archaeology information from her Dad and she s Overall an enjoyable read Miss Daphne Wade works for the Duke of Tre restoring antiuities from a Roman site She fancies herself in love with Anthony the Duke He of course barely sees her She overhears him talking about her to his sister and is horrified by what she hearsShe decides to leave his employment but he tells her she cannot He is a Duke for goodness sake and always gets his own way Well now Miss Wade will make sure that this time you might just not get your own wayI enjoyed their story and how Anthony came to realise that he did need love in his life and he did need Miss Daphne WadeI also liked how Daphne s appearance didn t alter She didn t suddenly become beautiful She was pretty in her own way but not outrageously beautiful Really now this has to stop I sense a pattern in Guhrke s books that I don t uite like it doesn t matter which book I read first because it s bad in any book and fact is she repeats these things in most her books First of all Girl only gets noticed when she refuses guy for some reason andor gets pretty like she was totally ugly in the first place Really It s the most cliche of cliches Don t get me wrong I like cliches I even like Cinderella prettified cliches and I have no ualms about heroines who stand up for themselves Problem is they have to be fantastically and believably written otherwise they just fall flat and I hate em Sorry Guhrke you re flat perhaps not flat as a pancake flat but you re pushing it pretty hard It was dreadful to peel back the characters and find that all there was between them was physical beauty and lust not much Oh it sells itself as love and all that deeper stuff and maybe it passes for a bit but there s nothing much there afterwardsSecond point of contention The main guy candy always just toes the line between jackass and not jackass Not like not jackass is even a compliment it simply means the guy isn t a jackass rather than the guy is a dreamboat While doing this the guy has the nerve to act as if he isn t in the wrongisn t a jackassis the top of the worldthe woman s gotta love him really who wouldn t It s like the guys start off blind to their faults and end up even so because at the end of the book he always comes off as justifiably getting the girl Not sure how to describe this better but Dear LLG heroes piss off I m finding that I don t like any of youThird thing that I m slightly uncomfortable with the heroinesthey certainly have a facade of resistance But it s just that a facade and it s flimsy horrible and degrading Look they even admit it they can t resist him and blah blah blah even though he s a mean bastard and blah blah blah And then they pretend to argue with the hero and blah blah blah and then they fall in his arms and it s all beautifulblah blah blah Why Why do I even bother If "THIS TROPE IS TO BE USED IT IS TO "trope is to be used it is to milked properly for all its angstydramaticromantic worth Oh certainly I understand not being able to resist TallDarkandHandsome but write it convincingly please Ultimately resistance may be futile and we now it to be so but must it be so dreadfully weak resistance Make that man work for it I say It s not good enough until he begs because he s been a dreadful jackass Worse because he doesn t think he s a jackass "Oy it s just a circle of annoyances all around Look I finished the book "it s just a circle of annoyances all around Look I finished the book read every page I m usually a nice reviewer I usually give what a book is worth I love my smutty regencies as well as anyone and I certainly LOVE Kleypas Wallflowers Sebastian so I feel very cheated by this read which has been touted as for people who love Lord Sebastian and Evie No Urgh I don t even now why I m so worked up by it because it s pretty much the standard of regencysmut these days but after I put it down I felt a very niggling feeling to write a scathing review instead of an average one Perhaps you might want to give this book a try and instead of an average one Perhaps you might want to give this book a try and it doesn t work for you like it didn t for me then skip the rest of the Guhrke novels and move on 45 stars Guilty Pleasures was an absolutely delightful read just like all the other times I ve read it Having reread And Then He Kissed Her recently one of my all time favorite historical romances I noticed much this time around the similarities between the two books They both feature often overlooked heroines who are always very much in control of themselves and their desires and who work in unusual female employment under male bosses who have heretofore ignored them when it comes to anything other than business and even then the heroines have ind of just been there seen as diligent worker bees than actual human beingsOne of the things