The Taste of Night (EPUB)

Trope is continuing and I find that intriguingSadly we perpetuate the seemingly inconsistent cosmology regarding the Kairos why Las vegas Why is the supposed First Issue there Just how does this fit into an actual world instead of a cityAs a 4 color comic book themed story we have to how are the action set pieces There is a chasebattle that Starts In An Orgy The in an orgy the well handled and fun there isa chase and battle at the start with a few good surprises We get some maze chases and short fights that work pretty wellI still want to see a heroine with some backbone hint to the author read the Kitty series of werewolf books to see a spineless character grow nicely and believablyI give it 25 stars It s a chicklet of a book you ll read it in an vening it s Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy entertainingnough Maybe read it before the first This book was freaking fantastic As much as I liked the first book in this series this on just blew it out of the water There is still a lot of mythology being built around what you re reading and sometimes you have to pause to think about what is really happening but it doesn t take take away from the story at all The characters are so relatable You just want to hugpat their headkissbeat the crap out of them And the nd Sheesh The END I can t WAIT to read the third book In fact I think I WON T wait leaves to go read Imagine a world where comic book heroes walk amongst us fighting the age old battle of good vs vil In The Taste of Night the battle is between the Light and Shadow forces ach divided into a corresponding sign of the Zodiac Their actions are chronicled by two comic book writers who publish manuals for both the Light and the Shadow sides of the ZodiacSet in Las Vegas the author built a world that is not out of the realm of possibility Las Vegas provides a rich and colorful background full of sounds lights and action Also a comic book hero would probably not stand out in VegasThis book picks up right where the last one nded Our heroine Joanna Archer is masuerading as her dead sister Olivia Archer I shall now refer to Joanna as OJ OJ is trying to reconcile her mixed heritage as both Shadow and Light The Shadow leader. Re targets are well To find the cure that will save them Joanna must Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival embrace her Shadow sideven if it leads her into an all out battle with the demons of her past. ,

Ok I ll admit it Maybe I was just Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, expecting too much after The Scent of Shadows Becauseven though I Know This Was A know this was a written cleverly plotted book I couldn t help but be disappointed Before I get into why I just want to reiterate that this is an amazing series Vicki Pettersson has created a genuinely uniue universe in an already saturated market I guess these next comments could be considered the nit picking of a fanMy trouble was with the main character Jo While I had uite The Fix enjoyed her scary yet vulnerable character in the first novel she looses all sense in The Taste of Night She goes back and forth from rational to reactionary The plot reuired conflict within the Light Troup which lead to Jo needing a massive personality overhaul for half the book It really felt forced a change contrived solely to fit the action and was inevitably disappointingOne thing that I absolutely loved in this book however was Hunter Pettersson took the tension between him and Jo noticeable from the very first time they beat the crap out ofach other and really rolled with it Although he was a relatively prominent character in the first book I hadn t felt too strongly ither way about his involvement in the story In The Taste of Night he became the sole voice of reason and logic piercing through Jo s muddled narration That alone had me wanting to jump into his unfortunately fictional armsSo considering that Jo s continued infatuation with Ben Traina is pretty friggin annoying He is made out to be the love of her life when all they had together was a few months as teens I mean really That along with an annoying revelation towards the End Made This A Book I Am Never Going To made this a book I am never going to read There were actual chapters that made my yes glaze over no doubt in the vain hope that when I refocused the page would have magically altered Which is kinda depressing when I think about itBottom line I wish I could tell you to skip it but you d be missing out on a great universe Hopefully The Touch of Twilight will return the series to its former gloryhttpdeadbookdarlingblogspotcom2 The Taste of Night picks up where The Scent of Shadows left off Joanna in the body of her sister The Second Sign of the ZodiacBeing mortal isn’t asy Being a superhero is ven harderEven mortal Joanna Archer was nobody’s idea of a victim But now infused wit. .
The Taste of NightLivia is still trying to adjust to her life with the merry band of superheros who battle the Shadow Zodiac She continues to hunt down her superheros who battle the Shadow Zodiac She continues to hunt down her Joauim a big baddy with the ShadowMeanwhile in Gotham City Vegas the Light is chillaxin in their hideout
with the belief 
the belief things are uiet because the Shadow must regroup and all is well Joanne doesn t agree and does what she does best disobey orders to stay put When a super deadly plaue is released on Vegas killing thousands the Light try to find a way to stop it and save those who are sick This series is so different from any others that I find it a fun read The action was non stop and there were some major revelations in this one I Desire in Seven Voices enjoyed this book than the first and hope the series continues to improve withach book Thanks to AH for joining me for a buddy read This is 100% better than the first in the series making it about as good as the average first novel The major plusses are some actual spine in the main character a nice if transparent plot by the Bad GuysTM some deus x machina that fits the comic genre very well and an attempt to clean up some of the absolutely horrible holes in the world setupOur heroine the superhero with no discernable special powers other than the body of a playmate a real playmate she was in the magazine about 6 months ago in the book s continuity finally stands up to the allies who drugged her gave her all body plastic surgery and tell her what to do and when she s allowed to leave the house She still does what they say but she sits on the porch without permission Which turns out to be a problemShe also makes some poor decisions to make some deals on her own which works out to actually give us a plot and not a protagonist watching a plotThe attempt to patch the world holes is nice We get some backstory on the kids at the comic shop who seem to know verything and who write up what they do We also get a brief The Casa Mono Cookbook explanation of why different cities hero and villain teams don t cooperate although it s inconsistent with some information we have about rogue agentsThe love storyies isare handled nicely and no mediocre sex scenes to waste pages The kiss to transfer power. H the supernatural power to alter the battle between Shadow and Light forever what she’s become is a target And when a toxic virus invades the valley her allies