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I Was A Stranger gA little look see while I take those tits out to an air conditioned lunch I ve pretty much promised her we llive her feminist lit a little whirl so don t break a sweat kid Just scribble some basic notes and advise her to knock off about fifty pages He takes a manuscript off his desk and hands it to the internThe young man looks down at the manuscript "then up at the editor to ask Is it feminist lit sir The editor stands and indicates that the other " up at the editor to ask Is it feminist lit sir The editor stands and indicates that the other at the editor to ask Is it feminist lit sir The editor STANDS AND INDICATES THAT THE OTHER MAN DO THE and indicates that the other man do the Right before opening the door he slaps the intern hard on the back and says loudly in his ear I don t ive a fuck son Two hours later The editor returns his entrance announced by his boisterous laughter He has an arm hooked under Ms Jong s arm and he ushers her in to an available office as he summons the intern with a uick flick of his hand He doesn t know the intern s name and this doesn t embarrass him in the least but he rubs the top of Ms Jong s back as he announces he s leaving her in the hands of one of the best with slightly slurred speech He shuts the door behind him as he leavesAfter a few polite exchanges the intern and Ms Jong sit down across from each other and the intern offers I can t et over how much you physically resemble your protagonist Isadora Wing Ms Jong laughs into her hand Yes Of course We are the same woman Intern Then do you mind if I ask Is this an autobiographyEJ Well it all really happened but no biographies don t sellThe interns pulls at his collar He s taken three aspirins since he started the manuscript and is sweating profusely now He coughs So it s autobiographical but you want us to promote it as fiction EJ Oh yesIntern And my editor he led me to understand that you would classify this as feminist literatureEJ nods vigorously Oh yes NaturallyIntern But why feminist I mean what exactly about it is feministEJ flicks back her head and laughs Well I believe you ve noticed I m a womanThe intern pulls at his tie as though imagining it s become a noose It s just that your I mean Isadora s escapades are so dark so demeaning It s almost as though you don t respect I mean Isadora doesn t respect herself or ANY women And that scene with the man who can t be bothered to wipe his bottom and smears feces all over your sheets during lovemaking Ms Jong smiles wraps her hair playfully around her finger Hot scene wasn t it The intern rubs his face with both hands Tries to keep his cool And no disrespect Ms Jong but are you aware that you use three different tenses alone just in the first chapter I wonder if you could clarify your storytelling vision to me EJ My writing coach always says Write what you know She leans back against the chair exposing cleavage She The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States giggles Daddy always said that airl as pretty as I am will always make a big splash in this world An hour later The intern knocks loudly at the door of the editor and is invited in The editor stays seated a Parliament cigarette hangs from his mouth How d we make out kid The mentally exhausted intern says Put a naked woman on the cover and market it as erotica and walks uickly out the doorThe book is published in 1973 and men with dirty asses and dirty toes the whole world over are shocked to discover their newfound love of feminist litThis review is a work of fiction and the reviewer feels that it was an appropriate albeit snarky response to being trapped in a room for four consecutive evenings with this novel I swear if I have to take another page of this rich uppity bitch s incessant whinings and first world problems I ll rip all my hair outIsadora Wing sooooo envies the fact that German streets are cleaner than those in the US She won all her college poetry writing contests edited the literary magazine ot published kept receiving communication from publishers and yet remains soooo insecure about her writing prowess Her eually rich married and annoying sisters. Zu erkennen daß auch das totale Ausleben aller sexuellen Tag und Nachtträume noch niemanden zu einem freien Menschen macht Über Isadoras sexuelle Abenteuer und Mißgeschicke berichtet Erica Jong mit Witz furiosem Temperament und einer Freimütigkeit wie sie bisher männlichen Autoren vorbehalten schien Von Henry Miller John Updike und der internationalen Kritik als literarisches Ereignis efeiert hat der Roman in den USA Auflagen in Millionenhöhe erreicht und eroberte auch