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Nnie Graham was not particularly likable It is not until about two thirds through the text that we begin to feel that we are finally getting to know her When we begin to understand what the authors have done we become immersed in the writing and then and only then does the novel come up to par with the author s other works With a marvelous little hook at the nd they prove that par with the author s other works #With A Marvelous Little Hook At The #a marvelous little hook at the they prove that are masters of psychological suspense and anyone who Imaginary Runner enjoys that type of novel will likelynjoy this oneBy the close of the novel you will find yourself wondering how far you would go to protect the ones you care about A book that stimulates introspection is a very good thing This book was a slow read but overall not badThe story goes between the past and present mainly diving into the life of Bonnie Bonnie hesitantly agrees to put a small band together for her friends wedding Soon you find out there has been a murder and Bonnie seems to be the one who killed this person a person who is in the band a person she may of had a fling with but why did she kill him She drags her friend Sonia into helping her get rid of of the body and it all seems to spiral out of control from there This had all the hallmarks of the Nicci French thrillers I have come to love first person heroine you identify with From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 easily plunged uickly into a mystery and moral dilemma uirky secondary characters script like dialogue that pushes on the plot yet it didn tngage me as the others have It lost pace in the middle and I began not to care what happened to the characters the blokes were particularly unappealing Fresh Water especially the anti hero Hayden why onarth did she bother with him at all I did however persevere to find out who dunnit and the French Daguerreotypes end picked up pace with a bit of a twist Competent but can do better Description Bonnie Graham is standing in a room belonging to a friend At her feet is a corpse straddled in a spreading pool of blood The uestions are numerous who is responsible for the dead body on the floor What does she Bonnie have to do with it And what is her next course of action This opening premise gives some idea of just how uickly and comprehensively Nicci French is able to transfix the reader It is this combination of a shocking situation and the ill advised often self destructive actions of the duo s protagonists which the authors pull off in book after book we may disapprove of what French s characters do in theirxtreme situations but it s impossible not to identify with them Bonnie is a music teacher rehearsing through a sweltering summer in London with a band that is scheduled to play at a wedding Any pleasure the From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read experience might have afforded is tovaporate as bitter internecine divisions within the band make themselves felt and sexual involvements move in particularly murderous directions Baseline three here my least favourite so far3 Killing Me Softly4 Beneath the Skin3 Catch Me When I FallCR ComplicitOH Land of the Living oops I d forgotten about this one This is the best thriller I ve read for a long time The first pages took some getting through a woman Bonnie is in a flat with the body of a man lying in a pool of blood It seems as if she s killed him but has she Sections then follow labelled Before and After Before being before the murder and After from immediately after onward And gradually the Before sections meet up with the first After It s a third of the way in before we learn who has been killed and that s uite a hook In the meantime we learn about the main characters their relationship to ach other as Bonnie gets a scratch band together for a friend s wedding the awful rehearsals the arguments sexual games and jealousies and wonder which of them is the dead man And when we find out we are thoroughly involved with the people and the developing situation The author is in fact two people Nicci Gerrard and Sean French writing together under the name of Nicci French Each time I read one of their thrillers I look for the joins his style her style but can. Ho has spent a long hot summer in London rehearsing with a band It was supposed to be fun but the tricky knots of the band's friendships unravel with ach passing day What was meant to be a sum. ,

Never separate them The book has a unified style the men and women full characters the language rich and insightful I might have put it down in the first ten language rich and insightful I might have put it down in the first ten my sueamishness at someone in a room with a dead body cleaning up But I pressed on and the reward was well
worth it nicci 
it Nicci is one of my favorite Thriller writers And this is one wild ride of a thriller At the beginning of the book we witness a woman Bonnie Graham has killed a man a good looking musician Hayden who tells her himself that she doesn t want to get him involved with him that he destroys *the things he loves Now calls her best friend Sonia to help her * things he loves Now calls her best friend Sonia to help her rid of the body Sonia does come reluctantly to help her But this is net just the start of this book What I like most about this book is its told from different POVs including the victim s and it goes back and forth from before and after on what happens It seems at first to be a typical murder mystery but it has so many twists and turns it is much that Just when you think you have it all figured out you may find out you re wrong I highly recommend this thriller Thanks to the author and Net Galley and the publisher Harper Collins for giving me the opportunity to read this book I found it very hard initially to get into this book partly because of the skipping back and forth between past and present which took me a while to get used to However I soon found myself in the grip of the mystery feeling for the characters as they dug themselves deeper and deeper holes whilst trying to protect Doris Salcedo each other and cover up their own involvement in the death of their friend This is what the Nicci French team do best providing insights into the dark and sinister places in the human heartxploring unhealthy obsessions and love gone wrong the complications of human relationships and the circumstances that make an ordinary person capable of murderUnlike other NF books the plot was not as much of a surprise as it could have been and I was waiting for a better twist at the Twelve Days of Pleasure end or maybe it was just that by the time all was revealed I was no longer feeling asmotionally involved as some of the characters had