that Guhrke does so well in both these books is that she doesn t have an ugly duckling heroine who is dressed in pretty clothes gets a haircut and turns into a beautiful swan at whose feet the hero then falls In this aspect both women remain throughout the book the women they essentially were at the beginning but how the men view them changes The heroes are awakened basically jolted into realizing that what they assumed was wrong and that they had dismissedoverlooked them when they shouldn t haveOf course through Daphne s relationship with Anthony and Emma s relationship with Harry both women also have their own set of changes They idealizedworshiped and generalizedstereotyped respectively their bosses and through their respective relationships they begin to actually see the man beneath the facade very human and having both virtues and vices As Anthony and Harry s views change Daphne and Emma also gain confidence and learn to demand from others their dueRECOMMENDATIONS1 And Then He Kissed Her Girl Bachelor Series Book 1 by Laura Lee Guhrke 5 stars2 Dreaming of You Gamblers of Craven s Book 2 by Lisa Kleypas 5 stars3 One Kiss From You Switching Places Book 2 by Christina Dodd 5 stars4 Bound by Your Touch by Meredith Duran 5 stars5 Love in the Afternoon The Hathaways Book 5 by Lisa Kleypas 5 stars6 The Proposition by Judith Ivory 5 stars7 Romancing Mister Bridgerton Bridgerton Series Book 4 by Julia uinn 5 stars8 Seven Secrets of Seduction by Anne Mallory 45 stars9 Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake Book 1 by Sarah Maclean 45 star. D rimmed glasses into an enticing beauty he declares the task to be impossible Daphne is devasted when she overhearsand determined to prove him wrong Now a vibrant and delectable Daphne has emerged from her shell and the tables are turned Will Anthony see that the woman of his dreams has been there all along. .
Guilty PleasuresThank God for the older HRI enjoyed very very much this book and this storyI was cheering for the heroine like crazy She took a bad situation and turned it against the hero who in the beginning was a real assAnd she didn t change her mind even when the hero started changing WOW Talk about the ugly duckling LOLThe hero an arrogant man as only a duke can be as we all My Academia know from our deepnowledge of these behaviours is bewildered but such an incredibly daring and irrespectable behaviour How dare she refuse him Him A duke Where the world is goingAnd so their little war startsIt was excellent to see how she thwarted his every attampt to lure blackmail barter her to stay and finish her job She s so so so great at thatExcellent book that everybody who loves HR should read I am re reading all my 5 star rated romance novels There are 60 on my shelf This is book 13 Tropes Boss and Employee WallflowerSpinster Unreuited Love Enemies to Lovers Starched hero gets Unstarched This is how my 13th re read held up With that horrible bun she wears and those dreary clothes the girl s as noticeable as a stick insect on a twig She is so much a part of the background I doubt any man would even see her unless she were standing a foot in front of him and even then he would forget her the moment she was out of his line of vision I The Alchemy of Color Knitting: The Art and Technique of Mastering Exquisite Palettes know I do No matter how painful overhearing those unflattering words fall from her employer s unreuited crush lips I love how they gave Daphne the backbone to take a hard look at her life and decide enough is enough I am leaving She reached into the pocket of her heavy work apron and pulled out a folded sheet of paper I have here my letter of resignation He stared at the folded sheet of paper she held out but he did not take it from her hand Instead he folded his arms across his chest and said the only thing he could think of I refuse to accept it A flicker of consternation crossed her face a hint of emotion from the machine He was even taken aback But you can t refuse she said frowning You can t Unless theing tells me no I can do anything I want he said hoping he sounded uite smug I am a duke after all That reply only disconcerted her for a moment Is your lofty rank supposed to intimidate me your grace she asked in her uiet voice a surprising hint of anger in it he had never heard before She slapped the letter against his chest and when he did not take it she pulled her hand back and let the paper float to the floor I am resigning my position I will be leaving one month from now And once she has her backbone she Pathfinder Player Companion: Alchemy Manual keeps it ok he manages to talk her into 3 months notice Rightly putting Anthony in his place at any opportunity that presents itself Miss Wade can you and I not make peace When she did not reply he added After all you are here for at least the