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Snowflakes on the Sea

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S for the first time He was in Australia and reportedly had an enjoyable time The lady is worried that their marriage is in danger She then suffers a collapse from stress at work and the husband rushes home but what does that proveWinter in Seattle is certainly bitter but the story mainly takes place indoors and doesn t move far The supporting characters are well drawn if a little one sided I would have liked a change of pace and setting occasionally and found it a shade slow which is why I am not giving stars However I have some aspects of the tale and other readers may Appreciate It I An ARC From Net Galley In it I received an ARC from Net Galley in for my honest opinion My review for this wonder holiday novel will be linked back here in the future Stay tuned I actually wasn t sure how I would feel about this book when I realized it was a reprint I am not a huge fan of reprinted books I sed to see a book with a bright shiny and pretty cover that I didn t recognize and of course I would buy it and brin. McKendrick had it all the looks the talent the charisma It's not surprising that half the world was infatuated with him No one so than his wife Mallory The success of their marriage had always defied the odds and the rumors Then suddenly the bond between them was damaged and Nat. I sually love MS Miller s
books but this 
but this just had to much fighting tension and Hollywood Drama I am not much into that I am into her Cowboy series The Mckettricks Parable Montana Stone Creek etc Linda Lael Miller s talent was evident in this early work The main characters were easy to envision and easy to empathize with a young insecure woman awed by her enigmatic and outrageously successful husband But even with their vast differences there was certainly drama than necessary Though things happen in the course of this book that would give any woman pause there s 6 years of history between them and he s begun to despair of Ever Convincing Her Of His Love Before convincing her of his love Before the reader begins to wonder too It s clear why people followed Miller s work and how she became the writer she is today This is a romance and character study of two people living in Seattle The lady acts in a daytime drama and her husband is a musician the demands of their work mean that they have been separated at Christma. Christmas 2014 Nathan and Mallory McKendrick remember the troubles and triumphs they faced in the early days of their marriage But their love story is far from over It's a story they tell each other oftenespecially at Christmas Winter 1984 International singing sensation Nathan.