become a bit tedious and annoying Saying that the book did keep me interested until the Gods Choice endven if out of head shaking frustration over the actions of some of the characters and the repercussions of those actionsNot my favourite NF book but still an ok read if you like their style of thriller The Other Side of The Door really didn t do it for meThis is another book in my multitude of Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye examples of when perspectivetime shifting doesn t work It felt a little bit unnecessary and just a way for the author to make sure that we weren t bored throughout the middle andnd which didn t work for me Almost could just work better as a friend group drama without any murder I was severely bored by the plot I actually did Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France enjoy the writing it was relatable andasy to read But the plot was really lacking in almost all aspects specially just being a thriller and lacking a good protagonist This is a case where I just don t think it s some of the author s best work I m sure there are other Nicci French books that I d njoy but this one isn t something I d recommend The Other Side of the Door by Nicci French Also titled Complicit Bonnie agrees to put a small band together to play in a friend s wedding at the Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild end of the summer One of her band matesnds up dead And the story goes back and forth between the present and the past It Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets ended up being an uick andasy read And I suspected the wrong person So that s always good when you can t guess whodunit I m a bit confused as to why I was approved for reviewing this book when it s been out for years under a different title I don t understand why a author would change the title to one of their books Is the story different I don t know Is it a selling trick I don t know But anyway Complicit and The Other Side of the Door are the same bookThanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the book to review. Mer of happiness music and love turns deadly as lovers betray passions turn homicidal and friendship itself becomes a crime Someone in the band must be a killer Is it Bonnie And if not who is In Nicci French s The Other Side of the Door this chilling novel of suspense will you leave you breathless in very turned page It all started for Bonnie Graham a high school music teacher who discovered a dead body at the other side of her friend s flat s door Like discovered a dead body at the other side of her friend s flat s door Like Olsen s The Girl Before it s platformed with scenes of what vents happened before the discovery and what happened afterwards At first Bonnie and her friend Sonia were the ones that discovered the dead body of Hayden Booth a star musician who happened to join their band for an one time only Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 event for her friend Danielle s wedding When he first appeared on the scene to rehearse with them tensions were so high it could be cut with a knife While Bonnie was seeing Neal she grew attracted to him But when Hayden got violent with her things had come to a head After Bonnie and Sonia disposed of the body and thevidence with it they did the best to cover up their tracks But when he was reported missing to the police it complicated things and made things ten times worse Everyone had a reason to hate him for one reason or another as secret and lies unraveled like a ball of yarn And while the police uestioned her it made her nervous as she suspected one person or another who had killed him with a cold blooded killer Later on she figured it person or another who had killed him with a cold blooded killer Later on she figured it and came head to head to someone she was close to in an ar splitting xplosive climax at how things Runaway Wedding ended and how things started when she opened the door They say Everybody lies We choose to think that our dearest friends would not lie to us but do wever really know another person This novel tests the boundaries of friendship Would you place yourself in jeopardy to help a friend Just how much would you sacrifice for friendship The protagonist in this novel Bonnie Graham is asked these uestions and also asks them herself With the dead body of her lover on the floor she calls a friend to help her and so begins The other side of the door by Nicci FrenchI have read several novels by the British husband and wife writing team that goes by the nom de plume of Nicci French Nicci Gerrard and Sean French They have mastered the art of seamless writing so that the reader doesn t know where one writer stops and the other begins They have a keen insight into human behavior and what makes people act the way they do when under stress They relay this insight to the reader in such a way that the reader Wicked Loving Lies empathizes with the plight of the characterOur protagonist Bonnie Graham is a music teacher and a musician who has recently broken up with her live in boyfriend She has just bought a new flat and plans to spend the summer remodeling it Then an acuaintance hires her to form a band to play at her wedding When she meets a musician and asks him to play in this band her life is irrevocably changedHayden Booth is a talented musician who seems to live up to the reputation garnered by his ilk He does not conform to what peoplexpect he follows no timetables he is a free spirit with violent mood swings Despite all this or perhaps because of it #Bonnie falls for him and has an affairHayden is lying dead on #falls for him and has an affairHayden is lying dead on floor Did Bonnie murder her lover When she calls her friend Sonia for assistance we presume her guilt Why La heredera del mar else would someone want torase all traces of her presence at the scene Why lse would someone want to dispose of the bodySonia rises to the reuest and helps Bonnie Together they clean the flat and take the body to a reservoir But guilt ats at Bonnie She finds her life beginning to unravel When she and her friends are uestioned by the police she feels that the burden of what she knows is too great to bear Although she is under duress she never falters in her loyalty and never succumbs to betrayal Can she say the same for her friendsThe novel was written in a before and after flashback format which worked well in this instance Before Hayden s death and after I think that for me to truly njoy a novel I have to like the protagonist Throughout this book Bo. Bonnie Graham is in her friend's flat She is alone xcept for the dead body lying in a pool of blood What happened What will she do And is any or all of it her fault Bonnie is a music teacher

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