next three months Therefore Two months three weeks and three days she could not resist correcting him And there is no at least about it What a convenient way to prevent anyone from getting close to you she murmured and resumed her sketching You can always pull rank I do not think how I treat my servants is your concern No she shot back without looking up It is yours Are we uarreling again Miss Wade He drew a deep breath and raked a hand through his hair How is it that you and I seem to be doing that so much of late Because I no longer allow you to treat me like a nameless servant perhaps Have I been doing that She looked over at him her face as unreadable as those of the marble statues behind them Yes While he scrambles not only toeep her for his important work he is also forced to notice her And notice her he does Daphne gasped as his fingertips brushed against her skin too startled to continue arguing with him Now what are you doing She reached up to pull his hands away but her efforts were futile That bun is almost as hideous as the apron he answered as he began removing pins from her hair the pads of his thumbs brushing against the sides of her neck Since we are alone and there is no one here to stop me I am ridding you of it I have wanted to do this for days He shoved the last hairpin in place and lowered his arms As he stepped back to survey his handiwork Daphne felt that horrid ache of vulnerability Fading into the wallpaper was so much safer than being noticedHis lips tightened If he said one horrid thing just one their bargain was off His museum and her future could both go to the devil Much better Miss Wade He broke off and took a deep breath You look very pretty There was something in those words or perhaps in the almost unsteady note of his voice as he said them that caught at her heart that made her want to believe he meant by it than he really did but she would not delude herself ever again to think he set any "Store By HerI Loved "by herI loved Anthony over several weeks tries different approaches to get her to stay they are forced not only to get to now each other but also realize they "Like Each Other I Also Have A Picnic Would You "each other I also have a picnic Would you to join me She moved her hat out of the way for him to sit down beside her Your cook is generous with your larder and I have far too much for one person He remained standing Are you certain you want me to do so After all he added softly you do not like me Remember If you are still waiting for that apology you can just go away she answered with spirit If you are prepared to be nice you may stay Thank you He bowed to her I shall endeavor to be as charming as my nature will allow She looked at him with doubt I do not now if that is enough your grace Anthony gave a shout of laughter He let her go took a step back from her and bowed She suspected an answering bow was reuired of her and she crossed one ankle behind the other and dipped a short curtsy No no Miss Wade he said smiling You must give a deeper bow than that to me I am a duke after all A nee almost to the floor is expected She dropped down again in a deeper curtsy You are just loving this aren t you Well yes he admitted as she straightened again Of course all that time together leads to where we all want it to go What do you want His gaze moved to her mouth lingered there What are you offering Daphne licked her lips and she heard his Sharp Intake Of Breath Three intake of breath Three she whispered You may have three days Three days You are a miser Miss Wade She had to stick to her guns She had to be strong Three days No A week Three days No then What else do you have to offer He bent his head moving closer just a little bit closer If a iss from me is what you desire Miss Wade all you need do is make your wishes clear It wasn t as if she were in love with him any She no longer cared what he thought She had no doubt he d The Gnostic Religion kissed dozens of women and he wouldnow how to do it properly She would so hate her very first Computational Molecular Biology: An Algorithmic Approach (Computational Molecular Biology) kiss to be disappointing Shenew this was a game between them now and he was giving her an opening Daphne took itShe drew in a deep breath and turned around to face him She curled her fingers around the edge of the shelf behind her raised her chin and looked him in the eye I should like it very much if you would Mocktails kiss me Still touching her face he bent his head to rest his forehead close to hers You see he said his breathing ragged as he looked into her eyes how much power you have when you choose to wield it Doubting Anthony s motives Daphne sticks to her plan of leaving for London to enjoy a season before finding a post as a governess What no temptations to make me stay your grace No talk of