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Twilight's SerenadeWould not be my first choice if you are choosing to read for pleasure to forget the cares of your day Great readOnce again a captivating story line and fascinating setting This series is encouraging and can t help but strengthen the readers faith Twilight s Serenade the final book in the Song of Alaska trilogy takes place 17 years after Morning s Refrain In this Britta Linduist Dalton s youngest sister returns to Sitka after have been good be for six years After an event she finds herself caring for the children of Yuri Belikov The man finds herself caring for the children of Yuri Belikov The man has been in love with since she was seven Yuri after finally deciding to changes his ways and turn to God is surprised to find his children in Britta s care In all this was a good book I didn t find it slow or anything As always it was well written and entertaining Not gonna lie I did cry at a certain point in this book but I m sure I m not the only one I really liked getting to know Dalton and Phoebe s family and getting to even read about Evie a little bit It was also nice to read about

How Much Britta Had 
much Britta had since the last book The greatest thing though was the turn around that Yuri made The only complaint I have is that I don t really see the need for the time jump in the end Don t get me wrong I liked learning a little about Yuri and Britta s family but I also wished that there would have been another book with this family In all though I m satisfied with how this series ended If you looking for a good Christian romance then I reco. Ta suddenly finds herself caring for Yuri's children and her life intertwining with the man she's tried so hard to forget But Britta's other great love is for the violin and her talent is recognized by Brenton Maltese a conduc. ,
Twilight s Serenade follows the story of Britta and Yuri is very different from the other books because the main characters have a lot struggles than the main pairs the other books Britta is choosing whether she can leave her past and home in the other books Britta is choosing whether she can leave her past and home and join an orchestra in England Yuri is battling the demons of his past and his addiction to alcohol The story was still very exciting and dramatic at times like the other books I really enjoyed how major historic events were incorporated into the story like the earthuake in San Francisco and the Alaskan volcano eruption This is definitely the saddest of the three novels Trigger warning for miscarriage and infant death Both issues are dealt with in a Christian manner which is a blessing but it is still a very depressing topic and worth looking out for if you are thinking of reading this book There are a lot of good lessons about faith and trust in this novel Britta s obsessive love with Yuri is a little much They mention love being blind but Britta seems delusional than anything else Yuri isn t really the kind of romantic interest that you can get behind so as far as romance goes this story was lacking in that aspect You couldn t get swept away and swoon like you did this story was lacking in that aspect You couldn t get swept away and swoon like you did Kjell and Dalton I wondered often if it wouldn t be better for there to be another love interest for Britta that was better than Yuri I appreciate that everything ended p well but this is a different journey as far as romance goes So while the story was still a good read it. Britta Linduist left Sitka six years ago in an attempt to distance herself from the love of her life Yuri Belikov Upon her return she finds Yuri absent and his wife about to deliver a child When tragic circumstances ensue Brit. Mmend checking this series out This is the third book in Peterson s series Song of Alaska Britta has just returned from traveling abroad and has the opportunity of a lifetime to play her violin in a reknown orchestra However she comes home to Alaska with a heavy heart and The focus of this third and last book of the Song of Alaska series focuses on Lydia s daughter Britta now 24 years old Britta had left Sitka Alaska six years before in 1900 to distance herself from Yuri the love of her life when he married another woman She has a passion for music and has traveled the world while playing her violin She Comes Home For A Visit home for a visit being offered a position in a prestigious orchestra and also a marriage proposal from the man who offered her the jobUpon her return to Sitka a tragedy occurs and she finds herself caring for Yuri s children and she finds herself falling in love with the children and she also begins to have hope for a life with Yuri again but is she willing to give p her dream of a coveted position in the orchestra and her chance to continue traveling the worldI enjoyed this story even though I thought
The Tone Of The 
tone of the was a little too preachy at the end There was also
I thought the tone of the story was a little too preachy at the end There was also subplot with a couple of the characters from the previous books being caught in San Francisco during the time of the 1906 earthuake that while interesting did not seem to add anything to the story It was a nice wrap p to the series but my favorite book of the series was actually the 2nd one Morning s Refrai. Tor from England He proposes she accept the coveted first chair position in his orchestra•and also his hand in marriage At a crossroads Britta must determine what her heart truly longs for and if she's willing to fight for