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What the little snippet in Goodreads about this book doesn t tell you is that it s a eally uite "Weird Mixture Of Sports Story "mixture of sports story supernatural mystery with a bonus ecological message All Of Which Sounds Like A Lot To which sounds like a lot to as does the description of Pett s even better Exposure when described as a Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds retelling of Hamlet in the context of contemporary celebrity culture and lingeringacism but Keeper is an engrossing eadThe book opens with El Gato keeper for the team that has just won the football world cup sitting down for an interview with sport journalist Paul Faustino Faustino is expecting material for a handy exclusive about the nail biting final that will win favour with his boss but El Gato takes the interview in uite a different direction He begins with a #vivid but seemingly normal account of his childhood in a logging town #but seemingly normal account of his childhood in a logging town the verge of the South American ainforest and his uselessness in the pick up games that the village kids play after school At this point he is not El Gato the cat but La Ciguena the stork staggering like a drunken goat around the pitchThen one day out exploring the forest to avoid the shame of failing continually in front of the other kids he stumbles on a clearing a flat green paddock and a single set of goal posts And a mysterious flickering figure the KeeperThe Keeper transforms La Ciguena into El Gato through うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] relentless training and some magically written scenes involving theainforest The magic isn t just in the supernatural storyline it s also in the descriptions of the training and the games Great sports writing any great factual descriptive writing leaves you with a deep desire to apply your new found insight to the subject matter for yourself Keeper has made me want to watch a game. This stirring adventure a soccer story a ghost story defies expectations Both lyrical and gripping KIRKUS REVIEWS starred The Prince reviewWhen Paul Faustino of LA NACION flips on his tapeecorder for an exclusive interview with El Gato the phenomen. Of soccer for the first time in years to see how the goalie play the players and the game Maybe 45 I always struggle with A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators rating young adult books I felt this one is good for all ages It might even need oldereaders not because content is mature it just felt #like serious book writing was excellent just #a serious book Writing was excellent Just ight amount of soccer and story Love soccer Then this book is for you Keeper by Mal Peet is a great book that will take you on an adventure like no other Keeper follows El Gato a boy who grows up in a small South American village and meets
A Strange Ghost Like 
strange ghost like that trains him to become the best goalkeeper in the world This book is very well written but I would have liked it even if it had detail on El Gato s time while he lived in San Juan and played for the club team there and of a description of where the village he lived in was and what it was like but otherwise than that it was a very good book My favorite part of this book is how well Mal Peet develops El Gato s elationships with others and how he feels about certain things this development of El Gato Lifting really allows theeader to become attached to him and draw the Mathruhridayam reader into the book even This book also accurately depicts the life in a small forest village and how theole of men and women is much different there than in our society Keeper is a great balance of fantasy diversity and the beautiful game of soccer This is a must ead book for every soccer player or anyone who wants a fun and thrilling book I am not and will not ever be a soccer buff but this book gave me an appreciation for the game that I definitely did not possess beforehand Peet has written a novel that weaves mysticism and football into one package that takes surprising turnsAl. Al goalkeeper who single handedly brought his team the World Cup the seasoned eporter uickly learns that this will be no ordinary story Instead the legendary El Gato narrates a spellbinding tale that begins in the South American ainforest wher.
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Ternating between current day and El Gato s childhood the is taken on a journey from his knobbly kneed talentless beginnings to his World Cup winning present reader is on a journey from his knobbly kneed talentless beginnings to his World Cup winning present s a vivid journey one where every event is written in action packed detail that allows you to be in the moment The characters are expertly depicted El Gato is a character that evolves beautifully like a caterpillar into a butterfly under the tutelage of the mysterious Keeper In the end soccerfootball is a metaphor for life embrace your vulnerability and fear work your butt off and stay open to opportunities and good things will comeIf there was anything to uibble it would be the scenes in present day Some of the dialogue felt a little flat for me almost like it was an untruth At time it was easy to esent Faustino and his interference into the unravelling past of El Gato Perhaps this was the goal of Peet for the journalist to add a splash of The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field reality to the magical tale of the boy and the shadow As theeaders we want to The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division return to the jungle to the Keeper to El Gato s journey as soon as possible It s a fantastic way to build tension within the story and within theeaderIt s a lovely ead Full of joy for soccer the technicalities of the game and of life the need for belief in yourself and the impossible and the joy in success It s #uite a surprising ead that Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl runs the gamut of emotions and turns highlyecommended I eally enjoyed the #a surprising ead that Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide runs the gamut of emotions and turns highlyecommended I Black Gold in North Dakota really enjoyed theealism aspects of this book It s a solid sports book that delves into the spirituality that many people experience with sports I ve e ead this book a few times since the first time I picked this up and I ve enjoyed this as much each time If you ve ever been into soccerfootball I definitely think this is a worth Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection read. E a ghostly but veryeal mentor the Keeper emerges to teach a poor gawky boy the most thrilling secrets of the game A seamless blend of magic ealism and exhilarating soccer action this evocative novel will haunt eaders long after the story ends. ,