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Spaceman BluesNot Кракатит read any of Mr Slattery s other work perhaps he is an accomplished short story writer and used those skills at crafting a longer work that is as dense as short fiction must be No matter how it was done it was done excellentlyIt s inherently unfair to single out any element but the use of language is superb Voices are poignant and descriptive with a minimum of words For example when one detective accuses his partner of liking the pathologist Dr Indira Gore he defends hiseaction to meeting her by saying She is clever and she bears her unfortunate moniker with grace But I haven t done justice to the scene or the writer Here it is in his words and pacing starting WITH THE MEDICAL EXAMINER GENTLEMEN GENTLEMEN the medical examiner Gentlemen gentlemen your voices Werewolf: The Apocalypse remember youe not suppose to be here Of course you Das überforderte Gehirn: Mit Steinzeitwerkzeug in der Hightech-Welt reight Doctor Indira Gore Dr G Yes that s ight please don t bother with jokes or surprise It could be worse I know a Dr Slaughter who s a surgeon Now if you have no uestions They exchange cards handshakes Gore s hand is humid and powdered from the glove and later Trout finds himself moving his fingers over his palm bringing his hand up to his "face The tart smell of latex comes first then passes then there is a faint "The tart smell of latex comes first then passes then there is a faint air carrying lilies sweet and full You liked her Salmon says She is clever and she bears her unfortunate moniker with grace Be uiet The sound bite about her name is probably cited often But the passage shows the kind of imagery that eminds me of how Ross Macdonald would conjure up a place with detailed and delicate descriptions He used this sparingly whereas Mr Slattery uses it often and without diminishing the effectThe book is full of strong fiction human emotions and the colors sounds and smells of a fantastic melting. Fights and chases; an underground city whose people live in houses suspended from cavern ceilings; urban weirdos and alien assassins; immigrants the black market flight Ivy Vines Visions riots andeligious cults Painte. .
It s literary science fiction for sure especially the underground search through floating cities part The prose is flowery and the allusions to great works obvious I think Slattery is very well Mein Plan zur Rettung der unsichtbaren Freundin von nebenan read and eually well educated and he wanted me to know it It is a good adventure yarn packed with things exploding It d make a good movieBut theeading is sort of a Canterbury Tales goes to Inferno many interesting individual tales along the journey to the center of the apocalypse This book eally straddles whatever "Arbitrary Lines People Keep "lines people keep science fiction and literary fiction Imagine if somebody took the first chapter of V About The Sailors Carousing Around The City And Yo Yo the sailors carousing around the city and yo yo around and built that into a jazzy loose narrative about New York You d be close to the idea of Slattery s debut which is filled with thrilling prose Sure at times it s a bit much there s not one common verb in the book everything s exploding or burning or melting and the protagonist Wendell Apogee starts from an intriguing man out of his depth and too uickly becomes Amazing Badass Hero But overall it s an enjoyable ead and one I d ecommend to anyone looking to pepper their ideas of the apocalypse with underground cities and great parties Spaceman Blues
Is An Exhilarating Story 
an exhilarating story uns full tilt from start to finish That s not to say that there are no changes in tempo pauses where a character and eader can catch their mental breath or passages that back fill our knowledge of people or places But the book is so tightly woven that it feels like the hythm of a acing heart You are swept along with emotion imagery and multiple perspectivesI found this book glancing at a shelf talk about lucky It s hard to believe it is a first novel I ve. When Manuel Rodrigo de Guzmán González disappears Wendell Apogee decides to find out where he has gone and why But in order to figure out what happened to Manuel Wendell must contend with parties cock. ,
Pot But it is not all fiction The author weaves in eal places cults history Like obedient soldiers they all serve his needs bring this book to lifeThe plot is both old and new It has many sub plots that flesh out the characters It combines familiar elements that can be compared to other books stories and films but they have not been combined in such a way before As
I Wrote Above The 
wrote above the is precise you never wish for a slow passage to uicken nor a fast one to slow downIs it fair to write a short eview about a short novel i could easily find to write but i could easily find to write but I un out of superlatives If this hasn t been enough then let me point out that a master writer and personal favorite Harlan Ellison has applauded it as well Oh and it s worth every bit of a full 5 Now The Deadly Art of Love and Murder read it for yourselfPS I can see that a fair number of people haveeviewed this "Book And Liked It But No One Really LIKED It "and liked it but no one eally LIKED it no fives that I saw Is it that I m losing my mind No I think that I saw all of the threads that everyone else commented on and concentrated on the whole and not the parts I think the synergy that this book embodies is writing at its highest level Not the Moby Dick or Tale of Two Cities kind of writing both of which I like but a dynamic melding of story plot and characters that few books accomplish let alone strive for In the end its IMHO for each of us This is mine 30 stars Well written original and very very odd Certainly not everyone s cup of tea but I thought it was a pretty fun ead Sort of Neverwhere meets Men in Black if that can be believed Wendell s lover Manuel disappears and The London Marathon rather than grieve and let go Wendell decides to dedicate himself to finding him even if it means giving up everything he is and traveling deep into New Yor. D in browns and grays and sparked by sudden fires Spaceman Blues is a literaryetro pulp science fiction mystery superhero novel the debut of a true voice of the future and a cult classic in the making.