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No Better Place to Die The Battle Of Stones River Civil War Trilogy

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E and Stone s River was no exception Union artillery
to be the decisive factor had of it and many decisive factor had of it and many to se it He does not say how many artillery pieces they had but I counted 31 batteries of 6 guns each in the OOB to 25 4 guns for the South and rare is the account of CSA artillery doing much while USA batteries were crucial in repulsing numerous assaults in the narrative The other big takeaway was my continuing education on just how bad Braxton Bragg was as a general and person Being mostly Eastern centric he was always stage left but his actions on closer study are one of the major reasons the South lost Contrasting Rosecrans and Bragg at Stone s River and is just another shining example of that He may have been the worst major Army general in the entire CW certainly ranks in the top 5 Cozzens book is a fine detailed account of the Battle of Stones River While it didn t gain a decisive victory at least Rosecrans Army of the Cumberland didn t lose the battle and that provided a significant success in the winter of 1862 1863 when all other Union armies faced defeat or stalemate There are not many books available on this battle and Cozzens book is the standard account "of this often overlooked clash in central Tennessee Cozzen writes in a story telling manner rather than a dry robust retelling "this often overlooked clash in central Tennessee Cozzen writes in a story telling manner rather than a dry robust retelling the battle A great military history of a lesser battle from the lesser known front in the Civil War Stones River saw the Army of the Cumberland clash with the Army of the Tennessee in the deep winter Like many Civil War battles there are many excellent small scale stories and the book captures them well The se of maps is appreciated although it is helped that the battle was relatively simple compared to the multi day fights at Chi I m a huge fan of Peter Cozzen. 2 in one of the bloodiest encounters of the Civil WarA mere handful of battlefields have come to epitomize the anguish and pain of America's Civil War Getty. This first volume of Cozzen s Army of the Cumberland trilogy is a bit less accomplished Than those that followed but still an excellent read Very thorough account of Stones River Battle A little dry but ite detailed Told from a military point of view Extremely detailed account of the Battle of Stones River I agree with another reader that you should have your own set of maps of how the battle played out There are several good ones available on the internet in color It was not an easy read as there were so many different engagements taking place during each day and I sometimes felt very confused about what was nfolding over the days this battle occurred I am not all that versed in ACTIONS AND WAS READING THIS VISITING THE "actions and was reading this before visiting the site in Tennessee Actually I found th Solid account of this PIVOTAL RELATIVELY LESS WELL KNOWN BATTLE IN CENTRAL TENNESSEE relatively less well known battle in central Tennessee a chance to briefly visit the Stone s River National Battlefield a few weeks ago and picked this p there Had just read Cozzen s account of Chickamauga a month or two back so this preceded it and was one of the few mid winter major battles Dec 31 Jan 2 1862 63 Biggest ibble is the maps which are sub par but it is well written and generally coherent All these CW battle books suffer from the confusion of the actions themselves and it always makes hard reading the awful wounds and seemingly idiotic frontal assaults Stone s River aka Murfreesboro does not let down in that department The poor South makes repeated attacks into the teeth of Union artillery positions and although having some early success due to surprise the results are predictable You can almost sense how seductive it was the lure of a breakthrough and a decisive victory Yet being on the defense in the CW was almost always a better place to Peter Cozzens meticulously traces the chain of events as the Army of the Cumberland and the Army of Tennessee meet in Middle Tennessee on New Year's Eve 186. ,

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S work and have read the trilogy on the Chattanooga Campaign out of order reading This Terrible Sound and The Shipwreck "of their Hopes before going back to read the first No Better Place to "their before going back to read the first book No Better Place to It has the same impeccable and detailed research Cozzens seems to have the goods on everyone from the army commanders to the privates in the thick of things The book has his sual wonderful narrative flow and the events leading Asimovs Science Fiction, July 2016 up to the battle are clearly described while at the same time the key players characters are well establishedUnlike the other two in the series I wanted maps Certainly of the overall position as the battle developed I also felt we lost the army commanders Bragg and Rosecrans for large sections of the battle while we focused on the brigade and division level I wanted to know what they werep toI d still hugely recommend this book Outside of Shelby Foote no other Civil War writer I know has such an accomplished narrative style and such deep and assured knowledge Perchance I have the opportunity to visit western and central Tennessee in the forthcoming months and I m going to take the opportunity to visit Civil War battlefields that I have never months and I m going to take the opportunity to visit Civil War battlefields that I have never this list is Murfreesboro Stones River site of a three day clash starting December 31 1862 between the Army of the Cumberland Golden Turnabout under General Rosecrans and the Army of Tennesseender General Bragg So I took out my copy of No Better Place to Die that I had read 20 years ago and reread itThis was Peter Cozzens first Civil War battle narrative and he writes in the style of Stephen Sears and others where the story is centered on a battle The book starts with the preliminary strategic situation after Perryville then takes the reader through the maneuve Bring your own set of maps to augment what this book offers. Sburg Shiloh Chancellorsville Chickamauga Yet another name belongs on that infamous list Stones River the setting for Peter Cozzens's No Better Place to Die. .