in Europa die Spitzenplätze der Bestsellerlisten. Fear of FlyingT mild stand up comedy it was that old boring thinly disguised autobiography so let me tell you about all my old boyfriends and former masturbation techniues and two really crap marriages and I must not forget to disgorge pages and pages about how I always wanted to be a writer of pages and pages about being a writer Novels about novelists should all be deleted removed from shelves pulped unpublished unwritten obliterated Along with films about "film making songs about songwriting paintings of the painting and " songs about songwriting paintings of the painter painting and of the sculptor having sculpted This arse Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth gazing must stop Memo to artists you are not alone in the universe If you were you wouldn t be able to be despised alienated and misunderstood and what a horror would that be not being despised alienated and misunderstood Every man deep down knows he s a worthless piece of shit joked Valerie Solanis in The SCUM Manifesto in 1968 Ha ha she was only joking right No wait she wasn t she shot Andy Warhol Now that s what I call feminism No mucking around I know it ill behooves me to make pronouncements on this stuff But I think I can say that some books don t really travel through time very well you have to have been there and this is one I thought it wasoing to be plenty sexy stuff but nah Erica just talks the talk she doesn t shag the shag Not in any 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts great absorbing detail And the constant moaning andriping about Erica s sorry her protagonist s rich privileged highly educated upper middle class poetry writing and publishing psychoanalytical conference attending Europe a travelling life becomes a bit rating after a while Also many of the long conversations between Erica sorry Isadora and her boyfriend are like many conversations you may remember in your own tortured yet banal existence Which is why some women jumped on this novel and said yes This is what life is like I m not saying I don t wanna read about what life is like but I don t wanna read about what my life was like especially It wasn t very interesting It also wasn t Jewish or American but there were striking similarities mainly in the rubbishness of the actual conversations But then if your middle class privileged life and its vast angst has always heretofore been rigorously excluded from the pages of The Novel then maybe that is why F of F was a ood thing and is now suffering from the Citizen Kane effect which is where the reat originator in some art form or another now looks rather tacky and tedious and tiresome because everyone has stolen all its ideas blind and copied it for ever after it appearedA deeply unfair 25 stars Summer 1972A top editor at a publishing firm in NYC pokes his head into a break room and says to a young male intern who is pouring coffee Hey kid come into my office for a minute will you The kid is a recent lit rad from Columbia University with a penchant for Joyce and Hardy and an innate distrust for this particular editor He starts to sweat immediately at the man s reuest but stays outwardly calm as he puts down the coffee cup and follows the editor into his officeThe editor makes a big show of inviting the young man in closing the door behind him and seating him comfortably on a small sofa He chooses to lean conspiratorially against his large deskThe intern battles the urge to bite his lower lip How fast can you read kid the editor asks smiling Fast sir Well son I m happy to hear it You see that sweet piece of ass out there in the lobby The one with the cotton that sweet piece of ass out there in the lobby The one with the cotton hair and those sweet braless tits The intern slowly turns his head to look out the office windows and sees a nervous looking blonde seated on a sofa staring at him He nodsThe editor leans in closer That there is a Miss Erica Jong She s a friend of a friend Some kind of poet too She s real appreciative that we re Hello, Snow! going to take a little look see at her manuscript Well that you reoing to take. Weg von New York zu einem Psychoanalytikerkongreß nach Wien an dem ihr Mann teilnehmen und über den sie einen Artikel schreiben wird Die Maschine ist vollbesetzt mit Psychoanalytikern Bei sechs von ihnen war Isadora schon in Behandlung mit dem siebten ist sie verheiratet und mit einem achten wird sie in Wien eine heftige Affäre haben Hin und her erissen zwischen dem achten Adrian und dem siebten Ehemann Bennett erlebt Isadora bei ihrer O dyssee kreuz und uer durch Europa alle Wonnen und ualen der Leidenschaft um am Ende.

