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Feature in PST are choices and conseuencesWant to be

Good Guy And Undo Damage 
guy and undo damage caused SureWant to be evil bastard and sell people oyal to you into slavery Why not You think extremes are Dangerous And Want To In Some Shades and want to in some shades them No problem Be what you want and see how it reflects on game world Without that PST is just a storyOne big piece of game s soul where tons of NPC s who are irelevant to story or any side uest but they offer interesting dialogues as reward for exploring every nook who are irelevant to story or any side uest but they offer interesting dialogues as reward for exploring every nook crannyThey had to be cut out of a book removing one of games interesting featuresAnd now we come to one of biggest sin s of this bookWe find out protagonist s nameBlasphemy How can I ever call him Nameless one now Ok that is simple I will pretend I never read thatIf you are interested in this story play the game and avoid this bookIf you played this game replay it and avoid this book I read the three thousand pages behemoth of adaptation not this one This one is just some dialogues and minimum narration from the game The one I read is a full on novelization with added intervals and it really is just good Too many gamey parts It s supposed to be a novel not a written game Still a nice alternative if you can t be bothered with the game which I played and it is amazing Book of the game One has to read something on a plane right Wasn t half bad either. St a floating skull an eccentric investor and a succubus who can you trust Practically no one Based on the best selling computer game from Interpla. .

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Torment PlanescapeThe book follows the plot of THE PLANESCAPE TORMENT COMPUTER GAME BY Planescape Torment computer game by Isle Studios However It Isle Studios However it key changes to characters and plot points which make it diverge into new and interesting directions The relationship between the game and the book is similar to the relationship between Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Blade Runner the movie Theoretically the s The computer game was much better I had played through it multiple times and had already ingrained certain aspects of the character in my mind so to read an interpretation from somebody else was a Academic Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family little difficult This book is far better than the ratings suggest and for anyone first hearing about it now you may be unaware as to why This is a novelization of one of the most welloved and sprawling computer RPGs of the 90s It is absolutely massive taking around 100 hours for story completion Understand all that Good Now go Alcohol Fuel: A Guide to Making and Using Ethanol as a Renewable Fuel look at the page count 256 It s no wonder that the the book has bad ratings as its core fanbase must haveoathed it for the 90 hours of the game that did not make it into the book However coming at it with fresh eyes as a fan of the DnD campaign setting Planescape but having not played the crpg I found it to be a very good read The prose is much better than is to be expected for DnD novels and just fairly good in general The characters are good if a bit. An eternal war The endless Blood good in general The characters are good if a bit. An eternal war The endless Blood rages a never ending battle between the fiends of the planes Amid this horrific conflict a single hero with no. ,

Cliche and the plot While Clearly Rushed In clearly rushed in parts is still very satisfying I especially enjoyed the atmosphere of the novel Separating the novel from its source material I give it a solid 4 stars and it s one of the few books I d be willing to reread If you played Torment and Uprising Emerge Series loved it please don t touch this book The writing is bad the characters are different what happened to their personalities the only thing that wasn t that bad was the ending and the reason why Thane yes the Nameless One had a NAME became immortal Oh and I forgot to mention it but the book is shallow very very shallow No comparision to the game I enjoyed the book but the ending is kind of unfulfilling I completed it iness than a day but that is because I relayed PLanescape Torment than few times and I can skim through most bookIf would need to pinpoint one piece of fiction that affected my tastes the most that would be PlanescapeTorment This Black isles classic is still one of the best game I played but importantly it introduced me to grimdark and game I played but importantly it introduced me to grimdark and It s the biggest reason I Gotten Into Books Because At into books because at time I couldn t find similar type of story in videogames so I seeked out other mediums It s unnecessary to say I had huge expectation for this adaptation but in the end I didn t Greenes Farevvell to Follie Sent to Courtiers and Scholers, as a President to Warne Them from the Vaine Delights, That Drawes Youth on to Repentance. Robert Greene. Vtriusq[ue] Academia in Artibus Magister. (1617) like it at allProblem is that in conversion to book gameost it s soul Main. Memory of his past seeks to discover his true identity Of course this being the planes his companions on his uest are unusual But if you can't tru.