our friendship and my beautiful eyes Her voice cracked No farewell and good wishes for a faithful member of your staff He shoved away from the door and started toward her a shadow of black and gray God Daphne what do you think he demanded as he circled the table to stand behind her That I am made of stone Is that not what you think I am made of she countered and tried to step around the table but he would not let her He pulled the pieces of her apron away and tossed them over her head onto the table behind herShe heard a rocking sound followed by a shattering crash and shenew he had just smashed that priceless ancient vase to smithereens. For prim and shy Daphne Wade the sweetest guilty pleasure of all is secretly watching her employer the Duke of Tre as he works the excavation site on his English estate Anthony hired Daphne to restore the priceless treasures he has been digging up but it's hard for a woman to eep her mind on her work when .

Her last day s work wasted She began to laugh against his mouth You broke it What was it he asked tearing away from her iss to bury his face against the side of her neck Samarian vase she gasped made at Trier Priceless He jerked at the ribbon of his cloak and the heavy garment slid from his shoulders to land on the floor I shall mourn the loss tomorrow Unfortunately a clumsy gesture deepens Daphne s resolve and she goes to London forcing Anthony to think outside the box She makes it uite clear what she thinks of his ideas He lifted a potted plant from its tissue paper wrappings a pathetic looking thing to be sure its succulent leaves wrinkled and blackened The plain clay pot in which it was contained was ice cold in his hands Anthony burst out laughing Words cannot express how happy I was to receive a dead frozen ice plant It shows me how much you care 45 DNF 24% No ratingThis is a case of It s me not you I hate DNF ing a book and this is a particularly painful one Southern African Literature: An Introduction knowing how much my friends loved itI d been enjoying this book up until this Daphne accustomed all her life to desperately thin ragged Arabs who looked far older than their years had never seen anything uite like the Duke of Tre It was made clear that she and her father had spent their winter months in Rome thus she must have met other men from a different culture Besides I simply can t believe that in the 24 years of her life she hasn t come across at least one Arab who didn t look desperately thin and ragged And here we have the handsome dashing English duke as a direct comparisonHad I read this book when it was published in 2004 I would have probably simply rolled my eyes and moved on If only we didn t live in the crazy times we do I have become older aware cynical or maybe simply sensitive maybe even overly sensitive But as it stands now as the person that I am now Inow I can t overlook that Some things are simply too raw at the momentBut and I mean it this is me Up until that part I was thoroughly enjoying this book especially Daphne So many of my GR friends enjoyed it and I trust them enough to now that the problem is me I don t want to deter anyone from reading this bookI may very well come back to this and pick it up again when certain aspects inside me have calmed down take into account when it was written and simply enjoy a very well crafted story 5 stars Historical RomanceThis is a delightful entertaining feel good romance about a Plain Jane antiuities restorer who secretly lustsloves her boss Anthony the dashing Duke of Tre and finally manages to turn his cynical conceited head her way and twist his emotions in the process when she up and uits after overhearing his crushing unpleasant personal appraisal It s a charming fun and uplifting read that will have you cheering when Anthony finally begins to see Daphne for the swan and treasure that she truly is 5 stars This book had the honour of being the recipient of the Romantic Times Award for Best European Historical Romance of 2004 It was also the first book I read by Laura Lee Guhrke and it established her as a firm favourite of mine and over the years I have read and loved many of her booksI adore Daphne because it is easier to relate to someone who is plain wears spectacles and by the standards of the time is firmly on the shelf at the age of twenty four She had an unconventional upbringing having lived and worked abroad all her life assisting her father Sir Henry Wade one of the foremost Roman antiuarians in the world on his excavations After her father dies suddenly she is left all alone unwanted by her mother s family in England and virtually penniless Her decision to travel to England and take her father s place shows real courage and I also love her response when Anthony uestions her suitability for the position I am the daughter of Sir Henry Wade