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Earlier on this evening I was talking to my sainted mother on the telephone and she noted that I seemed to be reading a lot of intellectual books lately to which I reacted with vehemently indignant daughterly rage I am NOT MomWhy my mother s comment should seem so thoroughly offensive is a fitting subject for my analyst a mythical figure about whom I love to fantasize but probably wouldn t enjoy much if he actually existed though not so much for the internet but I ve ot poor boundaries and terrible judgment so here Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies goesLet s face it folks I ve been having a lot of trouble reading books lately Like a lot a lot and I haven t really been able to figure out why I bottomed out most of the way through the Proust and the Caro s really interesting but I still keep putting it down and daydreaming on the subway This is so terrible What soing onWell it s NINETY FRIKKIN DEGREES OUT and everyone s walking around practically NEKKID How can I think about SERIOUS stuff at a time like this Crazy things are happening all around me There s about eighty bared biceps between here and the train and the ice cream truck blares by every night around midnight it s too HOT to sleep not to mention too loud Anyway maybe my mom s right Maybe I am reading stuff that s too intellectual or in any case too unseasonal too smart for me As I ve been fond of observing lately Men don t make passes at irls who pass classes Note to family pls write that on tombstone And this leads us to an overwhelming uestion which is where is summer 2008 s John Travolta to my own excruciatingly irritating Olivia Newton JohnSee These Are The Kinds Of are the kinds of uestions on my mind these days the thermostat s high and it s melting my brain It s definitely time to stop overheating the poor thing with all this talk about Senates and seascapes so that I can preserve my scarce mental attentions for bikini wax maintenance and miniskirt coordinationDid I mention there re about fifty bared biceps between here and the trainThe librarian irl thing might work in the winter when we re all bundled up but baby it s hot outsideAnyway all this ran through my mind earlier and I really thought that Fear of Flying was the answer to my sweaty stupid prayers I ve been meaning to read this book since forever Not totally sure why but I have and my roommate has a real snazzy skeezy looking cover with a naked lady and everythingNaked ladyUnfortunately so far this is one of the most terribly written piece of crap I ve started in a long time which is why I just sat down here and wrote all this stuff I m procrastinating from my fun trashy read just eight pages in Not a ood signWell we ll seeStay tuned I found myself walking round this book and poking it nervously instead of reading it This went on for days Fear of Flying famously feisty fearless feminist and full of fucking Also well known to be zipless It was like having a landmine on the table if I opened it I could lose a leg or some other fleshly part I d have to learn to type with my ear When I did summon up the courage I was a little bit well deflated As opposed to being flated which I had been It was like pages of stand up comedy of a very middling sort but with buckets of f words and c words Let s make fun of being f word Jewish American and finding yourself in c word Germany Let s make fun of being married Let s make fun of having sex with your husband but thinking about another man Ah look a clitoris What is this a feminist version of The Lucille Ball Show It s all a bit obvious these days Actually it sort of sounds like it was pretty obvious those days too let s see what do you think of when I say the words Jewish American Psychoanalysis And complicated family history involving Nazis And problematic religion Jewish mothers And kvetching A whole lot of that involving Nazis And problematic religion Jewish mothers And kvetching A whole lot of that there s no doubt Fear of Flying was a sensation in 1973When it wasn. Angst vorm FliegenIsadora Wing die selbstkritische junge Amerikanerin ist eine der vergnügtesten und rührendsten Heldinnen der Gegenwartsliteratur eine entwaffnende und hinreißende Anti Heldin Immer auf der Suche nach Erlösern Sinneslust und Sicherheit ständig auf Trab und von einer Angst in die andere fallend versucht sie sich Klarheit zu verschaffen wer sie ist was sie will was sie noch lieber will und woran es liegt daß selten eht was sie am liebsten will Die Geschichte beginnt mit Isadoras Angst im Flugzeug auf dem.