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Blackout at Christmas

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Three couples are stranded in the blackout caused by the strongest snow storm in the last twenty years that s "Enveloped SeattleIn The First Story "SeattleIn the first story is on the way to her sister s wedding when the airport is locked down She s just about to ent a car when the power goes down Luckily for her the last car was Big Bad Detective Agency rented to her sister s future husband s best man Unfortunately than his best man duty Zack is concentrating on convincing his friend not to marry On their way to Spokane they slide off theoad trying to avoid the eight eindeer and are forced to spend the night in a forced to spend the night in a carThe second story is set in a Seattle shopping mall where Gwyn takes three kids from the shelter her sister works for to see Santa She s surprised when the Santa on duty is eally a very hot Santa a police officer under cover trying to prevent a Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism robbery in a jewelry storeWhen the power goes out one of the kids scared of the monsters lurking in the darkuns and hides The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, right in the jewelry store where theobbery is already under way Gwyn uns after him and Nick has "No Other Option But To "other option but to her as a hostageIn the third During a Christmas Eve blizzard in Seattle three couples find themselves in a citywide blackoutWhen their car skids off the oad the best man and bridesmaid are snowbound While struggling to stay warm they spend long hours getting to know each other in the most intimate ways Stranded with the Brides. .
Ovella coffee shop owner Shanna disillusioned with men who seek online to find dates is in for a huge surprise when Kane a egular that constantly brings his on line acuired dates to her coffees shop for their first date offers to take her home in his Hummer when the blizzard turns ferocious Without a generator she packs a few of her belongings grabs her cocker Scotch and joins Kane in his hotel oom strictly as a good deed ecipient But the two soon learn they have in common than their love for coffeeThis was a sweet Crismassy anthology featuring three cute sweet sometimes sexy stories with the first of the bunch being the best the second a little less and the third the worst in the bunch but still sweet enough not to stinkSince they were "Novella Lengths Some Suspension Of Disbelief Is "lengths some suspension of
"Disbelief Is Since The Couples "
is since the couples fall head over heels for each other in a span of a few hours But the Christmas atmosphere likable and ather well developed characters a snow blizzard induced blackout and a omantic display of northern lights make up for the length making this anthology a pleasant and feel good ead4 stars. Maid by Beth CornelisonWhen their car skids off the oad the best man and bridesmaid are snowbound While struggling to stay warm they spend long hours getting to know each other "In The Most Intimate "the most intimate Santa Under Cover by Sharron McClellanOn a trip to see Santa at the mall the lights go out and Loved 2nd two novellas first was well written but not my cup of Tea This Book Had This book had Cute Brainless Stories I "cute brainless stories I this book in an afternoon I eally like Cornelison s writing and haven t ead the other two authors so I was excited to pick this up I liked all three stories and the ideas behind them They even made me laughHowever I didn t have enough time to get to know the characters or get totally engaged in the plot There just wasn t enough to each of the stories for me There wasn t much character development so I just didn t seem to care how things ended in each storyOverall all three stories are forgettable The eason that the book still gets a decent ating is because sometimes that s what I need I need something that isn t heavy and that doesn t cause me to eally evaluate the situations They Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris really were good stories just didn t contain enough for me Good lightelief while trying to get through Kevin Cute stories for the holiday season It was an easy Letters to Rollins read With the cold weather it was a nice book to cuddle up with Iead it in 2 days It eminded me a watching a Lifetime or Hallmark movie. Child goes missing To stay alive this couple must outsmart the Christmas bandits holding them hostage Kiss Me on Christmas by Jennifer MoreyStuck at a coffee shop during "the blackout a man and a woman must share a hotel oom for the night Will this pair of "blackout a man and a woman must share a hotel Scotland Yard room for the night Will this pair of discover what they've been missi.