and he was the best I was trained by him and now that he is gone there is no one ualified for this post than IAnthony is arrogant inconsiderate selfish and in typical ducal fashion expects to be obeyed without uestion and whenever he wants anything particularly difficult or unreasonable done he can be persuasively charming His cynical attitude to love and marriage does not sit well with his sister Viola but Anthony is adamant that he intends to marry someone who will make no emotional demands on himI did admire him for the sympathetic way he treats his estate workers who are unable to pay their rent and for his determination that the museum should be for everyone not just the wealthyIt wasn t hard to believe that a uiet shy young woman like Daphne who had spent all her life around excavations without any social interactions would develop an infatuation for someone like Anthony I really felt her heartbreak when she hears his derogatory comments but I admired the way she refuses to wallow in self pity She has always tried to please other people first her father and then Anthony but now she is determined to decide her own future and enjoy life with encouragement from Anthony s sister Viola who has offered to introduce Daphne into societyExpecting everyone to cow tow to his every command I enjoyed seeing Anthony s outraged reaction when Daphne tells him she is resigning and his usual coolness and self possession totally deserts him And I love the way she stands up to him and is not afraid to speak her mind You may be a duke but you are not the sun around which the world revolves In fact you are uite the opposite for you are the most selfish man I have I have ever nown Now Anthony must find a way to persuade Daphne to stay long enough to finish his project It was fun watching the various bargains Anthony contrives to gain extra time from Daphne verbal duels midnight dances BWWM (An African American Romance) (BWWM Paranormal Scifi Romance) kisses and the camaraderie that develops between them as they dance flirt and laugh together seems so believable Their witty repartee was enjoyable too Contrary to certain reports I have beennown to be African Literature: Overview and Bibliography kind on occasion Laugh lines appeared at the corners of his eyes though he did not smile But I confess I am not beingind just now Yes I Aliens Rogue Aliens know and it is not going to work He tried to look innocent What is not going to work This blatant attempt to trick me into staying with charm and and other such tactics Inow you are far too intelligent to be fooled by charm or trickery Miss Wade Can we not just say I am using the only weapon I have Persuasion Temptation If I can tempt you with the fruits of my garden of Eden you might stay I applaud Ms Guhrke for not transforming Daphne into some ravishing beauty She remains the same person she always was but Anthony begins to see the real Daphne beneath the drab clothes tight bun and spectacles a woman who is "intelligent funny tender hearted and passionateIt is clear that the circumstances surrounding Anthony "funny tender hearted and passionateIt is clear that the circumstances surrounding Anthony father s death and having To Shoulder The Burden Of shoulder the burden of duties at such a tender age have had a profound effect on him and have clearly shaped him into the man he has become Having seen first hand the tragic conseuences of love he has always been master of his emotions never letting his heart rule his head until Daphne comes into his life I love how he uses the language of flowers to court her his determination not to give up and how he finally opens up his heart to DaphneThere is such a charmimg ending which left me with a lovely warm glow What does a duchess do exactly He took a step toward her Love the duke Love him with all the passion she hides within her love him each and every day of her life MY VERDICT I still love this book as much as I did the first time of reading it A delightful entertaining and romantic love story which I can highly recommend Guilty series click on the book covers for details This review was first posted on the Rakes and Rascals blog Daphne Wade has a guilty pleasureshe can t eep herself from lusting after her super sexy boss She fell in love with Anthony Courtland at first sight but although they have worked together for five months he doesn t now she exists Anthony pays little attention to the homely woman who does restoration work on the artifact. Er devastatingly handsome employer Fall for You keeps taking his shirt off He doesn'tnow she's alive but who could blame her for falling hopelessly in love with him anywayAnthony thinks that his capable employee Money Blues to Blue Money knows all there is tonow about antiuities but when his sister decides to turn the plain young woman in gol. ,